Lelo F1S V2 Review

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While some may believe that nothing can compare to human hands and mouths, the Lelo F1S V2 brings a host of exciting features to the table. With a range of innovative technologies, irresistible vibrations, and luxuriously soft materials, the F1S V2 makes an excellent purchase for solo or shared pleasure.

Lelo F1S V2

Key Features

  • Premium male masturbator
  • App connectivity
  • Innovative Sensonic technology
  • Discreet, sleek design
  • 100% waterproof
  • Unique cruise control setting


Noise Levels


Lelo F1S V2 Review

The F1S V2 is the new-and-improved version of Lelo’s original F1S prototype. The original version was great, but it lacked power and was a very basic design. 

After years of perfecting the new design behind closed doors, Lelo finally released the updated version, which boasts more power, four uniquely designed program variations, and a softer, more flexible sleeve.

Lelo doesn’t consider itself to be a sex toy brand; it’s a self-care movement that is aimed at those who know that satisfaction is more than just gender, sexual orientation, race, and age. They focus on luxury – allowing everyone to explore their bodies with beautiful and revolutionary toys. 

With the invention of new technologies, they’re revolutionizing the sex toy industry, and the F1S V2 fits the bill.

The F1S V2 is not like standard masturbation pockets. It produces sonic waves that permeate deep into your penis and give pleasure effortlessly. 

In this Lelo F1S V2 review, I’ll go over the main strengths and weaknesses of the F1S V2. Then, I’ll discuss the main design features, followed by my verdict on if it’s worth the purchase or not.

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Noise Levels






What You’ll Love About the F1S V2

There is a lot to love about the F1S V2. The F1S V2 uses a combination of intricate technologies and designs to bring you to orgasm. 

Lelo F1S V2 Design

When you finally hold the small but mightly Lelo F1S V2 in your hands and use it, it is easy to see why it has won awards and been as successful as it has. The toy truly is a little piece of luxurious pleasure. 

The Lelo F1S V2 is a sturdy cylindrical sleeve with a pocket to insert yourself into of around 4.3 inches in length and 5.07 inches in circumference. 

Because of its exterior, you might think the toy is heavy to hold, but it is remarkably small. It only weighs 285 grams, which is less than a can of soup. 

When it comes to using pleasure pockets like this, it is important to choose something silky and soft at the touch.

Thankfully, Lelo uses an ultra-smooth, extra soft premium silicone on the sleeve – the F1S feels as luxurious as they come. This sits inside the slim opening at the top, where you insert yourself. Compared to other toys on the market, the F1S V2 is much softer and more flexible, making it way more comfortable during use.

The color choices are equally as sexy as the design, with a deep red or a deep blue option available.

Another benefit to the masterful design is the ability to store it discreetly. It is small enough to fit in an average bedside drawer, and unlike regular fleshlight, it can be mistaken for other household objects like speakers and Alexa devices.

Sonic Technology

First and foremost is the revolutionary technology Lelo now uses on their toys, the Sensonic Technology

The Lelo F1S V2 features a unique dual-motor design that combines the conventional vibrations of a normal sex toy with new sensations from the Sensonic Tech. 

Essentially, instead of both motors emitting the standard vibrations, one of them emits powerful sonic waves that massage you deep inside your penis.

This sensation isn’t simply just the external tingle of the nerve endings of your skin – it’s a pleasure that you feel deep within you and will be sure to give you powerful pleasure. 

As Lelo says, “the sensation of sonic waves makes F1S V2 the ultimate act of self-love.” I couldn’t agree more.

App Connectivity

Another amazing feature included in the F1S V2 is the app connectivity.

App connectivity is becoming increasingly popular in sex toys these days, and I dig it. Especially when it’s uniquely designed as Lelo has done.

When you purchase the F1S V2, you are able to download the exclusive F1S app as soon as your product is shipped. The app is available on all Android and IOS devices. 

This app works a little differently from most. Rather than putting your pleasure at your fingertips, the app provides performance feedback on your speed, stamina, and skill. It does this through ten sensors that are placed on the inside of the pocket. These sensors send signals back to the app so you can track your performance. 

This might seem strange to some – I felt weird about it at first too – but it can be really enjoyable to look back at how you handled yourself. 

This is also a great feature if you are using it with a partner.

Cruise Control

Another great experience that is unique only to the F1S V2 is the cruise control feature. 

This design is innovative; it seamlessly adjusts to the movements of your body, so you never have to experience a frustrating power drop during vigorous use. 

Instead, it intelligently monitors and controls the intensity of your movements to ensure a completely seamless, uninterrupted experience. And it is a fantastic experience you’ll get. 

Nothing else on the market has this feature.

Excellent power and patterns

Every sex toy claims to have the best power and patterns out there. But in use, we found the Lelo F1S V2 really does deliver deep rumbling power.

Two motors stimulate your penis when inserted into the pocket, and each motor has four specifically designed modes that contain seven patterns each. 

Combining this with the updated turbo power that is double the intensity of the original version, it provides intense vibrations that will send you into an earth-shattering orgasm every time. 

Downsides of the F1S V2

My partner and I did find that while in use, the two motors of the F1S can be quite noisy, especially on the most powerful settings. This is not too surprising given its powerful dual motors, but just to make you aware, it’s not the most discreet toy on the market!

Additionally, while it is rather compact, the trade-off is that the internal canal is not as long as the length of a Fleshlight or similar male masturbator, and it might also feel quite tight for some men.

The best way to use the Lelo F1S V2 is to use plenty of lubricants and then exploring through the different modes and patterns available!

Is the Lelo F1S V2 Worth the Money?

The F1S V2 is definitely a winner in my eyes. 

The F1S V2 is luxurious in every way. Design, shape, feel, material, and all the bells and whistles in between, it will always leave you in a dreamy state of pure bliss and feeling like you just had the best orgasm of your life.  

Unlike many fleshlights and fleshlight-styled toys, the Lelo F1S V2 is also entirely waterproof and has a myriad of unique settings that will surprise you. Nothing I have tried prior to this toy even comes close to the quality and feeling of it. 

The only real downside to the F1S V2 is that it is a little loud, especially when used on the higher settings. It is also on the pricey side, but you would expect to pay this sort of money for a high-end automatic male masturbator.

It might seem like a steep price to pay for a sex toy when you can simply use your hand, but this is a toy that is worth the investment. No vibrations feel like this and this is largely because of the Sensonic technology and patented design that exists nowhere else. 

I recommend the Lelo F1S V2 to everyone who has ever been disappointed by a men’s sex toy, is sick of using fleshlights, or just wants to try a vibration that really gets him going. If it fits within your budget, it is totally worth it.

What Comes In The Lelo F1S V2 Box?

  • The F1S V2 device
  • USB-charging cord
  • Warranty card
  • Instruction manual

Lelo F1S V2 At A Glance


  • Double the strength of the original prototype
  • Dual motors that use different technologies
  • Four modes that contain seven patterns each
  • Very luxurious and smooth internal canal


  • Loud on higher settings due to dual motors
  • Compact sizing means that the internal canal is rather tight