How to Seduce a Woman With Touch

man seducing woman with touch

Forming an intimate relationship is exciting. You might have seen the signs: she smiles at you, makes excuses to sit next to you and perhaps leans in closer than normal to talk.

If you think she is into you, here are some tips on how to seduce a woman with touch.

Touching is something that all humans need and crave, and you can begin to step it up with three subtle forms of touching.

Playful touching

In social situations you can introduce playful touching in small amounts to add some fun and excitement whilst expressing your physical attraction.

There are a lot of opportunities for playful touching when you are chatting and teasing with each other, and if she reciprocates, the sexual chemistry should begin to develop naturally.

It is important to remember to use good judgment with the intensity and types of playful touching, and to be respectful and ensure she feels comfortable by seeing how she returns the expression of intimacy.

Protective touching

Women often love to feel that they are being looked after, but not all women feel this way. Make sure you know which applies to your girl before you try it!

Tall girls love to be protected too! They are often thought of as being ‘able to take care of themselves’ so giving them the same careful attention as you would a smaller girl can win you plenty of brownie points.

Women who do like to feel cherished will appreciate you offering her your jacket or a warm arm around her when it is a little chilly.

Another excellent form of protective touching is when you let her make the running. Offer her your arm to hold as you walk along. This way she is in control, but you have that desired contact.

Accidental/ Incidental touching

The final way you can learn how to seduce a woman with touch is through accidental touching.

This is named this way as this sort of touching cannot (and should not) be engineered. It involves enjoying the opportunity for touching as it arises: if your hands touch as you pass things to each other, and if your legs press against the other as you sit side by side.

Removing a leaf from her hair or a fallen eyelash from her cheek are perfect accidental opportunities that should be seized when they arrive. While the reason for the touch is accidental, you can always make it romantic by passing compliments.


These methods of touching should always be subtle, and you will easily be able to tell if she is interested. She will reciprocate touching, and her body language will mimic yours. If you find you naturally gravitate towards each other you are able to take these signs of interest and know that you can escalate things further.