Tenga Egg Review: The Best Male Egg Sex Toy?

Tenga Egg Review

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The Tenga Egg is a cute and quirky addition to the bedroom! Whether it’s to amp up solo arousal or to add a zing to partner foreplay, the Tenga Egg is an elating addition to any couple’s intimate drawer.

Tenga Egg Lovers Heart Male Masturbator

Key Features

  • Stretchy male masturbator
  • Quirky egg shaped case
  • Embossed hearts
  • Designed for single use
  • Waterproof: submersible
  • Amazing value pleasure




Tenga Egg Lovers Heart Male Masturbator Review

The Tenga Egg is a soft jelly-like male masturbator designed to take male solo pleasure and couple’s foreplay to another level. In this Tenga Egg review, we’ll be taking a look at the specific Tenga Egg Heart Textured egg sex toy.

Packaged in a small discreet oval case, the Tenga Egg cracks open at the center to release the main toy inside. When opened you are welcomed with a squishy disposable egg shape sleeve, that is designed to elevate masturbation to much higher heights than your average handjob.

This specific Tenga Egg includes the ‘Heart’ textured interior, meaning the bumps and nodules inside the toy are in the shapes of hearts. The brilliant thing about Tenga is that they have a whole lineup of Tenga eggs for male masturbation. From the ‘clicker’ to the ‘spider’ you can switch it up each time for versatile and more thrilling play.

In this Tenga Egg review, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Tenga Egg Heart Textured male masturbator’s design, pleasure factor, ease-of-use, and value to determine if it’s a winner. Read on to learn more!

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What is the Tenga Egg Like in Use?

To use the Tenga Egg, remove the quirky outer wrapping and snap open the shell at its center, the main attraction will be inside. With all Tenga Eggs is a mini sachet of lubricant so you can get started straight away!

I’m immediately impressed with the quality of the design of the toy. It’s simple and straightforward to open up and provides fuss-free instructions for use.

To use, you simply lather the interior with the lubricant then place the base of the jellied egg at the tip of the penis. You shouldn’t need any extra lube on the penis beforehand as it will spread as the play begins! When the Tenga Egg is on top of the head, grasp just as you would for your usual handjob, and take it away. 

As you glide the Tenga Egg up and down the shaft of the penis, mimicking that of a handjob, the textures of the interior of the egg will be sensed for incredibly enjoyable sensations.

The toy allows for a wide range of exciting movements that you can’t achieve with a regular male masturbator such as one of the best Fleshlights. You can adopt a regular stroking technique, or try some unconventional twisting fingertip movements and swirls with your fingers and thumb to stimulate the shaft and head of the penis.

Unlike your average male masturbator, the Tenga Egg is designed to be a much smaller, more convenient alternative to your bigger insertable toys. Being a one-use-only toy it also avoids the messy clean-up afterward!

After use simply dispose of your toy as you would any other garbage, to keep it cleaner with no possible odor we would recommend popping it back in its original case before disposing of it.

What is a Tenga Egg Made From?

With a firm plastic shell, the actual Tenga Egg masturbator inside of its case is made from a super stretchy Thermoplastic Elastomer. This hypoallergenic material is sculpted into the shape of an insertable egg and lined with a variety of textures to enhance sensations when in use.

The stretchy consistency of the material used for the Tenga Egg is just great, though it may seem a bit strange at first, once it is put to use it is perfectly malleable and able to reach all the way down the shaft.

Though the quality of the Tenga Egg is high and the material is strong enough to stay intact after cleaning, it is highly recommended for one-time use only, keeping play hygienic and clean but affordable enough to grab yourself another if you’re keen to experience it again!

Being a petite egg shape, the sex toy can be discreetly hidden. Whether in your bedside table or in your pocket for on-the-go use, the Tenga Egg is a simple and affordable addition to male self-gratification.

Is the Tenga Egg Worth It?

To summarize this Tenga Egg review, I can definitely vouch for the Tenga Egg as being a fabulous toy, whether it’s to amp up solo arousal or to add a zing to partner foreplay, the Tenga Egg is perfect for home use and romantic getaways.

At such an affordable price the Tenga Egg is a great buy. Whether you are new to male sex toys or a pro, this quick and convenient egg of pleasure will definitely have you wanting more!

Unlike other male masturbators, the Tenga Egg has a lot more supple flexibility that you can explore during play. Without a large hard case around it, it gives you the freedom for much more movement and changing of angles and pressure.

Another pro of the Tenga Egg and why it is such a great buy is its ease of use and quick clean-up. Slip in your bag or even into a pocket for on-the-go use or even if it is kept in a drawer at home, the non intimating funky design keeps it discreet and safe from any wandering eyes.

The only real caveat of the toy is that it’s designed for a single-use only. Some users claim to have success being able to wash the toy and re-use it for multiple uses, but we would recommend following the product guidelines of being a disposable toy for optimal hygiene and cleanliness.

If the Tenga Egg looks great, but you are looking for a toy that can do more of the work for you, so to speak, it’ll definitely be worth checking out our list of the best hands-free male masturbators on the market right now, too!

What Comes In The Tenga Egg Lovers Heart Male Masturbator Box?

  • Tenga egg
  • Tenga lube
  • Egg case
  • Instructions

Tenga Egg Lovers Heart Male Masturbator At A Glance


  • Excellent pleasure factor
  • Not messy at all
  • Very easy to use
  • Small but exciting!


  • Only designed for a single use
  • Play time can be a little short-lived