How To Use Public Vibrators: Tips for Remote Control Fun

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Public vibrators are small, discreet devices that typically fit into your underwear. If you’re curious about trying one out, simply slip it into place and head out for a date night with a pleasurable twist!

To use public vibrators it’s crucial it’s whisper-quiet so you’re not worried about people overhearing. Similarly, be sure to get a device that will stay in place, otherwise, you will be distracted as it shifts. Remote controls are great for partner-play, but be sure to set some ground rules first.

Public play is a daring way to keep the spark alive in your relationship, and with the range of smaller devices on the market, it’s never been easier to give it a try. If you’re new to the experience, I’ve listed all of my helpful tips in the article below! 

Tips for Using a Vibrator in Public

When my partner and I first experimented with a public vibrator, we were out at a restaurant for date night. The restaurant was pretty loud, which helped us feel a little more relaxed about using our new butterfly vibrator.

My partner intermittently turned on my vibe with the remote, and at one point I almost let out a sip of wine when he randomly turned my vibe on full intensity. 

He left the vibrator running at its highest speed during dessert until I experienced, what’s safe to say, an intense orgasm right there at the table! My S.O. and I loved the experience.  

Still, I know the idea can be a little nerve-wracking. So, I’ve developed a list of four things you should and shouldn’t do when using a vibe in public to help ensure the experience goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Make Sure the Vibrator Is Really Quiet

Before using a remote control vibrator in public, you need to ensure that it’ll be really quiet. There is nothing more embarrassing than turning on your vibe in a public setting only to discover that everyone around you can hear a buzzing sound coming from your panties! 

To avoid this happening, you should read reviews about the vibe before you buy it and test it out before your first play session. I’ve discussed these points in detail below. 

I’ve put together a list of some of the quietest vibrators on the market from my own testing, and you can read the article here!

Read Reviews About the Vibe

Vibrator manufacturers often claim that their toys are quiet. So, you can’t always trust what you read in the product description. 

Instead, I recommend that you read reviews from people such as myself, who have actually purchased the product to find out the truth about the toy’s noise level. 

If you’re buying an adult toy from an online retailer you can read customer reviews and comments first. On Lovehoney, customers can rate the quietness of a vibe on a scale from 1 to 5. So, I always pay special attention to this rating. 

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If a product doesn’t have many customer ratings, you can also go on YouTube and watch a few video reviews of the toy.

While this sounds like a lot of work, it’s worth it to do your research! Panty vibrators are amazing toys, but they can be pretty expensive. So, it’s better to put in some work now than to drop $100+ on a vibe that you can’t even use! 

Test the Noise Level Yourself

Once you’ve purchased your public remote vibrator, you should perform a couple of tests to see just how quiet it really is. 

I recommend downloading a sound meter app like Decibel X to test the noise level of your vibe. If it stays below 50 dB, that’s a good indicator that it’ll be quiet enough to use in most public settings. 

However, if it goes above this level, you’ll have to be more cautious and may only be able to use it in lower intensity modes during public play. 

Another way I like to evaluate my public vibes is by performing the Music Test. Play some music at an average level. Not too quiet, not too loud. Then, put the vibrator inside of your panties and turn it on to its highest level. 

If you can hear the buzzing sound while the music is playing, this probably won’t be a great public vibrator. 

2. Only Buy Products That Can Be Controlled Remotely

Not being able to turn off your vibe without touching it may sound sexy, but it’s pretty annoying in practice. Therefore, you should always use a remote control vibrator in public so you can adjust the toy’s settings whenever you need to. 

There are two main types of remote-controlled vibes, including those that come with physical remote controls and app-controlled ones. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each in detail below. 

Get Remote Controlled Vibes for Short Range Fun

Remote-controlled vibes are controlled with physical remote controls. Typically, they are effortless to use since they have just a few buttons. 

The downside of remote control vibes is that they have a range. If you ever move outside of that range, you’ll lose connectivity with the toy. 

I recommend getting a remote that has at least a 20-foot (6.09-meter) range since this will allow your S.O. to adjust your toy’s settings even when they aren’t standing right next to you, which will add to the suspense! 

While some remote controls are rechargeable, many require batteries. So before you go out in public, make sure your remote is all juiced up.

If you want to be highly prepared, you can bring some extra batteries along in your purse in case your remote konks out in the middle of your pleasure session. 

Try App-Controlled Vibes for Long Distance Pleasure

I love app-controlled long-distance vibrators because they typically have no range limits, meaning your partner can control your toy from anywhere in the world.

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Additionally, they are very discreet since everyone will think you are just texting or playing a game on your phone. They won’t suspect the naughty truth! 

The only con of app-controlled toys is that they are a little more complex to set up. However, once you get them up and running, they offer a stable connection and increased functionality that just can’t be beaten. 

If your public vibrator is app-controlled, make sure your phone battery is high. And if you want to be super safe, bring your phone charger along! 

3. Make Sure Your Vibe Stays in Place

If the vibrator won’t stay in place when you move around, then it’s a bad idea to use it in public settings. 

I think vibrators with an internal and external arm are ideal for public play. The internal g-spot stimulator helps the toy stay in place, while the outer arm stimulates your clit for added pleasure. 

Some public vibrators rest in the bottom of your panties, providing external stimulation. While these feel amazing, they move around more than insertable toys. 

If you choose to get this type of vibe, make sure you wear sturdy, tight undies that the vibe won’t be able to slip out of! 

4. Create Some Ground Rules With Your Partner

If your partner controls your remote public vibrator, you should create some ground rules before playtime to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

For example:

  • Are they allowed to surprise you by turning on the vibe at any time or only when you are in specific locations? 
  • Can they choose the intensity? 
  • Should they start at lower levels and increase the strength as the night goes on? 

Another rule you should discuss is whether or not you are allowed to talk about the vibrator while you are in public. 

If you decide that talking about the vibe is a-okay, you should create some rules about when it is appropriate for you to talk. For example, it’s probably inappropriate to talk about what’s going on in your panties when you are sitting next to a family of four. 

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If you decide that you can’t talk about the vibe in public, you should come up with some secret words or signals that will tell your partner if you want them to turn off the toy or adjust its intensity. 

For example, when my partner and I are in public, I’ll do the “stop” signal if things become too intense and I need him to switch off the vibe. If I want him to increase or decrease the intensity, I’ll make a gesture to signal this. 

Final Thoughts

Playing with a vibrator in public can be super sexy, as long as it is done correctly! 

Before selecting a vibrator, make sure it produces 50 dB or less. Additionally, ensure that it is remote or app-controlled so that you can adjust its settings when you’re in public. 

Get a vibe that will stay securely in place throughout your play session. You don’t want it to fall out of your undies accidentally!

Lastly, you should create some rules with your partners if they will be controlling your vibe, such as when and where they can turn it on.