Lelo Enigma Review: The Best Dual Stimulation Vibrator?

Lelo Enigma Review

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The Lelo Enigma is a luxurious, comfortable, and super pleasurable dual stimulation vibrator that allows you to lay back and relax without constant adjustments. It just feels amazing, which is the most important part of a sex toy, right?

Lelo Enigma

Key Features

  • Dual action sonic massager
  • 8 Pleasure settings
  • Premium silicone construction
  • Comes with a USB charging cable
  • Two-hour charge gives you two hours runtime
  • 100% waterproof




Lelo Enigma Review

If you still think that having a g-spot orgasm is as likely as winning the lottery, then the Lelo Enigma is here to help. 

This dual stimulator pleasures your clit and g-spot at the same time, leading to intense internal and external orgasms. You can even achieve blended orgasms, which are basically g-spot and clit orgasms simultaneously! This toy uses a unique combination of vibration and sucking to bring your body over the edge. 

Beyond the way it feels, the Lelo Enigma is also a looker. This stylish toy comes in two beautiful colors, including sleek black and dark rose. It also feels fantastic, with its velvety silicone body that is delightful to the touch. 

If you are ready to bring your orgasms to the next level with this high-quality, luxurious toy, read on! In this article, I will give you more info about the Lelo Enigma, including how to use it, what it feels like, what it is made from, and whether or not it is worth it (disclaimer: it totally is!) 

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What’s the Lelo Enigma Like to Use?

The Lelo Enigma comes in sleek black packaging that is befitting of its status as a luxury toy. Once you open up the box, you’ll encounter the Enigma as well as a charging cord and instructions. 

To begin, insert the charging cable into the bottom of the toy. It takes approximately two hours to power up, which is a bit of a bummer. But trust me. It’ll be worth the wait! 

When the Enigma is fully charged, you’ll be ready to take your body to pleasure central. Lather on lots of water-based lube to get your coochie prepared for action. 

Next, put the thick, bulbous end of the Enigma inside of your vagina and place the suction cup section over your clit. Then, press the middle button to turn it on. 

The toy offers eight different vibration modes, ranging from a slight shake to intense pulsations, so you can slowly build up to an intense orgasm. To cycle through the modes, press the middle button. 

It also has a plus and minus button that allows you to heighten or lower the intensity, permitting you to tailor the sensations to your liking. 

What are the Sensations Like?

As you’re using the Enigma, you’ll experience a delightful combination of internal and external stimulation that’ll send you over the edge in no time. 

The internal stimulator is 5.5 inches (140 mm) long, which produces a delightful filling sensation, yet it’s still very comfortable to insert. It is pretty firm, which adds some tremendous pressure inside of your vagina. 

As far as sensation goes, the internal vibrator produces powerful, rumbly vibrations that feel heavenly against your g-spot. I enjoy starting with the lower vibration settings then slowly progressing to higher speeds as the sensation builds. 

While the internal vibe is terrific, my favorite thing about the Lelo Enigma is its clitoral sucking function. Clitoral orgasms have never felt this good! Unlike rabbit vibes or magic wands that produce vibrations on the clit that can be too intense, the Enigma has an incredibly pleasurable pulsing sensation that gently sucks on the clitoris (sounds delightful, huh?)

The sucker uses Lelo’s unique Sensonic Technology, which can stimulate your clitoris without direct contact, resulting in a gentler sensation. 

Personally, I prefer this softer sucking sensation. If you have a sensitive clit or just prefer sucking over really intense vibrations, then the Lelo Enigma is definitely for you. 

Design of the Lelo Enigma

Luxurious is the first word that comes to my mind whenever I hold the Lelo Enigma. It has an incredibly sleek look, with a smooth body and a beautiful pink holographic design on the back. The moment you look at it, you just know that it’s a really well-made toy. 

The toy’s shape is pretty odd, almost alien-like, but that doesn’t take away from its sophistication. Rather, it makes you curious to understand it, which is why the name “Enigma” is so fitting! 

The majority of the Enigma is made from premium silicone that is 100% body-safe. The silicone is smooth to the touch, with a texture that is similar to velvet. 

The only portion of the toy that is not made from silicone is the beautiful holographic design on the back, which is made from body-safe ABS plastic. 

On the backside of the Enigma, you’ll find three buttons that are very straightforward to use. They are incredibly easy to adjust, even during the heat of the moment. However, they are placed well, meaning you won’t accidentally shut the toy off or change the setting right before climax! 

You can comfortably grip this toy for hours on end with its ergonomic design. However, if you’d prefer, you can also use the Enigma hands-free. Simply lay back and let it do the work for you! 

Additionally, it is 100% fully waterproof. This means you can take the Lelo Enigma in the shower or the tub for some aquatic fun. 

Because it is submersible, it is effortless to clean. Simply wash it off with some water and mild detergent or sex toy cleaner, and it’ll look as good as new. 

Is the Lelo Enigma Worth it?

So, should you buy the Lelo Enigma? I wholeheartedly say yes! For starters, the design of this toy just can’t be beaten. It is soft, comfortable, and perfectly targets your pleasure points, allowing you to lay back and relax without constantly adjusting the toy. 

It just feels really good, which is the most important part of a sex toy, right? The clit stimulator produces a pulsing, sucking feeling that gives me literal chills. 

Plus, the internal stimulator is really powerful and has helped me experience g-spot orgasms, which were pretty much impossible for me before I tried this toy! It is also super flexible, so I can bend it to perfectly accommodate my anatomy. 

Additionally, the Enigma is really easy to take care of and clean since it’s made of silicone. The only slightly negative thing about the silicone is that it picks up lint. However, the toy comes with a satin storage pouch that helps to keep it debris-free. 

Another wonderful thing about the Enigma is that it has a pretty long runtime of 2 hours, so you’ll be able to reach climax several times before you need to charge it up again. 

It even has a 1-year warranty, so if you are crazy and decide you don’t want it after purchasing (which definitely won’t happen), you can send it back for a full refund. 

While it is pretty expensive, currently priced at $189, its design and features make it worth the high price tag. So, If you want a luxury toy that is high quality, effective, and safe, then yes, the Lelo Enigma is totally worth it! 

What Comes In The Lelo Enigma Box?

  • Lelo Enigma massager
  • Authenticity card
  • USB charging cable
  • Storage pouch

Lelo Enigma At A Glance


  • Ultra-soft silicone feels amazing
  • Clitoral stimulator produces a pleasurable sucking sensation that isn't too intense
  • Has eight vibration modes to suit all different preferences
  • I found the toy to be really quiet which is ideal


  • No remote control or app connectivity
  • A little bit expensive