Urethral Sounding 101: Everything You Need To Know

Urethral Sounding Guide

Are you looking for an exciting way to achieve orgasm? Perhaps you’re into kink and are looking for a new activity to try? Or, maybe you’re a dominant in BDSM and are looking for a different way to punish your subs? 

If any of these sounds like you, then you may be curious to learn about the practice of urethral sounding, which stimulates the walls of the urethra and prostate, creating highly pleasurable sensations. 

In this article, I’ll delve into what urethral sounding is, why people do it, and the risks involved. Then, I’ll go through some tips to help keep you safe while you’re sounding. Lastly, I’ll tell you what sounding rods are and what they’re made from, and three of the best ones you can buy today! 

What Is Urethral Sounding?

Urethral sounding, also called “penis sounding,” is when you stick an object inside the urethra, the hole where urine is dispelled from the body. Medically, this is done to remove blockages in the urethra. However, in the world of kink, urethral sounding is done to produce sexual pleasure or as a way to control a sub during BDSM play. 

There are three primary forms of urethral sounding you can experiment with. The first is basic sounding, which is described above. The next is plunging, which is when you push the rod deep into your body, past your prostate to the bladder. Lastly, there’s stuffing, which involves using thick rods to expand the urethra.

Why Do People Do Urethral Sounding?

While urethral sounding may sound painful, it can be pleasurable when done correctly. This is because the urethra offers direct access to the prostate, which results in amazing “p-spot” orgasms when adequately stimulated. 

Additionally, the urethra itself is lined with thousands of nerve endings. So, sliding a rob against this sensitive skin can feel super pleasurable. 

Many people enjoy combining urethral sounding with traditional masturbation to heighten the sensation. Some also enjoy using a sounding rod during blow jobs, hand jobs, and other sexual activities for an enhanced experience. 

Other than feeling great, sticking something up your urethra is typically considered “taboo.” Many people enjoy the perceived “forbiddance” of the act and develop sounding fetishes because of it! 

Lastly, male urethral sounding is used in BDSM as a punishment for submissives. Dominant partners insert curved sounding rods into their submissive urethras to control when they can get an erection. If they get an erection before they are allowed, the curved rod feels quite painful!  

Is Urethral Sounding Safe?

Penis sounding must be performed correctly. If you aren’t careful, you have the potential to cause some severe damage. 

The urethra is made up of sensitive skin that can be easily damaged if you’re too rough. If you cut the skin, harmful bacteria can get inside the open wound, leading to a UTI (urinary tract infection). 

Additionally, when you do the “plunging” method of urethral sounding, you stick the rod far into your body until it’s resting near your bladder. If you poke your bladder too hard, you can irritate or even puncture it, which will result in a trip to the ER. 

Lastly, if you stick the sounding rod too deep into your body, there’s the possibility that it may get stuck. If this occurs, you’ll have to see a medical professional for help, and, even worse, you’ll have to tell them the embarrassing truth about what you were doing! 

How To Do Urethral Sounding Safely

To avoid the consequences listed above, pay attention to the following safety tips: 

  • Sterilize your sounding rob before and after playtime. The best way to sterilize a sounding rod is to put it in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. If your rod is unable to be boiled, try cleaning it with antibacterial soap and water. 
  • Always be slow and careful. Never jab your sounding rod inside your urethra and hope for the best. Move slowly, and stop if you notice any pain. If you go too fast, you may puncture your urethral wall or an organ. Take it slow and pay attention to your body’s signals for the best results. 
  • Apply lots of lube. The urethra isn’t self-lubricating, so if you stick a non-lubricated rod up there, it’ll be pretty uncomfortable. To make things easier on your body, apply lots of lube to your rod before insertion. If you’re using a silicone rod, make sure to use water-based lube, or else you may damage your toy. 
  • Urinate before and after each session. You want to make sure your system is cleared out before and after each penis sound sesh. The best way to do this is by urinating. This will help flush out any harmful bacteria or germs in your urethra, which will make things safer. 
  • If anything goes wrong, go to the doctor. Going to a doctor about a sex toy injury may be embarrassing, but it needs to be done to avoid causing yourself serious harm. Be honest with your doctor and tell them the truth about what you were doing. They’ll help you and may even provide you with some tips and tricks to avoid harming yourself in the same way in the future. 

What Kind of Rods Should I Use for Urethral Sounding?

Types of Rods

There are many different kinds of rods you can use for male urethral sounding. The most common types are: 

  • Plugs are short contraptions that don’t go very far into your urethra. Often they have a ring or ball at the end, which makes them easier to remove from your body when playtime is over.  
  • Sounders are thin rods that are usually pretty long. They go deeper into your urethra, sometimes stimulating your prostate. 
  • Catheters are tools used by medical professionals. They’re designed to go into your urethra for medical purposes, but you can use them for kinky activities as well! 

Rod Materials

While urethral rods can be made from various materials, not all are safe and easy to sterilize. 

The best materials are surgical-grade stainless steel, titanium, or body-safe silicone. All three are very hygienic and easy to clean, making them safe to insert into your body. 

Titanium and stainless steel are rigid and inflexible, making them suitable for intermediate or advanced users. Silicone is soft and bendable, making it a better material for beginners. 

Rod Length and Girth

If you’re new to sounding, I recommend selecting a rod between 3 to 5 mm in diameter. 

If you want to experiment with stuffing, start small. When you’re ready to progress, select a rod between 0.5 to 1 mm larger in width. Keep advancing as long as it’s comfortable. If you feel any pain, stop and return to a smaller rod size. It’s better to be safe than to have a sore or damaged urethra! 

Sounding rods vary widely in length. Some are as small as 3 inches, whereas others can be a foot or more! If you want to stimulate your prostate, a longer-sounding rod is required, usually around 10 inches. However, everyone’s anatomy is slightly different, so choose the size that’s best for you. 

Best Urethral Sounding Tools Available To Purchase

Below I’ve listed three of my favorite tools for urethral sounding. All of them are made from body-safe materials and are easy to clean. So, choose the one that’s best for you! 

Master Series Silicone Urethral Sound Set 

Master Series Silicone Urethral Sound Set 

This three-piece set of urethral sounds is made from soft silicone, making them ideal for beginners and intermediate users alike. They feel smooth against your delicate skin, allowing for a comfortable experience. 

The dilators are double-ended with a thinner and thicker side, so you can slowly increase in size as you become more advanced. 

The smallest sounder is 4.5mm/5.5mm, the medium is 6.5mm/7.5mm, and the largest is 8.5mm/9.5mm, providing plenty of different size options. The large sounder gently stretches your urethra, creating an orgasmic sensation that is highly arousing. 

All of the sounders are long enough to target your prostate, allowing for intensely pleasurable p-spot stimulation. 

Ouch! Beginner’s 3mm/5mm Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set

Ouch! Beginner’s 3mm/5mm Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set

Trying urethral sounding for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t using the right tools. That’s why you need this handy beginner’s plug set! 

All three plugs are made from soft, hypoallergenic silicone that feels heavenly against your internal areas. They are highly flexible, so you can bend them to accommodate your body. 

The smallest plug is perfectly smooth. It measures 2 inches in length with a diameter of 3mm, which is the perfect size for first-timers. 

The medium plug is slightly textured with tiny grooves. It measures 3.75 inches in length and is 3mm in diameter, creating a somewhat more intense sensation. 

Lastly, there is the largest plug, which is textured with pronounced bumps. It is 4.5 inches in length and 5mm in diameter, creating a slight stretching sensation which is highly erotic. 

All of the plugs have a ring at the end, which prevents over-insertion and makes removal a breeze. 

Additionally, each of these urethral probes is hollow, meaning you can urinate or ejaculate during wear. No removal required! 

Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator 6mm

Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator 6mm

If you’re experienced with urethral sounding, and you’re looking for a new challenge, this 6 mm dilator is perfect for you.

Made from stainless steel, this durable rod provides deep, satisfying urethral penetration. It has a smooth end and a beaded end, allowing for versatile play. Additionally, it weighs approximately 39 grams which helps it stay in place once it’s inserted. 

Even better, this stimulating rod is incredibly long, allowing you to massage your prostate for pleasurable p-spot orgasms. 

Since this toy is made from steel, it’s effortless to sterilize. You can even put it in an autoclave machine (otherwise known as a steam sterilizer) to make it 100% sterile. You won’t have to worry about bacteria getting into your most sensitive regions.

Due to its length and rigid texture, this toy can cause some damage if misused. So, you should only get this urethral dilator if you’re experienced in performing urethral sounds! 

Final Thoughts

Urethral sounding is the act of carefully inserting a rod into your urethra to achieve sexual gratification. The rod stimulates the walls of the urethra and prostate, creating a highly pleasurable sensation. 

While penis sounding is generally safe, it can be dangerous when done incorrectly. Therefore, ensure the rod is made from body-safe materials and that you clean it before every use. 

Beginners should look for sounders or rods that are short, thin, and made from silicone. More advanced users can select a thicker and longer rod that’s made from stainless steel or titanium, as these will produce a more intense sensation.