Best Beach Sex Tips and Positions: The Ultimate Guide


Beach sex is one of the most romantic and exciting ways to make love with your partner. However, it can be a little challenging to execute without the proper knowledge. How can you have great sex on the beach?

For the best beach sex, try sex positions that are inconspicuous but that’ll also permit your private parts to stay sand-free. Go to remote beaches that don’t receive a lot of visitors, and if someone walks by, remain calm and pretend like you are just cuddling or kissing. 

This article will teach you:

  • How to have sex at the beach. 
  • Tips on how to have sex without getting caught. 
  • Sex position ideas. 
  • Remote beach suggestions.

Can You Have Sex on the Beach?

While it is a little trickier than doing it in the bedroom, it can be done if you know where, when, and how to have sex on the beach. Beach sex isn’t exactly legal, but it can be a lot of fun, making it worth the risk. Just make sure you don’t get caught! 


Sex on the Beach Tips

Below are six tips that you should follow to make your sexy time at the beach a success:

  • Wear a bikini: Wearing a one-piece is a big no-no for beach sex since it requires you to remove the entire thing to enjoy some great sex, but wearing a bikini will permit you to be more discreet. 
  • Bring a large beach towel or blanket: Towels are a necessity for beach sex to protect your vagina from getting covered in sand, but they are also ideal for covering you and your partner to hide your naughty behavior.
  • Wear a long beach dress: Dresses are great for beach sex since they act as shields to hide the action going on underneath. We recommend leaving your dress on during sex, especially if there are other people nearby. 
  • Go during the nighttime (if possible): Nighttime is super romantic, making it the perfect time to make love on the beach. Since it’s much harder to see in the dark, you are less likely to get caught!
  • Always urinate when you’re through: While this is a good general rule that you should always abide by, it’s essential to urinate after beach sex to clear any sand, salt, and other substances from your system. 
  • Remain calm if someone walks by: If you see someone approaching you while you’re in the middle of having sex, don’t panic. Causally cover up any exposed areas with your towel, then pretend that you are just talking or making out. 

Best Beach Sex Positions 

Finding the best beach sex positions can be a little tricky since you want to be inconspicuous while also keeping yourself clean. We’ve taken the guesswork out of your first beach sex outing by listing four of the top sex positions to make your seaside romp a breeze. 

The Tide Watcher

A simple seated position is both comfortable and discreet, because onlookers will see an adorable couple gazing out at the waves, but you’ll know the truth!

To get into the tide watcher position, ask your partner to sit down on your beach towel, then sit back into his lap. Allow him to enter you by pulling your bikini bottoms to one side. Then prompt him to go slowly in and out of you, like the tide. 

If you want to be even more discreet, cover your lower half with a second towel. 

Once you’re in the position, sit back, relax, and enjoy your naughty day at the beach. If you’re careful and don’t move too fast, you’ll be able to get off without anyone being the wiser. 

Surfin’ Girl


The Surfin’ Girl position is ideal for preventing any sand from getting into your lower region. However, this position isn’t very discreet, even when you have a towel covering, so you’ll want to make sure you are totally alone before trying it out. 

To perform this position, ask your partner to lay flat on his back on the towel. Next, get on top of him and start “surfing.” You’ll love this position because it’ll keep you sand-free while also permitting you to keep your eyes out for beachgoers. 

Spooning by the Seashore

Spooning is cute and fun, especially while you’re at the beach, but this innocent activity can take a dirty turn when you try the Spooning by the Seashore position, which is fantastic because it’s comfortable and incognito. Anyone who walks by will think you are innocently cuddling together. Little do they know what’s happening down below! 

To perform this position, lay with your partner on the towel in a spooning position, with both of you facing the same direction. Allow your partner to enter you by moving your bikini bottoms to one side, then throw a towel over your lower halves for some discreet oceanside fun. 

The Tower Gazer 

If you happen to be on a beach with an unoccupied lifeguard tower, this position is definitely one you’ll want to give a try! You could also perform the Tower Gazer on a beach chair. 

Ask your partner to sit on the edge of the platform, with his legs dangling over the side. Then, back up into his lap and allow him to enter you. Throw a beach tower over your private parts, and then, voila, you’re having beach sex! For a little added fun, ask your partner to bring his hands underneath the towel for a bit of clitoris action. 

Any passing beachgoers will assume that you and your honey are just using your higher vantage point to enjoy the view. 

Beaches Where You Can Have Sex 

If you’re looking for some uninhabited beaches that are perfect for lovemaking, read on. These beaches are both remote and beautiful, making them the ideal places for some seaside-loving! 

Enderts Beach, California

The remote California beach is known for its stunning views and tide pools and is a little-known location for amazing beach sex. While it requires a little hike to get there, it’ll be worth the trouble! Make sure to check the tide levels before heading to Enderts, as the beach can get pretty narrow during high tide. 

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is known for its wide beaches backed by a stunning mountainscape that’ll take your breath away. Beachgoers often enjoy combing the beach for shells, checking out the many tide pools, and whale watching from the sandy shores. 

It is legal to have campfires on Cannon Beach, making it the perfect location to have sex beneath the stars. You can also drink on this beach, so don’t forget to bring some bubbly for your night of lovemaking! 

Kaihalulu, Maui, Hawaii

Kaihalulu, otherwise known as the Red Sand Beach, is a picturesque beach in Maui. While this remote locale is stunning, the path to reach it is not for the faint of heart. You’ll walk along a cliff-side trail to reach the shore. Additionally, the area is known for its dangerous surf, so we recommend skipping swimming and going straight for the hanky panky.

Since this beach is hard to reach, there are very few visitors, permitting you to be a little less discreet with your lovemaking. 

Orient Beach State Park, New York

If you live in New York, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to find a beach that isn’t constantly crowded with tourists. While beach sex in the Empire State may sound like an impossibility, there is one hidden gem called Orient Beach State Park that’ll permit you to turn your sensual dreams into reality. 

This isolated beach resides on the Eastern tip of the North Fork in Long Island. 

While the park is generally pretty empty, the beach area is only about 300 feet (91 m) long, so if another beachgoer happens to come by, you won’t have anywhere to hide. Therefore, if you plan to have sex on this beach, we recommend trying one of the more incognito sex positions to avoid shocking any unsuspecting guests!

Dry Tortugas Islands, Florida

If you are looking for genuinely isolated beaches, the Dry Tortugas Islands beaches in Florida are a dream come true. You can only reach these beaches by boat or seaplane, making them perfect for a remote getaway. 

Some of these beaches feature campsites that you can stay at for some late-night lovemaking. However, they are limited in availability, so make sure you book them in advance. 


Beach sex is an exciting way to spice up your sex life, as it is incredibly romantic and a thrill since you’ll have to be discreet.

When you’re making love on the beach, try to pick inconspicuous positions just in case someone walks by. Additionally, you should select a beach that doesn’t get too many visitors to avoid getting caught.