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How to Keep Your Nipples Hard all the Time!


Having perky nipples is sexy, exciting, and totally arousing. However, keeping them naturally hard all the time is pretty much impossible. That’s why we’ve come up with several techniques you can use to help keep your nips rock hard the whole day through!

To keep your nipples hard all the time, you could pierce them, buy nipple hardening gels and creams, wear nipple enhancers, or inject them with fillers. Combining several of these methods will be more effective than using any one method by itself.

This article will discuss:

  • How your nipples naturally get hard.
  • How to keep your nipples hard and techniques you can use to keep your nips artificially erect.
  • The proper way to care for your nipples after a long day of stimulation.
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What Makes Nipples Naturally Hard?

There are three main reasons why your nipples will naturally become erect, including being aroused, cold, or experiencing hormonal changes. We’ll go over these natural nipple-hardeners in detail below. 

You’re Aroused

The nipples are a sensitive erogenous zone that can be excited by physical and psychological arousal.

When you get turned on, your brain’s genital sensory cortex becomes activated, which results in your brain sending signals to the muscles behind your nipple and areola, telling them to contract. This contraction results in those cute, perky nipples that you get whenever you’re in the mood. 

Additionally, your nipples are made from erectile tissue, just like the clit and penis. When the genital sensory cortex is activated, more blood is sent to these erogenous regions, resulting in hard nipples. Erect nipples are more sensitive, making your entire sexual experience more pleasurable. 

You’re Cold

Is it cold outside? If so, your nipples may be hard because of the “nippy” weather. When you’re cold, the muscles behind your nipples contract, which helps to decrease the surface area of the exposed skin, making your areolas appear smaller. The contraction also tightens your skin, pushing your nipple outwards, which is why your nipples are so firm and perky every time you get a little chilly! 

If you’d like to keep your nipples naturally hard, try cranking the AC in your house and car. Or, you can wear light clothing on cold days to keep yourself a little cold so that you will still have erect nipples.

You’re on Your Period (or Experiencing Another Hormone Change)

When you’re on your period or ovulating, you experience several hormone changes, especially in your estrogen levels. These hormonal changes can influence your nipples, making them more sensitive and more prone to getting hard. 

Similarly, during pregnancy, you experience hormone changes in your progesterone levels, which causes your body to create more milk ducts. Later in pregnancy, your hormones make your areolas larger and cause your nipples to stick out to prepare your body for breastfeeding. 

How To Keep Your Nipples Artificially Hard

Keeping your nips naturally hard all of the time is pretty much impossible. However, don’t worry, as we have some techniques you can try to keep your teets artificially hard and perky. 

Purchase a Nipple Hardening Cream or Gel

There are several types of nipple creams and female arousal gels on the market that you can apply to your nipples to help keep them firm. Most of these creams will need to be reapplied regularly if you want your nipples to be hard the whole day through.

Sensuva Nip Zip Cooling Nipple Balm

Nip Zip nipple balm strawberry

This cooling nipple balm will make your nipples fully alert each time you rub it on. Apply it on your nipples, and within two minutes, they’ll be fully erect, remaining hard for an hour or more. To further intensify the experience, lick or wet your nipples, as this will increase the cooling effect. If you want to keep your nips hard for longer than an hour, simply reapply the balm. 

The strawberry mint balm is made with natural, body-safe ingredients, such as beeswax, peppermint oil, and vitamin E, which can assure that you can feel safe putting it on even your most sensitive regions. While it was designed to be used on the nipples, don’t stop there! You can also use this tingly cream on other erogenous zones to stimulate your entire body. 

System JO Titillator Nipple Arousal Gel 1.0 fl. oz

System JO Titillator Nipple Arousal Gel 1.0 fl. oz

This delightful balm contains menthol, which has an intense cooling effect, helping to keep your nips hard as well as heightening your nipple’s sensitivity, allowing you to feel every tantalizing touch, lick, flick, and nibble. 

This mint-flavored gel provides increased sensitivity and pleasure, which will produce an intense tingling sensation, prompting you to have pronounced and stiff nipples each time you wear it. It comes in a small, pump-action travel-sized tube, so you can easily stimulate your nipples even when you’re on the go. 

The peppermint flavoring also tastes great, making it ideal for some bedroom fun. Simply apply a pea-sized amount of this gel directly on each of your nipples, and watch them harden up within a few minutes. You’ll need to reapply this product regularly if you’d like to keep your nipples firm for a significant amount of time.

Wear Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers from Lovehoney

Nipple suckers are little rubber cups that are designed to enhance your nipples. They have a suction feature that pulls out your nipples, helping to keep them firm and erect. You can regulate how much suction you apply by how firmly you squeeze the cup onto your teets, permitting you to adjust how stiff you want your nipples to be. 

These nipple enhancers are ideal if you want your teats to show underneath clothes since the cups will make your nipples appear to be hard all of the time. 

They are also great if you want to increase the actual size of your nipples. Some users stated that after several months of wear, their nipple size increased by 50 percent and appeared more protruded than before. Additionally, prolonged wear can make your nipples more sensitive, making them more likely to get hard. 

Get Nipple Piercings


Nipple piercings are a great way to keep your nipples hard and make them more noticeable. When you pierce your nipples, the jewelry increases your nips’ sensitivity since it constantly stimulates the nerves inside your nipples. This regular stimulation results in your nipples getting hard more frequently. 

Additionally, the piercings are situated at the base of the nipples, which pushes them outwards, making them appear more protruded even when they are not hard. So, nipple piercings will give you that sexy hard-nipple look you’re after even when your nipples are soft. 

While nipple piercings won’t keep your nips firm 24/7, they are an excellent method to use in conjunction with other nipple-hardening methods. 

Inject Them With a Filler

Getting a filler injected into your nipples is a long-term solution for keeping your nipples hard. A medical professional inserts a gel filler called hyaluronic acid into your nipple, which adds volume to the area, making it look firmer and perkier. Doing this will make your nipples more visible through clothing, and it will keep them erect all day. 

The injection does not last forever. You’ll have to re-inject your nipples every six to nine months to keep them looking perky and erect. Injecting both nipples costs $1,304 on average, which is not cheap. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable solution, we recommend trying a different technique on this list. 

I would discourage anyone from undertaking a medical procedure such as this, as there could be complications that could affect your overall health and wellbeing. It’s also very expensive, so this is in my opinion definitely not the best course of action to take.

How To Take Care of Your Nipples After Stimulation


Keeping your nipples hard all of the time can take a toll on your nips, especially if you are not taking proper care of them. Below, we’ve listed some steps you should take to help keep your nipples healthy after a long day of stimulation. 

These steps are vital, especially if you used nipple enhancement cups or creams to keep your nipples hard. These techniques can harm your nipples if they aren’t properly attended to after use:

  1. Wash your nipples. Use warm water and mild soap to wash off your nipples. Avoid using soaps that contain alcohol, as they can irritate and dry out your nipples.
  2. Use a warm washcloth. If your nipples feel a little tender after a long day of stimulation, apply a warm washcloth to each nipple for 30 seconds or so. The heated compress will soothe your nips and help relieve soreness.
  3. Apply some organic coconut oil. Once your nips are clean, rub some coconut oil onto them. Massage the oil into your nipples until they are fully covered with the substance. Coconut oil is excellent for your nipples since it has antibacterial properties, helping keep them clean and infection-free. If you don’t have coconut oil, other alcohol-free lotions and oils can help as well.
  4. Repeat these steps every day. If you plan to keep your nips hard and firm all day, every day, you should repeat these steps every night before you go to sleep, as they will help keep your nips healthy so you can continue to play with them every day without pain.


Keeping your nipples erect all the time is challenging, but it can be done if you combine several techniques. The best methods to keep your nipples firm are:

  • Get your nipples pierced.
  • Use nipple creams and gels.
  • Wear Supple Nip nipple enhancer cups.
  • Inject your nipples with fillers.

Wash your nipples and apply antibacterial coconut oil or other substances after stimulating them to keep them healthy and infection-free, which will ensure that they’ll remain healthy so you can keep playing with them. 

I hope this article helps you to keep your nips nice and perky all day long!

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Lovehoney big brand event
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