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Welcome to Couples Candy! I’m Megan, a marriage and family therapist from Tampa, and I believe there is no greater gift than love!

I set up Couples Candy to write encouraging blog posts and thoughtful guides to help you experience greater enjoyment and satisfaction from healthy relationships.

I also aim to promote a sex-positive attitude towards consensual sexual activities that are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable by nature!

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Organic Dildos Non-Toxic and Natural Sex Toys Feature

Organic Dildos: Non-Toxic and Natural Sex Toys

There have been some horror stories over the years about improperly constructed sex toys. From pieces breaking off, to materials containing harmful chemicals, genuine dangers …

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Best Lipstick Vibrators That Are Discreet 2

4 Best Lipstick Vibrators That Are Discreet

When it comes to the realm of a woman’s most intimate pleasures, discretion can be a virtue. That is why investing in a good quality …

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how to become a sex toy tester

How to Be a Sex Toy Tester: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Imagine being at home, nestled into the comfort of your pajamas, enjoying sex toys for work. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true?  Or …

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Light BDSM and Bondage Play Beginner’s Guide

Light BDSM and Bondage Play Beginner’s Guide

What comes to mind when you think of BDSM? Whips, chains, dog collars, and name-calling? Those can certainly apply, though there is far more to …

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best tip activated vibrators

5 Best Tip Controlled Vibrators (Webcam Sex Toy Reviews)

If you’re into using webcams or online cam modeling, you should consider buying a tip-controlled vibrator, which makes it easier to connect with your audience …

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