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How do you know if it is true love or just an infatuation? Or even, just a really good physical connection? It is hard to pinpoint the moment that a fun casual relationship becomes serious love, so how can you tell when it is true love between a man and a woman?

You are perfectly happy with just yourselves for company, not needing anyone else and comfortable just being around each other. This is a wonderful side-effect of being in love: having everything you need to be happy all wrapped up in one person.

If it was a crush or infatuation, you might want to show them off, or feel like you have to be preoccupied with other activities. With true love, doing anything with your partner is your idea of bliss because you will have each other and that is because, as the Beatles said, all you need is love! So what is true love between a man and a woman?

Does she snore? Does he snort when he laughs? Do these habits, that seem so annoying in friends or family members, seem cute or less irritating coming from your partner? If yes, then it is more likely to be true love.

If you make each other smile and laugh with normal conversation and silly jokes, this is a positive sign that it is real love. With less committed relationships, there tends to be an element of judgement and jokes need to be very good to crack a smile, never mind a laugh. True love makes you feel joy.

Having an argument does not feel like the end of the relationship. With temporary relationships, some people are out of the door at the first sign of issues, or refuse to ever back down on anything: whether it is about being their turn to put the bins out or something more serious.

When it is true love, you know that your basic relationship is solid, and that any issues will be dealt with in time.

Sex has a dimension it never had before true love raised its head. This is because with true love, you are connecting emotionally and mentally as well as merely physically, which can mean that your sexual encounters are wonderfully charged with emotion and sensation, making them fantastic for both of you.

true love between man and woman

You can both be your real selves when it is true love. You will both feel accepted and cherished as being uniquely you, so there is no pressure to constantly be on guard as to your looks and speech.

But at the same time, you want to be a better person for them, because you want them to think well of you and be proud of you. This is a demonstration of mutual respect: the desire to be good for each other, even as you accept them for exactly who and what they are.

You share everything when it is true love: you share secrets, including things that you have never told anyone else, or things that you are ashamed of yourself for doing or being involved with. True love means that you will be accepted because these secrets are as much a part of you as your hair or eyes, or the cute little dimple in your face!

The hard times do not scare either of you away. When work is tough, your partner will lend a supportive ear or shoulder, as needed. If you need to find another job, they will support you in the move. Ill-health is a sign that more love and attention is needed, not less, and they will look after you until you feel well again.

Sharing absolutely everything: the secrets, the hard times and all the worries as well as all the joys, the wonderful physical intimacy and the fun dates equally: that is what true love looks like.

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