Tenga Flip Zero Review

Tenga Flip Zero Review

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With a range of enticing features including an innovative hinged design, controllable vacuum suction, and stimulating interior, the Tenga Flip Zero firmly sets it apart from other sleeves on the market while delivering in terms of pleasure.

Tenga Flip Zero

Key Features

  • Discreet, sleek casing
  • Valve with vacuum pressure
  • Hinged case design
  • External pressure pads
  • Semi-translucent exterior
  • Three sections of textures




Tenga Flip Zero Review

The Tenga Flip Zero (sometimes stylized as Flip 0) is the new-and-improved version of Tenga’s Flip Hole. The Flip Hole is a masturbation sleeve that opens on a hinge from the back, like a clamshell. The hinge makes it easy to clean, but it isn’t very airtight. So, the innovators at Tenga created Flip Zero.

The Flip Zero has a hinge on the entrance side and uses a one-way valve to provide vacuum pressure for your penis. It’s just as easy to clean as the Flip Hole but offers more intense suction and controllable pressure pads to give you the ultimate jack-off experience.

The Tenga Flip Zero is not like other masturbation sleeves. It fits easily in one hand, is easy to clean, and is so discreet that you might not even realize that it’s a sex toy.

If you’ve tried other brands of masturbation sleeves and didn’t like them, consider giving the Tenga Flip Zero a try. Most of the typical issues that come along with masturbation sleeves don’t really apply to the Flip Zero.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll discuss the Tenga Flip Zero’s features, design, build quality, and value to help you determine if it’s worth the investment! Read on to learn more.

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Perks of the Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero uses a combination of intricate internal textures and vacuum suction to bring you to orgasm. As a bonus, it’s much easier to clean than a normal masturbation sleeve.

It Has Three Different Textured Sections on the Inside

When you open the Tenga Flip Zero, the first thing you’ll notice is the intricate textures on the inside. These non-anatomical bumps and ridges may not look like something that belongs on a sex toy, but they are designed to give you pleasure.

The first section is the Ripple Dome and Ridge Wall. This passage is covered with little flaps that envelop and tease the head of your penis as it passes through.

The middle area, the Triple Chain Gate, has three ridged rings. These bumpy rings (or “gates”) provide slightly firmer stimulation than the Ripple Dome.

The final and most intense section of the Flip Zero is the Layered End Orb. It’s a hollow ball with a small opening for the head of your penis, allowing you to enjoy the feelings of penetration over and over again, long after you’ve inserted yourself into the toy.

You Can Activate Vacuum Suction With the External Pressure Pads

One potential downside of using a masturbation sleeve is that, for the most part, you aren’t in control of the sensations on your penis.

When you jack off without a toy, you’re completely in charge of the pressure on your penis. But the Tenga Flip Zero has a solution to that problem in the form of external pressure pads.

When you grip the soft pressure pads on the outside of the case, you activate the vacuum seal on your penis. A squeeze of your hand creates more pressure on your penis, just like jacking off does.

The vacuum seal on the Tenga Flip Zero is tight and intense, similar to the sensation of receiving oral. But unlike getting a blowjob, you’re totally in charge when you squeeze the pressure pads. If you’re looking for a toy that allows you to control the suction on your penis, the Flip Zero is sure to satisfy you.

The Translucent Casing Lets You Enjoy the View

Do you ever wish you could see yourself in action when you’re jacking off with a toy? Now you can! The Flip Zero has a semi-transparent case, so you can watch your penis pass through the different textures and patterns on the sleeve’s interior.

The translucent case also makes this toy great for partner play. While you enjoy the suction, texture, and pressure, your partner gets to watch the show. For couples who are into visual stimulation, it’s hard to beat the image provided by using a clear masturbation sleeve.

The Tenga Flip Zero Is Easier To Clean Than Most Sleeves

If you’ve ever used a masturbation sleeve before, you know that it can be difficult to clean. Flipping the sleeve inside-out, scrubbing all the crevices, and waiting for it to dry is a bit of a chore. Fortunately, the Tenga Flip Zero is far easier to clean than your average sleeve.

The Flip Zero is hinged, allowing you to flip it open for easy clean-up. You can use the arms of the casing like a drying stand so that the interior can air dry quickly and evenly.

Cleaning the Flip Zero still requires patience and effort, but it’s much easier than most other male masturbation toys.

Potential Downsides of the Tenga Flip Zero

While the Tenga Flip Zero is an overall great toy, it isn’t perfect. Here are some drawbacks to consider before you buy a Flip Zero.

Larger Penises May Not Fit This Sleeve

The Tenga Flip Zero has about six inches of insertable length and a fairly narrow entrance hole. While these dimensions fit most average and smaller men, well-endowed guys may find it difficult, if not impossible, to use.

If you’re well-hung or extra girthy, you should probably stick to larger masturbation sleeves, like Fleshlights. You’ll be far more comfortable with a sleeve you can fully insert yourself into.

The Suction Can Be Too Intense

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to masturbation. Some prefer suction, some prefer a stroking sensation, some like vibrations, and some want a toy with lots of texture.

If you’re the type of guy who needs to feel continuous strokes up and down his shaft, then the Tenga Flip Zero is probably not the toy for you.

When you squeeze the pressure pads after insertion, the resulting vacuum seal is very intense. In fact, you may not feel most of the textured nubs and ripples anymore. The Tenga Flip Zero’s suction is incredible and orgasm-inducing for some men. For others, however, it’s just too much.


The Tenga Flip Zero is a high-quality masturbation sleeve. Its innovative, hinged design, controllable vacuum suction, and detailed interior set it apart from other sleeves on the market.

However, you might not be able to feel all those internal ridges and bumps once the suction starts. And if your penis is longer than six inches, you won’t be able to insert it all the way.

But if those potential drawbacks don’t bother you, give the Tenga Flip Zero a try! It’s a great masturbation sleeve for smaller- and average-sized men. If it’s within your budget, I fully recommend it.

What Comes In The Tenga Flip Zero Box?

  • Tenga Flip Zero
  • Internal sleeve
  • Sample lubricant
  • User guide

Tenga Flip Zero At A Glance


  • Great fit for small and average penises
  • Squeezable pressure pads for vacuum suction
  • Three distinct patterns on the interior for intense sensations
  • Translucent exterior gives you a great view


  • Larger penises may not fit
  • Suction can be too intense