Womanizer Liberty Review

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Clitoral suction vibrators or “clit suckers” have been all the rage for the last few years, and with good reason. They provide intense, direct clitoral stimulation that some people liken to oral sex. And at the forefront of the clit sucker trend is the Womanizer.

The Womanizer Liberty is Womanizer’s travel toy. It’s smaller than the standard Womanizer and with fewer bells and whistles, making it more discreet for when you’re on the go. 

I’m going to give you a detailed review of the Womanizer Liberty, including the toy’s build quality, ease-of-use, and performance, so you can decide if it’s the right toy for you.

Womanizer Liberty

Key Features

  • Intense clitoral stimulation
  • Discreet and travel-ready
  • 6 levels of suction


Build Quality
Ease of Use


Womanizer Liberty Review

Womanizer Liberty Ratings

Build Quality


Ease of Use








Womanizer Liberty Build Quality

The Womanizer Liberty is a high quality toy. The silicone surface is soft to the touch, and when paired with water-based lube, it feels great on your most delicate parts. 

The silicone nozzle can be easily detached for cleaning purposes, or to swap out for a different size. But the detachable head doesn’t make this toy any less sturdy. 

Just secure the nozzle of your choice under the metal ring on the Liberty’s face, and it’s as solid as if it were a single piece. You don’t have to worry about any parts falling off when the Liberty is in action.

The magnetic travel case works wonderfully. The magnets hold the cover on securely without it being difficult to remove. 

When the Liberty has its cover on, you wouldn’t know it’s a sex toy. It looks like a make-up case, or maybe a container for your personal items like tampons and baby wipes. It’s nondescript and subtle, and there’s no risk of the cover falling off in your purse thanks to the strong magnets.

The only issue I can foresee with the Liberty’s travel case is that someone might recognize the Womanizer logo embossed on the back.

The travel case also functions as a dust cover, so the parts of the Liberty that come in contact with your body remain clean while you store it.

The magnetic USB charger attaches to the Liberty well. If you leave it charging on a stable surface, you shouldn’t have to worry about it coming unplugged. It takes about an hour to fully charge.

Womanizer Liberty Ease-of-Use

I love the Liberty’s ergonomic design. The sleek curves fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Unlike other bulkier or more geometric sex toys, the Liberty feels natural to hold. You’ll never feel like you’re holding a piece of medical equipment when the Liberty is in your hand. 

However, if you have larger hands, you might find the Liberty a little difficult to hold. 

Its compact size makes it great for travel, but a little cramped for users with longer fingers. This is especially important to keep in mind if you plan on using the Liberty Clit Sucker with a partner. You might have no problems holding the Liberty, but your partner could. 

My only issue with the Liberty’s usability is the layout of the buttons. 

The controls are simple. Hold the + button to turn on the suction to its lowest setting, and use the + and – buttons to find a suction strength that you like. When you’re ready to turn it off, hold the + button, just like when you turn it on.

But unlike other Womanizer clitoral suckers, the Liberty’s buttons are on the side that faces your body. 

The + button is closer to the suction nozzle, which is “downward” when you’re using it. It’s a bit counterintuitive, and the confusion worsens if you’re already struggling to get a comfortable grip. 

Womanizer did make the + button larger and more prominent to the touch, so you can distinguish the buttons by feel. Still, I would have preferred to have the buttons on the back of the toy, or have their positions reversed so that + is at the “top.” I also think holding the – button should turn the toy off. 

If you’ve never used a clitoral sucker before, you might have a bit of a learning curve before you “get” it. The Liberty works best if you can place the nozzle directly on your clit, and it could take you a few attempts before you find the exact right spot. 

This issue isn’t unique to the Liberty, though, and is true of all clit suckers. Fortunately, Womanizer includes two silicone nozzles of slightly different sizes, to accommodate different body types. 

Womanizer Liberty Performance

When it comes to clitoral stimulators, performance is critical. After all, it doesn’t matter if your sex toy is ergonomic and beautiful if it can’t stimulate you to orgasm.

Rest assured, the Liberty delivers. 

Don’t let the Liberty’s size fool you. Its motor is comparable to most other clitoral suction devices. Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology sends precise, intense stimulation right to your clitoris.

At its highest strength, the Liberty is surprisingly powerful. It’s also quite loud for a toy of its size. If you’re looking for a sex toy that won’t alert your roommates, the Liberty might not be the one for you (if you plan on using it at full strength, that is). 

The loudness of Liberty seems to depend on how tight of a seal you get when you hold the toy to your vulva. It may be extremely quiet when sealed around your clit, but when you move it, it’s obvious and loud. 

Just to be safe, you might want to put on some mood music if you’re worried about the neighbors listening in.

At a full charge, the Womanizer Liberty lasts between one and two hours. The higher the strength you leave it on, the faster the battery runs down. I found the Liberty only lasted about an hour at its full strength–which is more than enough time for this toy to do its job. 

Womanizer clit suckers differ from traditional vibrators in that the toy itself doesn’t touch your clit. The silicone nozzle sits around the clitoris, cupping it, and emits intense pulses of air. 

The result is a sensation that feels sort of like suction (hence the name “clit suckers,”). While vibrators are “buzzy,” a clitoral suction device could be described as “thuddy.” The higher the strength of your clit sucker, the more pronounced the “thuds” feel. 

The Liberty’s highest strength (level 6) is almost as strong as the Womanizer Premium’s highest level (level 12). While that means the Liberty packs a punch for such a small toy, it does come with a downside–moving from one level to the next can be jarring. There is no gradual build in intensity. If you have a particularly sensitive vulva, you might find the Liberty too intense. 

The Liberty is fully submersible, so you can take it in the tub or shower. Be careful not to use silicone-based lube with it, though, as toys made of silicone can degrade that way. 

I usually recommend using the Liberty with a few drops of water-based lube around the nozzle, but in the tub or shower, you’ll have to go without.

If you’re used to the Classic or Premium Womanizer, you might be a little disappointed with the Liberty’s simplicity. 

The Liberty only has 6 suction strengths as opposed to the Premium’s 12. It also doesn’t have the Premium’s Smart Silence feature (which turns the toy off when it moves away from your body). 

Womanizer Liberty Features

Here are the Liberty’s biggest strengths: 

  • Intense clitoral stimulation. As a clit sucker, the Liberty is impressively strong. It uses Pleasure Air Technology to send pulses of air straight to your clit. Most women find this very pleasurable. 
  • Discreet and travel-ready. The Liberty’s travel capabilities are what set it apart from other Womanizer toys. It’s small, and when in the travel case, totally nondescript. You can keep it in your purse without arousing suspicion.
  • 6 levels of suction. The Liberty’s 6 levels of suction range from barely-there rumbles to intense, thudding pressure.  
  • USB rechargeable. Use the magnetic USB cable to charge the Liberty for 1 to 2 hours of continuous use. 
  • Waterproof. The Liberty is full submersible and can be taken into the bath or shower. 
  • 2 sizes of nozzle.  Choose the silicone nozzle that best fits your body. It’s easy to remove and swap the nozzles, and they stay securely in place once attached. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the Liberty is a fraction of the cost of other Womanizer toys. It’s well made, discreet, intense, and far more affordable than most other clit suckers.


The Womanizer Liberty is an incredible toy, both as a standalone clit sucker and when comapred to other Womanizer toys. 

The Liberty is one of the most affordable Womanizer clit suckers. It’s about half the cost of the Premium, and it is nearly as strong

If you’re looking for your first clit sucker and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a deluxe model, the Liberty is perfect for you. 

It offers a wide range of intensities, from airy and light to thuddy and deep. And with two sizes of nozzle to choose from, the Liberty makes it easier to find what kind of clitoral stimulation is right for you.

The controls are a little more counterintuitive than other models of clit suckers, and the Liberty’s small size could make it difficult to handle. It’s better for solo use than couple’s play, at least if your partner has larger hands than you do. (But if you and your partner both have small hands, you may have no trouble at all!)

I highly recommend the Liberty as a first-time clitoral suction device, or as a travel-ready alternative to your usual clit sucker. The Liberty certainly proves that when it comes to sex toys, size isn’t everything.

What Comes In The Womanizer Liberty Box?

  • Liberty suction stimulator
  • 2 silicone suction heads
  • Magnetic cover & bag
  • Magnetic charging cable

Womanizer Liberty At A Glance


  • Compact size makes it perfectly discreet and suitable for travel
  • Excellent value for money considering it’s half the price of other Womanizer clitoral suckers
  • Ideal first-time clitoral suction device or for those on a budget
  • Magnetic charging case works wonderfully


  • It’s rather loud in use on the higher settings
  • Can be difficult to hold for longer periods of time without cramping
  • No Smart Silence function found on other Womanizer devices