Arcwave Voy Review

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You might not think a non-vibrating male masturbation stroker could be considered “hi-tech,” but the Arcwave Voy proves otherwise. This compact stroker uses the power of science and engineering to create a futuristic masturbator, one that’s more hygenic, durable, and customizable to your preferences.

In this blog post, I’m reviewing the Arcwave Voy in-depth, from its buid quality, ease-of-use, and performance, to the features that set it apart from other toys, to whether the benefits are worth the price. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to decide if the Arcwave Voy is a toy for you.

Arcwave Voy

Key Features

  • Open-ended Design
  • Tightness Adjustment System
  • Discreet and compact
  • Non anatomical design
  • Two ventilated lids


Build Quality
Ease of Use


Arcwave Voy Review

Arcwave Voy Ratings

Build Quality


Ease of Use








Arcwave Voy Build Quality

The Arcwave Voy is sleek, black, and fits comfortably in most men’s hands. It’s a delight to look at and touch–the smooth plastic and silicone, the matte ring toward the top, the nonanatomical design.

Arcwave markets the Voy as a futuristic sex toy, and it certainly looks the part.

The outer case is made of hard plastic. When you secure the two lids over either end, the Voy looks like a portable speaker or camera lens. You can easily leave it on your desk or pack it in a suitcase without anyone knowing it’s a sex toy.

The ventilated plastic lids lend to its futuristic appearance, and they allow the Voy to dry inside its case. (If you’ve ever used a Fleshlight, you know how difficult male masturbators can be to clean and dry, but not the Voy.)

Another major difference from other masturbation sleeves is the Voy’s use of CleanTech silicone. Most sleeves are made of TPE or “SuperSkin,” a lifelike material that mimics human skin, but also tends to degrade rather quickly.

TPE requires regular maintenance with a reviving powder or cornstarch to keep its lifelike feel.

The Voy’s silicone sleeve, however, requires no such upkeep. It also lasts far longer than a TPE sleeve, making it one of the most durable masturbation sleeves out there.

Arcwave’s CleanTech silicone is not just more durable than TPE. It’s more hygienic, too, and easier to clean.

The Voy is an open-ended sleeve and is designed to be reversible. One end is tighter than the other, so you can further customize your experience by choosing which end you prefer. Both entrances are soft, squishy silicone with firm ridges on the inside.

Arcwave Voy Ease-of-Use

The Voy is quite simple to use. Apply water-based lube to your penis and the inside of the toy, insert your penis, and start stroking. It’s an open-ended stroker, so the head of your penis will probably poke out of the end as you use it.

You can enjoy the Voy on its loosest setting, which is pleasant and loose enough to fit almost all penises, or you can take advantage of the Voy’s Tightness Adjustment System (TAS).

Most adjustable sleeves use suction. These are closed-ended sleeves with a vacuum seal, and you can tighten or loosen the seal to suit your preference. But the Voy is open-ended and cannot create a seal, so Arcwave got creative. The TAS uses the Voy’s plastic case, which constricts around the silicone sleeve in 8 tightness settings.

The TAS is one of the Voy’s main features, and at times, it can be difficult to master. In theory, you should be able to easily twist the Voy’s case to tighten its grip on your penis, settling on a setting you like or changing it up as your masturbate. In practice, the TAS isn’t always that simple.

The Voy requires a lot of water-based lube for a comfortable experience, and if that lube ends up on your hands, you could have a difficult time using the TAS.

You’ll need to use one hand to hold the Voy in place and the other to twist the TAS ring. Users with mobility issues may not be able to produce the force required to adjust the TAS with just one hand.

If you’re worried about your ability to use the TAS, consider the Voy as a couple’s toy. Your partner can help you hold and adjust the TAS ring

I do appreciate that the TAS ring is a matte texture, making it easy to distinguish by feel even if you have some lube on your hands.

The Voy is also quite comfortable to hold, fitting easily in most men’s hands. (If you use this with a female partner, she may have some difficulty holding it, depending on the size of her hands.)

The Voy fits nearly all sizes of penis. The canal is just 3.5 inches long, but its open-ended design means you can use it no matter how long your penis is. At its loosest setting, the Voy has a circumference of about 5.5 inches, so all but the girthiest penises should fit.

Arcwave Voy Performance

As a masturbator, the Voy works well. When paired with water-based lube, the silicone sleeve is delightfully smooth and slick on your penis.

The firm interior ridges provide stimulation with every stroke, even on the looser settings. It’s a refreshing change from the other sleeves that are squishy on the interior with no discernable textures.

The open-ended nature of the Voy means that longer penises will never be fully covered by the sleeve. This might sound like a downside, but it’s actually a wonderful opportunity.

If you enter the Voy from the wider entrance, the head of your penis will emerge from the tighter side. On every stroke, your head and frenulum get squeezed and stimulated by the Voy’s tighter entrance.

The TAS may not be the most accessible or easy-to-use feature, but when you’ve got the hang of it, it’s an incredible innovation. Most open-ended masturbation sleeves don’t have any level of customization, but the Voy lets you choose your preferred tightness.

At its tightest settings, the Voy is mind-blowingly intense.

In my opinion, the Voy works best as a couple’s toy. The open-ended design makes it a visual treat for your partner, who can watch your penis emerge from one end of the sleeve. It makes a great oral sex aid, too. Your partner can stimulate the head of your penis with their mouth while the Voy sits on your shaft, without any risk of irritating their gag reflex.

The Voy is fully waterproof, so it’s safe to take in the shower or bath with you. You can even remove the silicone sleeve and boil it or put it in the dishwasher to sanitize it.

Because it’s silicone and not TPE, the Voy’s sleeve is more durable and hygienic than other male masturbators, and it will last you much longer.

Arcwave Voy Features

What makes the Arcwave Voy worth it? Here are just a few of my favorite features:

  • Open-ended. The open-ended design means the Voy fits almost all penis sizes. It works well as a couple’s toy and oral sex aid, and the two different sized entrances allow you to customize your experience to your preference.
  • Tightness Adjustment System. Instead of using suction like most other sleeves, the TAS narrows the Voy’s channel. There are 8 settings to choose from, from comfortably loose to toe-curlingly tight.
  • CleanTech silicone. The Voy uses silicone instead of TPE. Not only is silicone easier to clean than TPE, it’s more hygienic and lasts longer, and it feels as good on your penis.
  • Waterproof. The Voy is fully waterproof, so you can take it in the bath or shower.
  • Discreet and compact. The Voy’s small size makes it perfect for travel. Its sleek black case and lids are so discreet, you might mistake it for a camera lens. If you want a nondescript sex toy, this is it.
  • Non anatomical design. The Voy isn’t modeled after a vulva, anus, or mouth, so it can fit anyone’s fantasies.
  • Two ventilated lids. One of the most difficult parts of cleaning your sex toys is finding a discreet place to air dry them. The Voy’s ventilated lids allow the sleeve to air dry while it’s in its case. Problem solved!
  • Removable inner sleeve. The inner sleeve of the toy can be removed for quick and easy cleaning.


The Arcwave Voy is much more expensive than the average penis sleeve of its size. It’s about three times more expensive than the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, the most comparable stroker due to its size and dual openings.

But when you consider the Voy’s durability compared to TPE strokers, how much cleaner it is, how much less it degrades, that price tag doesn’t seem so steep. By the time you’re ready to replace your Voy, you would likely have replaced a TPE toy multiple times.

You’ve also paying for the Voy’s adjustability. You can choose which sized entrance you prefer, and you can change the tightness with the TAS.

Most other strokers require a vacuum seal in order to offer that kind of customizability. But the Voy uses the innovative TAS to combine the versatility of an open-ended stroker with the adjustable tightness of a single-ended toy.

You might have a little trouble with the TAS simply because it requires a firm one-handed grip to adjust. You can work around this issue by having your partner help, or by adjusting the tightness before you start using the toy.

If you can afford to spend almost $100 on a stroker, I recommend the Voy. 

It will last you longer than most other strokers, and its versatility and performance make it a great addition to almost anyone’s bedroom.

Use it as a discreet travel toy, a showertime masturbation toy, or a blowjob aid with your partner–this futuristic stroker is only limited by your imagination.

What Comes In The Arcwave Voy Box?

  • CleanTech stroker
  • Durable plastic case
  • Plastic, ventilated lids
  • Sample of lube by Pjur

Arcwave Voy At A Glance


  • Sleek design makes it super discreet and perfect for travel
  • Very easy to clean compared to most other male masturbators
  • Open-ended design makes it great for couples’ play
  • Affordable price tag for a premium, high-end masturbator


  • Compact design means it doesn’t offer sensations along the full penis length
  • Could possibly benefit from a vibrating function