Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker Review

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker Review

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The revolutionary Arcwave Ion claims the spot as the most advanced and thrilling male stroker on the market. It is the first male device to feature air pulsing technology, which successfully targets highly sensitive nerve endings on the frenulum for intense and long-lasting pleasure.

Arcwave Ion

Key Features

  • Advanced male masturbator
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 8 Intensity levels
  • Smart Silence functionality
  • Sleek USB charging case
  • Fully submersible waterproof




Arcwave Ion Review

The Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker is one of the most anticipated sex toys to ever be released. It’s one of the latest innovations from the German brand ‘WOW Tech’- the creator of the Womanizer brand that utilizes contact-free air pulsation to deliver exceedingly powerful and targeted pleasure.

The Arcwave Ion is the first male masturbator to harness WOW Tech’s Pleasure Air Technology. It is also the first male device to use gentle air suction to specifically target the many nerve endings in the frenulum without vibrations, to deliver a brand new sensation of orgasm for men.

But with a retail price of $199, does the Arcwave Ion truly live up to the hype? After all, there is already a great selection of hands-free male masturbators on the market.

In this Arcwave Ion review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the design, build quality, features, and pleasure offered by this innovative male masturbator to determine if it should be the latest addition to your sex toy box

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Arcwave Ion First Impressions

When my partner and I first opened up the box, we were immediately impressed with the quality of the packaging and the attention to detail of the design. The device itself and the branding is evocative of a high-end and luxurious brand, we compared it to the Apple of sex toys!

The Arcwave Ion is constructed from ABS plastic and soft silicone. It feels pretty weighty and substantial to hold and boasts an impressive array of tech. The nifty ‘Smart Silence’ feature means that the device’s air pulsing functionality only actually operates when it registers contact.

Another great feature I discovered right away was the convenient snap separating mechanism called ‘Twist to Clean’, which splits the gadget in two with a simple click in order to remove the silicone sleeve for easy cleaning afterward.

How Do You Use the Arcwave Ion?

The biggest difference between the Arcwave Ion and male masturbators such as Fleshlights is the Pleasure Air suction. It provides entirely new sensations, and the sex toy is used differently. In fact, the Ion requires far less effort because it does all the work for you!

Regular male masturbators, also known as strokers, work by mimicking the sensations of sex by stimulating the penis by moving up and down the shaft. This is very different from the Arcwave Ion.

Simply find the sweet spot between the frenulum and the suction, and then you let the toy get to work! The sleeve is quite tight, so it requires lubrication to enter but it doesn’t require you to move it around to stimulate the penis.

Once the Arcwave registers there is contact with the shaft of the penis, the Smart Silence feature will automatically engage the air pressure suction at the lowest intensity, and you then have eight levels of intensity to cycle through to find your perfect pleasure setting.

The Arcwave Ion has a total runtime of over an hour from a single charge, which is more than adequate. When not in use, it’s simple to charge with the included dual storage and charging case that is powered by USB. 

First-Hand Experience With the Arcwave Ion

My partner was able to find the ‘sweet spot’ between the frenulum and the toy very easily without much need for maneuvering the device. The open-ended design of the Arcwave makes it ideal for different penis lengths, but it requires lots of lubrication to enter through the fairly tight sleeve, particularly for well-endowed men.

Practicality and pleasure-wise, the toy is a real delight. It does all of the heavy lifting and delivers precise stimulation to the many nerve endings in the most sensitive part of the penis without you needing to do much at all!

The responsive controls are conveniently placed on the underside of the device, and they are simple to operate while using the toy to cycle between the different intensity levels. 

One of the only real downsides is that we found that the Arcwave Ion isn’t actually that silent. It’s not extremely loud, but it’s on par with the loud buzzing of a vibrating toy. It’s got more of a deeper rumbling sound, however.

The hour battery life of the toy is rather impressive, and trust us, you won’t need anything close to this length of time to reach a climax!

When it comes to recharging the Ion, we did found some minor design issues with the charging base, but overall it worked just fine.

Finally, cleaning the toy was very quick and easy with the Twist-to-Open feature that allows you to remove the soft silicone sleeve for a quick rinse. The entire toy is waterproof and submersible, too.


WOW Tech has succeeded in creating a revolutionary male masturbation product with the Arcwave Ion. This innovative male sex toy separates itself from the competition thanks to its astounding pleasure capabilities and unique sensations. 

The compact device offers different feeling sensations that lots of men will enjoy, but arguably it may not be ideal for those who expect the same sensations of stroking orgasms. Another buying consideration is the fact the toy carries a rather hefty price tag. 

Overall, we would definitely recommend the Arwave Ion Pleasure Stroker to any man looking for a sleek and compact pleasure device. The unique air sensations provide wonderful sensations, along with long and drawn-out build-ups that will reward you with orgasms you likely won’t have experienced ever before.

What Comes In The Arcwave Ion Box?

  • Arcwave device
  • Charging case
  • USB cable
  • DryTech stick

Arcwave Ion At A Glance


  • Innovative, modern design offers amazing pleasure
  • Exceedingly powerful orgasms with long, gradual build-ups
  • Very easy to clean compared to traditional male strokers
  • Open-ended design makes it suitable for all penis lengths


  • Rather loud, but Smart Silence function minimizes noise when not in use
  • Not for those that prefer the sensations of movement up and down the shaft of the penis