Womanizer InsideOut Review

Womanizer InsideOut

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The Womanizer InsideOut is a luxuriously designed dual-stimulation sex toy that offers a tremendous amount in the way of pleasure. Combining innovative clitoral suction along with a satisfying G-spot vibrator, the InsideOut definitely offers the best of both worlds!

Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Stimulator

Key Features

  • Premium dual-stimulation sex toy
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 12 Intensity levels
  • Magnetic USB charging
  • 2 Hours of battery life
  • Submersible and waterproof




Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Stimulator Review

The Womanizer InsideOut Sex Toy is a premium two-in-one vibrator designed to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot together for delicious blended orgasms.

Featuring the main bulbed body with a caressing suction tip, along with a curved G-spot stimulator, you can please both areas in different ways simultaneously. 

This Womanizer device features touchless Air Pleasure Technology, an excellent alternative for females who do not enjoy intense direct vibrations against the clitoris.

In this Womanizer InsideOut review, I’ll be looking at the design, features, and performance offered by this toy. Additionally, I’ll highlight the pros and cons to help you make an informed buying decision. Read on to learn more!

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Womanizer InsideOut Features

For clitoral stimulation, the rounded silicone head of the vibrator offers air pressure suction; using patented air technology, the vibrator sends waves of pleasure and gentle suction to your clitoris without full contact!

This section of the vibrator is an exciting, different form of clitoral stimulation that you don’t often receive with other stimulators. Instead of physical vibrations, the light waves of pleasure caress the clitoris along with the insertable G-spot vibrator, avoiding any over-sensitive stimulation or numbing.

Accompanying the air pressure section is the satisfying G-spot probe. This part of the InsideOut boasts the perfect size and shape to reach the G-spot without an overstretch or discomfort. Also, it boasts twelve enticing vibration settings to send ripples of excitement directly to your G-Spot for enhanced pleasure.

Using The Womanizer InsideOut

The Womanizer InsideOut vibrator is operated without a remote control. So no need to worry about misplacing any extras, the control pad on the top of the main body does all of the work for you.

As both G-spot and Clitoral sections have twelve intensity levels, the control pad is fitted with two separate sections of plus and minus buttons. Allowing you to change up the vibrations and pulses at any time.

The separate sections on the control panel allows you to tailor your pleasure settings to your exact liking. If you prefer less clitoral stimulation to G Spot, set that to one of the lighter settings as you increase the other, or vice versa. 

I love how this toy feels to hold. The rounded design of the main body makes it easy and comfortable to hold whilst in use. And even with the G-spot probe and clitoral suction head powered on together simultaneously, it is extremely quiet in use. 

The battery life of the device is pretty incredible. It lasts a full 120 minutes on a single charge, which is very impressive. The magnetic USB charging cord is also convenient to use, whether at home or on the go.

Design and Build Quality

The Womanizer InsideOut is constructed from sleek silicone. Not only does this make the toy look high-end and unique, but it adds to the overall feel and pleasure of the toy due to the soft lining, allowing for comfortable insertion and smooth removal of the G-spot stimulator. 

It truly feels like an exceptionally well-made toy. The flexible yet firm silicone material is both latex-free and phthalate-free, making the InsideOut Vibrator an excellent hypoallergenic toy, avoiding any discomfort or possible reaction.

Another great feature this stimulator has is that it is totally submersible, allowing you to test in the shower or bath for an exhilarating wet play experience without damaging the device.

Any Potential Drawbacks?

I did find that it does take a short while to find your perfect position with the device, to line up both the clitoral stimulator while using the internal stationary vibrator. 

Because it has a fixed distance between the two, it requires some repositioning and navigating to find the ideal position. However, the arm is somewhat flexible, so you can maneuver it to maintain a constant connection with the clitoral sucking vibrator head.

A smaller drawback of the toy is that while the controls are responsive, the buttons are the same color as the rest of the body, making it a little bit difficult to see exactly which buttons you are operating in the heat of the moment!


All in all, the Womanizer InsideOut is absolutely worth the hype. This luxurious vibrator is the ultimate sex toy for achieving blended orgasms through internal and external sensations. 

It’s an amazing addition to the fantastic Womanizer range, and has all of the high-quality you would expect from the brand.

The design of the toy really stands out to me. The Pleasure Air Technology provides a gentle suction that doesn’t feel numbing compared to hardcore clitoral vibrators on the market. The device also certainly impresses with an exceedingly long-life battery and magnetic USB charging.

It’s rare to please both your pleasure points at the same time, but with this toy, you can do it all in one, with only one toy and one control pad. Everything is there for tremendously enjoyable self-pleasure or to enhance your partnered pleasure sessions.

However you choose to use the Womanizer InsideOut, it’ll be sure to take you to a thrilling climax.

What Comes In The Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Stimulator Box?

  • InsideOut device
  • Two attachments
  • USB charging cable
  • Satin pouch

Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Stimulator At A Glance


  • Intensely enjoyable sensations quickly lead to powerful orgasms
  • Air suction is a great alternative to intense vibrations against the clitoris
  • Premium-quality and luxuriously constructed with body-safe silicone
  • Impressive battery life and simple magnetic USB charging


  • Controls can be tricky to operate as it’s hard to distinguish the buttons from one another
  • Requires some repositioning and navigating to find the ideal position