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There are few things as thrilling as giving up control of your body to a trusted partner.

Female chastity devices and belts give the Dominant in the relationship total reign – within set limitations – of their Submissive’s pleasure. It is some next-level kink and exciting addition to the BDSM lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a female chastity belt to wear 24 hours a day or something for light orgasm control in the bedroom, chastity devices are sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

Read on to learn about the best chastity devices on the market and what you need to know to truly surrender to their delights!

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How To Have Fun With a BDSM Female Chastity Belt

For the uninitiated, domination and denial kinks may demand submission, but it is really the Sub who is running the show. They set the boundaries, allowing them to relax and enjoy while giving the illusion of a total loss of control.

A good Dom knows it is their partner who calls the shots.

Some toys make the illusion much stronger. Chastity devices are exciting due to this image, making the Sub have to beg or behave to find their release.

It fits in with any style of BDSM, from slave play to Daddy kinks and even gentle domination. You have no limits to your imagination.

What it comes down to is open communication and consent. You are putting your trust in your partner. Both parties should be on the same page every step of the way.

Take the time to sit down and discuss how you want your chastity belt and other goodies to be used. Set your hard limits and get yourself a safe word. Remember, fun play is safe play!

How To Choose the Best Chastity Belt or Device

The best female chastity belt or device is one you can wear comfortably for more than a few hours at a time. It will be sturdy, adjustable, and fit all of your needs, including kinks. But it should also let the wearer use the bathroom, sit down, and walk without rubbing.

You should start by asking yourself what you need in a chastity belt, how will it be used, and what are your kinks?

If your primary focus is only in the bedroom, for example, extended wear won’t be an issue, so you may not need to worry about it being discreet. However, comfort should always be a priority.

Additional features will be the deciding factor, such as:

  • Versatility will allow you to change up the sex acts you can introduce to your playtime.
  • O-rings open the door for toys, either inside of the wearer or to use on a partner.
  • Many chastity devices come with slots that rely on dildos or plugs with flared bases.
  • Whether or not you want a lock and key is also a critical consideration.

Some belts will have straps with standard buckles alone, which give you the freedom to remove them quickly. Others have padlocks that offer control to your partner, requiring them to either let you out or give you the keys.

Other models for more serious BDSM put the locks out of your reach and have to be opened by a second party.

The great part of having all these options is that they match any skill level or desire. You truly have the power to choose your adventure and are sure to find a product that will tickle your fancy.

The Best Female Chastity Belts and Devices Reviewed

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Lockable Female Chastity Belt

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Lockable Female Chastity Belt 2

This locked-in chastity belt by DOMINIX is a fantastic option for both beginners and long-time BDSM veterans. Made of high-quality leather, it is nevertheless comfortable and soft for extended wear.

It has been designed to fit under the clothes without too much bulk so that you can engage in discreet daily chastity play no matter the day of the week. That includes small padlocks that fit snugly in their rings to avoid jingling that gives away their position.

As for the denial, it covers both the vaginal and anal openings.

The front pad is just wide enough to stop penetration, with a hole in the front for digital teasing easily accessible by a partner.

All of this has been accomplished without sacrificing style. This chastity belt’s bondage aesthetic is still firmly in place, and it flatters the form rather than covers it.


  • Adjustable waist between 31.5″ and 47″
  • Easily moved bottom strap for bathroom breaks
  • Latex-free, made of leather


  • Heart-shaped opening in the front for teasing
  • Softened leather for extended wear without chafing
  • Attractive design that flatters the female form


  • Contains nickel, which may be an allergen risk
  • Not fit for larger plus sizes

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Leather Female Chastity Belt With Dildo and Butt Plug

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Leather Female Chastity Belt With Dildo and Butt Plug

For those looking for something a bit more advanced, you can’t go wrong with this fun, flirty, and functional women’s chastity belt and toy holster from Bondage Boutique. Made for those who want to take things from pure denial to total control, there are two holders built into the design.

One holds a dildo, one a butt plug, and both are nice and secure.

The two sex toys are removable and can even be switched out for bigger or smaller models, thanks to the versatility of the settings.

The straps have a unique quality, with a simple line in the front and back with a buckle and a separate padlock. This gives the wearer the ability to hide it under their clothes.

More of a Switch? No problem! This isn’t just a chastity belt for females; it is a harness for a strap-on. It is the perfect multi-purpose sex aid, so let those creative juices flow.


  • Adjustable waist from 25″ to 35″, and adjustable crotch strap from 20″ to 31″
  • Comes with a butt plug and dildo, both 4.5″ in length
  • Latex-free, made of leather


  • Can be switched up as a harness for pegging or same-sex fun
  • Very sexy, matching a general BDSM aesthetic


  • Doesn’t offer the same denial coverage as some chastity belts

What Features To Look For in a Chastity Belt for Women

Now that you have a clear image in your mind of what you want in a chastity belt or device, there are some standard features you may want to look for:

  • Sizing that fits you snugly, but doesn’t rub, chafe, or dig into the skin.
  • A level of domination you are comfortable with, such as accessible locks or bondage attachments.
  • Allergen-free material to protect against potential reactions you may not expect.
  • Designs that fit your unique curves and shapes, especially in the genital area.
  • The ability to use the bathroom, unless bathroom restriction is a part of your play (make sure you do this safely!).
  • O-rings if you want toys to be a part of your fun.
  • A look that makes you feel sexy and confident.
  • A product that fits within your budget.

This may seem like a lot of requirements, but you would be surprised by how easy it is to find a chastity belt that matches your every need.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to engage in BDSM. Orgasm denial is a thrilling way to submit yourself to one of the greatest degrees possible. Chastity belts are adaptable products that can add a new element to any sexual activity, no matter how far you want to take it.

Lovehoney big brand event
Lovehoney big brand event
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