How to Dress to Impress a Girl You Want

man dressed up for date

A man’s fashion sense can be a deal breaker for women. Often women don’t even realize the judgments they make in their head when meeting a guy for the first time.  But make no mistake; she’s ticking off good and bad boxes.

You know what they say about first impressions – you only get to make one. Here are some of my top tips on how to dress to impress a girl you want.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Yes, aim to make a good impression, but dressing too formally or wearing very expensive clothing, like the latest designer labels from head to foot, can leave the impression that you either do not know how to dress for the occasion at hand, or that you think you are better/ richer/ more of a catch than everyone else!

While there is nothing wrong with confidence, going over the top with high-end clothing is not how to dress to impress a woman.

For example, a suit should only be worn for a wedding, a funeral, a court appearance or in the event of a formal occasion in which case the invite will clearly state ‘formal attire’.

For any other occasion, a sports coat is probably as formal as you want to go. For most occasions, good quality jeans, a decent shirt (not a tee-shirt unless you are going to the beach or a barbecue) and clean sneakers or smart casual shoes or boots will be more than adequate.

Don’t Copy Your Buddy

Your best friend might look fantastic in dramatic shirts with puffed sleeves, silk waistcoats and skin-tight purple or green trousers, and girls might fall over each other to be with him: this style might not suit everyone.

Instead of looking at what your friend is wearing, try to work out what suits you – and most importantly, what you feel comfortable wearing. If you feel self-conscious, this will come across in your interactions with others.

Achieve The Right Balance

It can be hard to find the point between ‘trying too hard’ and ‘not trying enough’, but it is actually quite a broad line between the two and a little effort will help you to find the right balance.

Make sure your clothes fit you properly. A lot of men buy clothes that are too big for them in order to be extra comfortable, while others opt for a size too small, either because they aren’t in as good shape as they would like to be or because they want to show off their muscles.

Properly fitted clothes enhance your body shape and can even make you look slimmer and taller.

While no one should buy designer labels just for the sake of owning expensive clothes, aim to purchase quality clothes because they will last longer and fit better. This way, investing a little more cash in your wardrobe can actually be a long-term saving!

Do Ask For Help

If you really want to know how to dress to impress a woman, the easiest way is to ask a good friend who can be trusted to be honest with you, whose good taste you already admire, and has an interest in fashion.

Get your tasteful friend to give you serious consideration as to what colours you should wear, what styles will suit you and even what your hair should look like.


The main thing about dressing to impress a woman is not the clothes themselves. It is more what the clothes can do for you. Being well-dressed will give you confidence and help you to have a good time while ensuring that your date does too.

Even if you have your doubts, give it a try: dress yourself up a bit while remaining comfortable and still feeling like yourself and see the difference it makes to your demeanour – and your chances with the girl of your dreams!