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While spending the day in your doctor’s office or getting a shot may sound like a nightmare for some, but for others, it’s a huge turn-on! 

In this article, I’ll go over what medical fetishes are and the different types of medical fetishes you may encounter. Then, I’ll go through a few reasons why people are into medical play. Lastly, I’ll discuss six of the best medical fetish toys for you to experiment with today! 

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What Is Medical Fetishism? 

Medical fetishism is when people are sexually aroused by medical tools, practices, environments, or situations. While some people are turned on by all things medical, others prefer specific aspects of the medical profession, such as specific medical tools or procedures. 

Different Types of Medical Sex Play  

There are three main types of medical sex play you can participate in, including roleplay-focused medical play, skills-focused medical play, and a combination of the two. I’ll discuss these in detail below. 

Roleplay Focused Medical Play 

If you have a roleplay-focused medical fetish, you enjoy performing medically-based roleplaying scenes. 

Medical Fetish Toys and Sex Play 101 2

Typically, one partner takes on the dominant role, and the other takes on a more submissive or vulnerable role. For example, you may pretend that you are a doctor and your subs are your patients or nurses. 

Costumes and medical tools are often incorporated into these scenes to make them feel more realistic. However, they aren’t the main focus. You’re mainly aroused by the scene itself. 

Skills Focused Medical Play 

If you have a skills-focused medical fetish, you enjoy using medical equipment in a sexual context. For example, you might like using catheters or performing urethral sounding. You may also enjoy more intense medical procedures, such as drawing blood or suturing. 

Unlike those with a roleplay-focused medical fetish, you don’t necessarily become aroused by medical roleplaying scenes. Instead, you enjoy incorporating medical tools into everyday BDSM play. 

Combination Medical Play 

Some people don’t fall into one camp or the other. Instead, they enjoy incorporating roleplaying and skills-based medical play into their BDSM sessions. 

If this sounds like you, then you should experiment with both forms of medical play. To do this, you can begin by creating a doctor-patient roleplaying scenario then perform a medical examination or procedure during the scene. 

Even though you enjoy both types of play, you may have a slight preference for one over the other. Therefore, keep experimenting until you find the perfect balance between these play styles.

Why Do I Like Medical Play? 

There are several reasons why you may be aroused by medical sex play. We’ll go over four of the most common causes in detail below. 

You Find Medical Tools Sexually Arousing 

Some people are sexually aroused by medical tools themselves, even when using them in non-sexual contexts. For example, you may feel turned on when you draw your partner’s blood, even though this act isn’t inherently sexual. 

Other people, however, are turned on when they use medical tools in a sexual context. For example, you might enjoy using a medical device to examine or stimulate your partner’s sexual organs. 

You Enjoy the Power Dynamic 

Another reason someone may enjoy medical play is due to the perceived power dynamics. 

From the time we’re little, we learn that doctors are influential individuals to be respected and revered. They’re seen as authority figures who we are required to listen to. 

So, during medical play sessions, you may enjoy how powerful you feel when you roleplay as a doctor. Additionally, you might like having authority over the other person in your scene and feeling like you are “in control.” 

You Like Feeling Vulnerable or Humiliated 

One pretty common fetish is a humiliation fetish, which is when people enjoy feeling vulnerable and embarrassed. 

You may enjoy medical play if you have this kind of fetish because it’s easy for your partner to humiliate you during medical roleplaying scenes. 

For example, your partner can forcibly undress you or examine you in a mortifying way. Or, they can subject you to embarrassing “treatments” that’ll make you feel exposed and powerless, thereby feeding your fetish. 

You Are Fond of Pain Play

If you enjoy experiencing or causing pain during playtime, then you probably like medical play BDSM because you have so many pain-producing tools at your disposal. 

You can touch your sub’s with a freezing probe or shock them with an e-stim machine to add a little pain to your pleasure session. 

However, medical tools aren’t necessary to produce pain during medical play sessions. You can also press on your partner’s pressure points, press on them, or twist their skin to cause pain. 

Best Medical Fetish Toys

Now that you know what a medical fetish is and why people enjoy it, it’s time to try it out for yourself! Next, I’ll go over six of the best toys to bring all of your medical fantasies to life.  

Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Set

Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Set

This stainless steel enema kit will allow you to clean out your “patient’s” anus for squeaky clean rear-end fun. 

It contains everything you need for a thorough wash, including a 6-foot bidet hose, nozzle, and washers. There’s a thick nozzle and a thinner one, so feel free to select the size that’s most comfortable for you. 

This set is effortless to use. Simply hook the hose up to your shower to clean your behind any time of the day! Even better, it has an adjustable valve, so you can quickly slow down the water flow for a more comfortable cleaning experience. 

This enema kit is incredibly durable, so it’s safe to leave it in your shower permanently. However, it’s effortless to set up, so if you’d rather take it down after each use, that’s also a viable option! 

Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum

Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum

This durable medical device opens up your partner’s vaginal cavity, so you can examine what’s going on inside. It’s the perfect tool to satisfy your medical examination fetish or to incorporate in humiliation scenes. 

It provides better access to your partner’s internal pleasure points so you can precisely pleasure their g-spot or cervix. 

The smooth blades have rounded tips, allowing for easy insertion. They’re also adjustable, permitting you to open or close them to your liking. 

Since this device is made from steel, it’s fully sterilizable and temperature-responsive. You can try cooling or heating it to provide your patients with an unforgettable experience during their next “doctor’s visit.”

Colt Master Cleansing Syringe 3.4 fl oz

Colt Master Cleansing Syringe 3.4 fl oz

This syringe-style cleanser and lubricant applicator will make the perfect addition to any doctor’s fetish scene. 

It can hold up to 3.4 fl oz of liquid for an optimal cleaning experience. Try shooting water into your partner’s anus for squeaky-clean fun. Or, fill the tube up with lube to get them nice and wet before your next play session. 

The long nozzle shoots liquid deep into your partner’s intimate regions, permitting you to clean out those hard-to-reach areas. 

This enormous syringe has a measurement scale on the side, so you’ll know just how much “medicine” you are providing your patient with. 

Even better, you can completely disassemble this syringe into four parts, making it super easy to clean. Simply wash it off with some antibacterial soap and water, and it’ll be ready for your following procedure. 

Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator

Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator

This rigid rod is extra-long so that it can reach your partner’s prostate for intense p-spot stimulation. It’s also thick, measuring 6mm in diameter, so it’ll stimulate the nerve endings inside your patient’s urethral canal for intense sensations. 

Since this urethral dilator weighs 39 grams, it falls into the body without any manual force. So, just insert it into the urethra, then let gravity take its course. 

Try inserting the smooth end of the dilator to produce a milder sensation. Or, flip it over and insert the beaded end to take things up a notch. 

Due to this rod’s rigid design, it’s unideal for beginners. So, only invest in this tool if you’re experienced with urethral sounding

ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set

ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set

This ElectraStim kit has everything you need to shock your patients back into “good health.” 

This set comes with a powerful electrical stimulator called the EM60 Flick. This unit offers 24 different intensity levels and seven patterns, so you’ll have plenty of ways to excite your partner’s senses. Additionally, it’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about going out to get batteries before your next “appointment.” 

You can hook up the power box to several different attachments for increased erotic pleasure. The adhesive pads are the most versatile since you can apply them anywhere on the lower body, permitting you to get creative with your placement. 

Then there’s the Silicone Noir Aura, which is a 3-inch probe that can be inserted anally or vaginally to excite these internal regions. Lastly, there are two electric penis loops that you can put around your patient’s penis and scrotum for tingly bliss. 

Even better, this set comes with conductive gel and some lube, so you’ll have everything you need to begin your session. The manufacturer includes a 3-year warranty with your purchase, so you can buy this product worry-free. 

Kink by Doc Johnson Three Wheel Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel

Kink by Doc Johnson Three Wheel Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel

The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a medical device originally designed to test the nerve reaction of the skin. However, Doc Johnson has created one that is used for much dirtier purposes! 

This kinky Wartenberg Pinwheel is made from durable metal. It has a three-wheel design, providing an intense sensation wherever it rolls across the skin. 

Try pressing its rigid metal prongs firmly against your partner’s skin for a slightly painful sensation. Or lightly run it across their sensitive regions to tickle them with the delicate spikes. 

You’ll never lose your grip on this durable device due to its ergonomic handle with sturdy, reliable grips. 

Even better, this effective wheel leaves the skin feeling incredibly sensitive. So, don’t be afraid to follow up with slaps, bites, and kisses! 

Final Thoughts 

Medical fetishism is when someone is turned on by medical tools, settings, or situations. There are three main types of medical fetishes, including roleplay-focused, skill-focused, and a combination of both. 

Some people enjoy medical play because medical tools arouse them. Others like the power dynamics between a doctor and patient, or they enjoy feeling humiliated in a medical setting.

Some people enjoy pain play, so they use medical tools and techniques to inflict pain on themselves and other consenting partners. 

I hope this article has taught you everything you wanted to know about medical fetishism! 

Lovehoney big brand event
Lovehoney big brand event
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