50 Creative First Date Ideas For Guaranteed Fun

First date ideas

First dates can make or break relationships, with those first few hours often setting a pattern for the relationship. Make sure your first dates go with a swing and you both have a guaranteed great time with these first date ideas!

1. Go to a Concert

live concert

Live music is raw and elemental – the beat invading your whole body and making you feel euphoric, part of something so much bigger than just yourself. Share this experience with your new date and take things to the next level, especially if you find you share the same taste in music!

2. Dancing Lessons

couple dancing

Sign the pair of you up for a dancing lesson. It can be any style of dancing such as ballroom, ballet or street dancing! Your efforts to keep up with the instructor and the rest of the class will remove any awkwardness or shyness between you – and dancing is both a great focus and workout!

3. Pottery Class

pottery class

Take a pottery class. Recapture the flavour of that 1990 movie, Ghost, and get down and dirty and throw some pots. It is a great way to get messy whilst being creative, and an even better way to get to know each other having fun! Just be warned – It is harder than it looks!

4. Amusement Park

amusement park

Find out if your date is a screamer by going on the most terrifying ride in the park! Amusement parks offer an amazing shared experience that allow for the creation of new one-of-a-kind memories together.

5. Visit a Market


Visit your local market and take in all the sights and sounds of local produce, products and vendors. You can have fun browsing around all the stalls together, and even buy some fresh food to whip up a meal to impress your date later on!

6. Play Arcade Games


Video game arcades were massive in the 80s and early 90s, before personal games consoles came along and found their way into living rooms and bedrooms everywhere. These machines are, however, making something of a retro comeback with adherents of the addictive games – with the thrill of getting your name on the leader board! Find somewhere nearby that has arcade games and spend a couple of hours using up some quarters as you battle your date for supremacy!

7. Swimming

swimming couple

Get undressed and wet together in the most innocent way possible! Go for a swim together, either at a swimming pool or at the beach in order to break the ice and hopefully blossom some romance. See if you can find a day with good weather so you can laze in the sun in between taking to the water to cool off!

8. Book Store

book store

If you are both big readers then why not spend some time in one of your favourite book stores, browsing and discussing your favourite authors and genres. This is an ideal date, and a great way to learn about each other’s tastes as you pick up some light bedtime reading!

9. Spa Date

spa date

For a fun date, why not let your hair down and go make-up free? Instead of pampering yourself to look great before your date, pamper yourselves to look great while on your date instead! Why not indulge in a sauna or hot tub and book in a range of spa treatments? It is a great way to get truly comfortable with each other!

10. Outdoor Movie

outdoor movie

Movie theatres can be a bit tame when it comes to first date ideas. But an outdoor movie theatre changes everything! You can chat a bit and enjoy some food or drink whilst enjoying the outdoor environment. Being outside watching your favourite actors makes the whole experience something new and fresh.

11. Treasure Hunt


Geocaching is a new fun way to get out and about, exploring your region and finding hidden treasures. There are several geocaching groups, and some of them offer very valuable prizes to the winners – but of course, the bigger the prize, the harder others will compete for it! Choose one that with more moderate prizes and enjoy the chase more than the thought of winning the loot!

12. Let the Dogs Out

dog walking

If you both have dogs, a dog park or long walk with your pooches can be a wonderful way to bond and spend some time with each other. Your pets will need to be compatible if you are going to be together, so you might as well introduce them sooner, rather than later. Don’t forget to take lots of treats for all of you!

13. Escape Room

escape room

Escape rooms are enormous fun! You and your team are locked into one room with clues and hints about how to get to the next stage. You work as a team to play through until you reach the exit, and to add to the excitement, you have to do it all within the time limit. If getting locked in with your crush sounds like heaven, this might be your dream date!

14. Go to a Fight

live fight

It may sound crazy, but there is something visceral and exciting about watching combat sports. It’s not JUST senseless violence, there is skill, timing, training and strength required to compete at a professional level. While it is always exciting, do make sure you know your date a little bit and suggest it beforehand as some people are put off by violence.

15. Helicopter Ride

helicopter ride

If you are feeling flush, you can take your date on a helicopter ride over the city. These trips are usually about half an hour in duration and will take in any landmarks or ‘must-sees’ that will make the experience one of the best first dates ever!

16. Viewing Platform

viewing platform

Similar to the above idea, without the expenses or potential risks, find some points of the city or area in which you live that are up high, offering a wonderful panoramic view to the horizon. The distant ocean, rugged natural beauty or even watching night fall over the city as the lights come on can be curiously beautiful and moving.

17. People Watch

people watching

Sometimes the best first date ideas are the simplest ones. Go find a beautiful place to sit comfortably while you have a coffee or a beer and just watch the world go by. People watching can be compelling as you pick up on people’s interactions and motions without their knowledge – trying to guess their stories!

18. Workout Together

couples workout

Couples that stay together, train together! Physical exercise is great for both your physical and mental health so why not find out if your crush is as fit as they appear to your eyes!

19. Jogging

couple jogging

Following on the workout theme, couples running together is becoming more of a thing, with lovers jogging together so they can spend time together whilst staying active. Again, this might not be a dream date for the unfit – but it’s a fantastic first date for those who are into sports.

20. Learn Circus Tricks

circus tricks

Have you always wanted to effortlessly juggle? And not just the old juggling two things trick, proper juggling with, like, five items all whirling through the air, from hand to hand without dropping a single one? Well, you can! Circus classes abound and they will teach you how to spin plates, use a diablo and juggle, amongst others – all tricks that you can use to impress your friends and family!

21. Art Class

art class

Sign the pair of you up for an art class and get back into the enjoyment of creation. There are a number of different skills that you can sign up for, from still-life and figure drawing, to learning how to use pencils, pastels or any of the many types of paint. If you enjoy it, you will have a new hobby and you can even immortalise your new partner in oils, acrylics or waterpaints!

22. Breakfast Date

breakfast date

If you both have awkward scheduling and work odd shifts, why not break the mould and have a breakfast date instead of trying to make an afternoon or evening date work for you? Not only will you almost certainly get a seat in your favourite restaurant, but you will get to try out their breakfast-only options which are often not offered after 11am. First dates can be all about compromise and this is a good one.

23. Karaoke


It doesn’t even matter if either of you are great singers or not! Giving it a go will reveal that you are brave, fun and that you have a great sense of humour! As first date ideas go, karaoke is one of the best.

24. Go to a Haunted House

haunted house

Imagine creeping through a haunted house, clutching onto your new date’s hand and clinging to each other every time you hear a creep or knock – is it just the house settling or is somebody there? Visiting a haunted house is a unique date that you’ll be bound to remember for a long time! Especially if you both witness any paranormal activity..

25. Landmark Visit

landmark couples

If your hometown is near a famous landmark – be it a building, mountain, statue or something else – why not make sure that you and your date swing past it on your first date? This way, you will always remember what you did on your date and have something to reminisce about.

26. Visit a Psychic


Get your fortune told! Psychics operate around funfairs and carnivals and can offer predictions to the attendees. Who knows what a psychic might say about the future of your relationship together!

27. Picnic


Pack a picnic and go exploring! Or just take your picnic hamper to a nearby park that offers soft grass and great views. There is something sensual and yet innocent about sprawling on the grass whilst you eat and enjoy each others company. Enjoy a bottle of a good quality wine to make the picnic something even more special.

28. Cook Together

couple cooking

Instead of going out, why not work together to make a great dinner? Obviously, this will depend on how well you and your date know each other: if you have been friends for years you can choose either of your homes, alternatively why not try a cooking class together?

29. Watch a Sports Match

live sport

Traditionally, men would kick back and watch sports while the women were expected to slave away in the kitchen making snacks and bringing out cold beers! Thankfully equality has ended this disparity and lots of women are really into their sports too. Kick back together and watch the match, either at the stadium or in front of a television.

30. Astrology


When considering late night first date ideas what could be better than watching the stars whirling around the vault of the sky? There is something very primeval and romantic about sitting outside in the dark and watching the stars shine as they have done for millennia, it has a way of putting daily drama into perspective.

31. Knead the Dough

kneading dough

Take a breadmaking class with your date. There is something very satisfying about sinking your hands into a mass of dough, kneading and shaping it into a neat loaf. Getting to enjoy the fresh warm bread at the end is just a bonus on a dream date!

32. Flair for a Cocktail

cocktail making

Cocktail making classes are rapidly gaining popularity and they are a fun way to spend a few hours! Getting to taste your concoctions is an added extra and you and your date can challenge each other to make the best one, with a cheeky forfeit perhaps for the loser.

33. Whiskey Tasting

whiskey tasting

You may think that you do not like whiskey, but visiting a high-class distillery and sampling their finest products can soon set you straight: high-end whiskey is beautiful, smooth and warm without any of throat-clenching burn of rougher products.

34. Bouncing Around


Trampolining has swept the world of late, with trampoline parks springing up all over the world. You might not think that trampolining is a good way to feel sexy, but it is great exercise and tremendous fun. And it will cause a surge of endorphins that will cut through any lingering inhibitions!

35. Get Your Skates On

roller skating

Find a retro skating rink and get your roller-blades out. Or keep your cool at an ice-skating rink. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or if there is a huge difference in skill level between you and your partner – the more experienced partner can help the other, and if you are both terrible, you can cling to the edges and make your way around that way! If you are both good, then you can show off your skills to each other!

36. Art Gallery

art gallery

Do you think ‘art’ is pretentious and incomprehensible? Do you find it hard to see the difference between some modern art pieces and kindergarteners’ drawings? Well, you are not alone: many people tend to ignore art galleries and exhibitions because of this. But the weird art installations only get news because they are weird and confusing – there is a lot more to the art world than these. Pop into a nearby gallery and see if you do actually like art after all!

37. Street Art Stroll

street art stroll

Go on a long stroll to see the best street art pieces in your neighbourhood. Opinion has long been divided about graffiti: is it vandalism or is it ‘Art’? Whichever view you and your date have, you are sure to find pieces that you like and those that move or provoke you. This is a great way to open up discussion on a fun first date.

38. Carnival


Speaking about fun, why not seek it out at a carnival? You probably loved these places as a child! Revisiting the carnival as part of a fun first date can reawaken the magic! This is an ideal candidate for your first date.

39. Zookeeper for a Day

feeding tiger

Going to the zoo is great, going behind the scenes at the zoo is infinitely better, especially if you love animals and want to know more about the research that they do. Most zoos offer space-limited tours and experiences that tend to get filled up quickly, so make sure you book your tickets promptly.

40. Bike Ride

couples bike ride

Go for a leisurely cycle together. This is a great way to get some gentle exercise, explore your neighbourhood and you can chat as you go along. Find tranquil cycle paths rather than the routes used by serious racers, as these tend to be more scenic – and there are places you can stop off for a little refreshment.

41. Kayaking/ Canoeing

couple kayaking

Get yourself and your new partner out on the water in a canoe or kayak made for two. Getting a canoe to go in a straight line is not quite as straightforward as it may seem and you are sure to find out a little about each other’s team-working skills as you navigate around the lake that you choose as the destination for your best first date.

42. Bowling


Go bowling! It is great fun and a popular icebreaker. There’s lots of bowling alleys and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about each other whilst engaging in some friendly competition! Even if you both get bowl into the gutters, there’s always beer!

43. Visit an Animal Shelter

animal shelter

Volunteer at an animal shelter to play with the cats and dogs! Volunteers can come in handy by helping to keep the animals exercised and sociable. You can have a few hours cuddling and playing with animals, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something for a good cause all at the same time.

44. Attend a Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam

Attend a poetry slam to enjoy the authentic flavour of cutting-edge literature movements. Poets and spoken word artists often reflect the mood of the street, whether it is political outrage or body positivity and everything in between. It is a great way to enjoy camaraderie – and find some new talent while you are at it!

45. Pub Quiz

pub quiz

More and more pubs are hosting quizzes and they are a fun way to spend a few hours while enjoying a meal and a drink or two. Brush up on your general knowledge and make a team of two, or invite a couple of friends to double-date with you both. Then get quizzing and see if you can win the prize – always being aware that your ideal date with your crush is always going to be the real prize!

46. Mini Golf

mini golf

Mini golf is always great fun! Play your way around the course, cursing the dreaded windmill and skipping over the water features. There’s nothing wrong with the contest- enjoying the banter and laughter with your crush as you compete for the winning spot!

47. Comedy Night

live comedy

If you are up for some laughs – get a couple of tickets for a comedy night. You may see an established star who is a firm favourite, or you might take a chance on a newcomer, perhaps being amongst the first to see a rising star’s debut. Some venues also have regular nights where they let budding comedians have a slot to try their hand at stand-up.

48. Play a Board Game

board game

Board Games are staging a comeback! Board game cafés are now a growing trend and they are great fun. Pop in, order some snacks and break out the Scrabble, Monopoly or Operation, challenging your date. Playing games together is an interesting way to know each other without any added pressure to make conversation.

49. Video Games Night

couples video game

Mix things up by playing multiplayer on the Xbox or Playstation. Either compete against each other by battling it out or work together to complete the game’s campaign mode in an epic cooperative session!

50. Tourist for a Date


Become a tourist for the duration of your date! Visit your city’s tourism site and see what there is to see and do and pick three or four of your favourites among them. Then take your date on a tourists-eye-view of the place. You never know, you might both find something in your town that you never knew about before!