Womanizer Premium Review

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The Womanizer Premium has a beautiful look and functional design. With 12 intensities of air pleasure to choose from and innovative Smart Silence functionality, the Womanizer Premium is a luxury clitoral stimulator that’s hard to beat!

Womanizer Premium

Key Features

  • Luxury clitoral sucking vibrator
  • Smart Silence functionality
  • 12 Intensity modes
  • Patented air pleasure technology
  • USB rechargeable and waterproof
  • 4 hours runtime on single charge




Womanizer Premium Review

Most clitoral toys use vibrations to stimulate the clit. While they generally feel nice, intense vibes can desensitize your bean after a while. Additionally, they can cause irritation or even pain, especially after you’ve just shaved. Enter, the Womanizer Premium!

Like its predecessor, the Womanizer Classic, this toy uses Pleasure Air Technology to provide deep pulsations against your clitoris without actually coming in contact with your skin. The pulses create the feeling of suction, so it feels as though the toy is tapping and sucking your clit simultaneously!  

What sets the Womanizer Premium apart from the Womanizer Classic are its new and improved features, including an autopilot function for hands-off stimulation and a Smart Silence feature that automatically turns off the device when it isn’t in contact with your skin. Plus, it produces stronger pulsations, allowing for more intense orgasms.

So, are you interested in learning more about this unique clitoral stimulator? If so, read on! In this Womanizer Premium review, I’ll go through the main features of this toy, including how to use it and its overall design and feel. Then, I’ll discuss whether or not I think it’s worth it for you to purchase it today! 

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How to Use the Womanizer Premium

When you first receive your Womanizer Premium, you’ll open up the box to discover the toy, a USB charging cable, an extra clitoral head, a soft drawstring pouch, and a manual. 

You’ll begin by charging up your toy. One two-hour charge gives you up to four hours of playtime, which means you’ll have plenty of time to achieve that big “O”! 

When your Womanizer Premium is all juiced up, you can turn it on by pressing the power button located at the bottom of the handle. Then, you can adjust the intensity of the toy using the “+” and “-” buttons. I find the layout very intuitive, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the hang of things. 

If you’d prefer, you can use the toy in “autopilot” mode by pressing the button that looks like a wave. In this mode, the toy will automatically increase and decrease the intensity of the pulsations. 

Personally, I’m a bit impatient for Autopilot Mode. Just as the pulsations start feeling good, it decreases in intensity, bringing me back to square one! So, I don’t use this setting very often. However, if you enjoy being teased or you prefer a “hands-off” experience, you’ll likely find this mode very enjoyable!

Lastly, there is the Smart Silence Mode, which is amazing. It’s already on by default. In this mode, the toy will automatically turn itself off when it isn’t close to the surface of your skin. 

I love this feature because it allows for discreet play. If you hear someone coming, all you have to do is move the toy away from your body, and it’ll shut off. You won’t have to fumble around for the power button! Plus, this mode helps you save battery since the toy will automatically turn off when playtime is over. 

Elegant Design of the Womanizer Premium

As far as looks go, the Womanizer Premium is very sleek and elegant. It comes in five beautiful colors, including black, red, white, blueberry, and raspberry. The base of each toy features an elegant gold or silver band, which gives it a luxurious look. 

It is shaped like a small remote control, with four simple buttons. The power button is on the bottom of the handle, away from the others, so it’s unlikely that you’ll accidentally turn off the toy in the heat of the moment. 

The “+” and “-” buttons are located in the center of the toy. They make it easy to reach your preferred intensity level quickly. While these buttons may not seem like a big deal, they are very significant to me.

I’m not fond of toys that only have one button to cycle through all of the different intensity levels, such as the popular Rose Clitoral Stimulator. So, being able to adjust the toy’s settings quickly is a must-have feature in my book! 

The handle has a soft silicone coating that feels really great to hold. It is ergonomically designed, so you can hold it for extended periods without getting tired. Additionally, it is slightly curved, which makes it easy to grip onto during play. 

At the base of the handle, three LED lights turn on when the Womanizer Premium is fully charged. Two of the lights light up when the toy is half charged and one when it has a low battery, so you’ll always know when it’s time to plug in your device. 

This functional toy is fully submersible, so you can use it while you are in the shower or tub. 

Is the Womanizer Premium Worth It?

I love the Womanizer Premium and I highly recommend it to anyone with a clitoris! 

It produces deep, thuddy pulsations that feel heavenly against the clitoris. Honestly, I’ve never experienced anything like it. While the sensations are unusual, they are also very pleasurable, which is what really counts! 

Whether you’re a power queen or have a sensitive clit, the Womanizer Premium will satisfy your needs. With 12 different intensity levels, you can really tailor the sensation to match your preferences. 

Additionally, the Womanizer is the perfect clitoral sucking toy for discreet play. While it isn’t the quietest toy I’ve ever used, it’s pretty low volume up to intensity level 8. Plus, it has the amazing Smart Silence function, so if you hear anyone nearby, you can remove the toy, and it’ll instantly turn off.

I love the overall design and look of this toy. It’s gorgeous yet functional, which is a win-win in my book! Specifically, I like the layout of the buttons, the ergonomic handle, and the helpful LED lights that show the toy’s battery level. 

Another fantastic thing about this clit stimulator is its battery life. It offers four hours of playtime, which is really long compared to its competitors, such as the We-Vibe Melt, which only provides 2 hours of runtime. 

While there are a few things I’d want to improve, such as the autopilot function mode and the weak magnetic charging port, overall, this clit stimulator is a fabulous toy that leads to really intense orgasms. 

So, if you are tired of using your boring ol’ vibrator, give the Womanizer Premium a try. It’ll make you orgasm unlike ever before! 

What Comes In The Womanizer Premium Box?

  • Womanizer Premium
  • Two silicone heads
  • USB Charging cable
  • Satin storage pouch

Womanizer Premium At A Glance


  • Innovative Pleasure Air Technology offers wonderful touchless orgasms
  • Pulsations are stronger and more thuddy than they were in previous models
  • Has an elegant design that is pretty, functional, and comfortable to hold
  • Smart Silence Mode works exactly as intended for discreet play


  • Nozzle sizes may be too small if you have a larger clit
  • Autopilot mode is slightly disappointing
  • Is a little noisy when used above intensity level 8