What Size Sex Toy Do Women Really Prefer?


Isn’t bigger always better when it comes to sex? That’s what common wisdom will have you believing but size isn’t the most important thing that matters.

A common misconception exists and it suggests that women will always go bigger when they shop for sex toys. Market data, however, paints a different picture that allows us to reach a few interesting conclusions.

How Do Sex Toys Compare to Actual Guys?

There’s still an ongoing debate pertaining to the average penis size. Interestingly enough, most guys feel inadequate about their manhood, even if its length falls within the range of what’s considered normal.

One of the biggest studies on the topic employed over 15,500 male volunteers to answer the penis size question once and for all.

The average length of the erect penis was established at 5.2 inches. That’s most definitely a lot smaller than what most guys would consider normal.

Obviously, the adult entertainment industry is partially to blame for such misconceptions. Men could also have gotten a wrong idea on the basis of the dildo sizes that women go for most often.

There are dildos measuring about five inches but the vast majority of penetrative toys is larger than that. Six and seven inch-dildos are considered the norm. Sex shops like hotcherry.com have an extensive range of dildos that feature lengths of eight, nine and even 10+ inches.

Obviously, women choose penetrative sex toys that are longer than the average aroused guy. Why is this so? is it because women need more than what men are capable of anatomically delivering? The answer may come as a surprise.

What Sex Toy Size Is Most Popular Among Women?

Before looking at the reasons behind this interesting phenomenon, let’s pinpoint the sex toy sizes that women find most satisfying.

Men’s Health tried to answer the question when it published a study on sex toy preferences. The results suggest that six-inch dildos are in highest demand among women.

Only about 15 percent of women choose dildos in the 10+ inches range. A large percentage of the ladies who pick a big dildo may end up returning it because they find such toys a bit too difficult to use and even uncomfortable.

The buyers questioned in the survey said they wouldn’t settle for anything measuring less than five inches. 

It’s easy to conclude that the preferences of the typical woman come close to the male average. The preference for slightly bigger dildos can be explained in a couple of ways.

Why Do Women Choose Certain Sex Toy Sizes?

The first thing that has to be explained is the fact that the studies quoted above measure the entire length of a dildo or penetrative toy. This entire length is different from the penetrative length.

The penetrative length is the one used during sex. For a six-inch dildo, the penetrative length will come close to anywhere between four and five inches.

That’s because the dildo usually has a handle or a grip that’s meant to be held. This part of the toy can’t be used for penetration.

If we take this fact in consideration, a conclusion becomes easy to reach. Women aren’t that greedy when it comes to sex toys. In fact, they choose products that are very much anatomically-correct and proportioned in a way that’s similar to normal male anatomy.

Some women choose bigger dildos and penetrative toys for a couple of reasons.

The first one is the fact that synthetic materials aren’t the same as human flesh.

While sex toy companies have worked really hard to come up with realistic thermoplastics capable of resembling the texture and density of the erect penis, no sex toy will ever be identical to being penetrated by an actual human partner.

This difference makes some women crave more length and girth to achieve the same level of stimulation they’d experience with a partner. Alternatively, they are curious about something different and new that they haven’t had a chance to experience before.

Sex toys make it easy to play out a fantasy or explore a kink/fetish even over a long distance using long distance sex toys. Many people lose their inhibitions completely whenever masturbating. That’s when they’re likely to enjoy in acts and kinds of stimulation they wouldn’t have the courage to bring up to a partner.

What Works for One Person Isn’t Necessarily Great for Someone Else

The discussion so far accounts for statistical averages based on sex toy buying data.

One thing has to be clarified, however. What works for one person isn’t necessarily going to be the best choice for someone else.

Some ladies are perfectly satisfied with five inches and they will never even consider a bigger insertable toy because such a size would feel intimidating.

Many women who are getting started with sex toys don’t have a clue about what’s best. They end up testing a couple of dildos or other penetrative toys to understand the differences and discover what feels right. Usually, it’s a process that occurs through trial and error. Eventually, that individual will have a very precise idea about what she likes and what she’s going to use in the future.

Should men feel threatened about the sex toy choices that women make?

Of course not! In fact, bringing dildos, vibrators and other sex toys to the bedroom can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience for both parties involved. Sex toys should never be perceived as a threat. They can never compare to being with an actual human partner.

Intimacy, touch, feelings and communication are things that make sex special. These things are missing whenever a sex toy is being used. The perfect balance can be achieved when two partners are open enough to try sex toys while also enjoying each other. Some magical sex moments are born this way.

The most popular dildo sizes aren’t going to be ideal for everyone. So, don’t feel the pressure to go big or choose a realistic, girthy toy.

As the sex toy market is becoming more diversified, people are encouraged to pursue their specific needs. If size isn’t the one thing that gets you turned on, do prioritize the aspects of pleasure that will get you hot and bothered the most.