Fun Factory Sundaze Review

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The Fun Factory Sundaze is not just a vibrator: it’s a hands-free multi-purposed vibe. Sundaze uses new patented technology to get you off with a range of pulsating, rumbling, and thrusting vibrations that stimulate you internally and externally for utmost pleasure.

Fun Factory Sundaze

Key Features

  • Pulsating & thrusting vibes
  • 10 patterns & 4 rhythms
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • 3 Hour long battery life
  • Memory Function


Build Quality


Fun Factory Sundaze Review

Fun Factory Sundaze Ratings







Build Quality




The Fun Factory Sundaze is Fun Factory’s latest pulsating self-thrusting sex toy, and it fits the bill for being newly regenerated, sexy, innovative, and pleasurable!

When it comes to portable, self-thrusting vibes, Fun Factory is one of the original players. They revolutionized the industry back when they started and have since released top-notch toys that always blow your mind.

I was excited to try the Fun Factory Sundaze thrusting vibe to see if a toy could be both great at self-thrusting and clitoris stimulation. 

One thing I loved about it? The emphasis on learning to slowgasm. Fun Factory introduced this toy to help unlearn the bad habits some of us have with rushing to reach orgasm and depending on one vibration pattern. Sundaze is all about taking it nice and slow.

This made the toy a fun experiment! It was great to be forced to slow down and enjoy stimulation rather than rush to the end. It allowed me to cycle through the different functionalities and relish having three different types of nerve endings stimulated all at once. 

In this article, I will be reviewing the Sundaze Vibrator and what it is like during use. Then, I’ll discuss the main design features, followed by my verdict on if it’s worth the purchase or not. 

Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator Design

The inventive and high-quality design of this vibrator is one of the biggest highlights for me. It was created to be enjoyed for long periods of time, so you can discover all that it can do.

The toy arrives with 15 different motions, including tapping, thrusting, fluttering, and stroking. Your body can experience all of these sensations in just one session, making it a fun all-rounder. 

15 different settings is a lot to cycle through, so I was grateful there was a memory function that allowed me to save my favorite and come back to it the next time I wanted to play around.

The Sundaze is definitely a high-quality luxury design, made to feel gentle when touching you. 

The silicone shaft gently bulges, then tapers at the neck and flares out over the head. 

It also has a bit of a hooked head that makes targeted G-spot stimulation easier than many other toys. At the base, 3 raised control buttons to make switching between modes easy (and perfect for those who are visually impaired).

In terms of size, the Sundaze vibrator is one of Fun Factory’s smaller designs – just 7 inches long, 1.5 inches wide at the head, and only 4.5 inches of insertable length. 

It fits very comfortably in the hand, making it easy to hold for long periods, but the insertable length was a downside for me. 

The vibrations are also rather strong along the shaft of the toy. The hands-free option makes up for this, but it just means clitoris stimulation isn’t as easily achieved.

The design is aesthetically pleasing, too; it comes in beautiful pistachio and fuchsia pink.

What You’ll Love About the Fun Factory Sundaze

There are so many things to love about the Fun Factory Sundaze Thrusting Vibrator. This toy combines thrusting with sensational technology that will send your body into a frenzy!

Quiet and Pleasurable Patterns

I personally really enjoy the variety of patterns the Sundaze has to offer. Particularly the tapping and rocking motions which are also surprisingly quiet.

Some people find the shorter, shallow thrusting motions quite disappointing, but for a smaller toy I found them to be very pleasurable, especially for longer sessions. 

The variety of vibrating, tapping, and rocking motions make this an excellent toy for foreplay before intercourse.

The overall feel and build quality of the toy enhance the pleasurable sensations the Sundaze has to offer. The silky smooth silicone just feels wonderful, particularly with the shallow thrusts the toy offers for longer play sessions.

In use, the Sundaze is remarkably quiet for a pulsing and thrusting vibe. It’s definitely the quietest of all the thrusting vibrators I’ve tested, which makes this a winner in my eyes.

Water-Resistant Design

A great feature of the vibrator is that it’s completely waterproof. The Sundaze thrusting vibrator can be enjoyed in the bath and shower, as it can be completely submerged in water without causing any damage.

The handy waterproof feature also protects the toy from any water-based lubricant. This means you can rub as much as you need onto the toy, giving you the smoothest insertion.

Hands-Free Pleasure

One of the better parts about this toy is its hands-free technology. The vibrator is designed to emulate the feeling of penetration – and it does do that. 

This design is perfect for those who love the feeling of laying back and having your body dominated by another force. The toy’s soft yet sturdy shape feels natural on the skin, so it’s great for those who orgasm from penetration, as opposed to clitoral stimulation.

Being rather average in size, the vibrator makes it the perfect toy to relax your body before sex. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quickly reach the mark when trying to finish from internal penetration.  

Long Lasting Battery-Free Power

The Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator is USB rechargeable, so no batteries are required for use. It also has a great low power mode, signaling that it’s time to recharge.

Once the toy has been charged, it will run uninterrupted for up to three hours before needing to be recharged. This is a far longer battery life than most standard vibrators, which only tend to last an hour before you have to stop your activities and recharge them. 

The one downside to this? It takes five hours to charge the Sundaze device in full. This is rather long, so means you really need to be organized before your pleasure sessions.

Downsides of the Sundaze

Though marketed as a ‘new technology: increasing arousal in exciting new ways for unmistakably more intense orgasms,’ this toy did disappoint in terms of its strength.

If slow, gentle stimulation is what you want – it’s a luxurious design that does just that.

But, I was really hoping this toy would pack a little more oomph into its design for the times I wanted to mix up the slower sessions with more fiery ones.

Not only was the power quite mild for clitoris stimulation, but I felt like it was also a rather small design. 

I think the Sundaze would be best suited for someone new to stimulation and exploring their body or those who are sensitive and don’t require a lot of pressure/vibration to feel pleasure.

That being said, the toy was still super fun to play around with and was great to use as foreplay with a partner! 

Is the Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator Worth the Money?

After putting this product to the test, I can say that the Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator is worth it for those that don’t want anything too strong for vibrations or too large for insertion. 

While the toy is great with various settings designed to stimulate and penetrate the body, it falls short in terms of strength.

What was great about the toy was the variety of functions available. It was great for foreplay and teasing one another in the bedroom. 

There are a lot of functions with the Sundaze. Each time you use it will be different from the last. This makes it a fun toy to experiment with.

The emphasis on slower orgasms was also a fun element of the Sundaze. It would be the perfect toy to get if you were feeling a little too dependent on your current routine.

Another benefit was the quietness of the vibrator. Most vibrators are still overwhelmingly loud, despite being marketed as discreet. It can be distracting to hear loud sounds during intimacy, so I loved how subtle the toy was.

One downside to this toy is its high price point. The device retails for $169.99, so it is definitely a splurge item for most. This is rather expensive for a thrusting vibrator, and there are many other (stronger) toys out there that are more budget-friendly. 

Still, considering the many actions and vibration levels the toy can produce, if you want one toy that does it all, the SUNDAZE is a great investment for your pleasure.

It’s also important to note that Fun Factory does not recommend this toy for anyone with a pacemaker or heart-related issues. If this applies to you, I would recommend choosing a gentler toy.

The Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator definitely has its perks. I have no doubt it would be perfect for those new to the game of self-pleasure, those who want to unlearn their orgasm habits, and those wanting to combine all their sex toys into one.

What Comes In The Fun Factory Sundaze Box?

  • Sundaze vibrator
  • Sundaze manual
  • USB charging cable
  • Fun Factory toybag

Fun Factory Sundaze At A Glance


  • Excellent design throughout - it is easy to use and comfortable to hold
  • Ideal for petite women due to its smaller size
  • Very quiet in use, even on the higher settings
  • Range of vibrating, tapping, and thrusting motions for internal pleasure


  • 5 hours charging time
  • Only one size is available - may not suit all
  • Shallow thrusts may be disappointing to some