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About Couples Candy

Welcome to Couples Candy! I’m Megan, a marriage and family therapist from Tampa, and I believe there is no greater gift than love!

I set up Couples Candy to write encouraging blog posts and thoughtful guides to help you experience greater enjoyment and satisfaction from healthy relationships.

I also aim to promote a sex-positive attitude towards consensual sexual activities that are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable by nature!

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U Spot: What Is It and How To Stimulate It

Reading about healthy sex and new ways to experience pleasure is an effective means of improving your overall sex life. There’s a lot of information …

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ribbed dildo

5 Best Ribbed Dildos (Textured, Ridged & Bumpy Sex Toys)

Whether you’re a newcomer to the wonderful world of toys or already somewhat of an expert, ribbed dildos make a perfect addition to your toy …

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Best Sexy Latex Gloves BDSM Leather Gloves

5 Best Sexy Latex Gloves (BDSM Leather Gloves Fetish)

If you’re into BDSM, bondage gloves made of latex are a must-have for your wardrobe. They’re the perfect way to upgrade your look, making you …

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double penetration strap on

5 Best Double Penetration Strap On Dildos

I’m sure plenty of women have fantasized about double penetration and how incredible it must feel. If you’re a fan of anal sex, it only …

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how to facesit

Face Sitting Tips: How To Facesit for Perfect Pleasure

Do you often find yourself fantasizing about face sitting but feel uncertain about asking to try it in the bedroom? It’s a pleasurable experience for …

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