Testicle Massage Guide for Improved Health and Libido

Testicle Massage Guide for Improved Health and Libido Feature Image

The testicles are incredibly sensitive, which may make you think twice about touching them in the bedroom. But not paying attention to them in the bedroom is a colossal mistake! They are filled with nerve endings that can offer incredibly intense sensations.

When done correctly, testicle massage is highly pleasurable and can improve libido. Plus, it has several other health benefits, including supporting healthier sperm production, improving blood flow, having stronger erections, and more! 

While the testicles are very sensitive, you just have to be careful and know what feels good.

In this article, I’ll teach you exactly how to massage your partner’s balls so that you won’t be afraid of causing them harm. I’ll also share the benefits of testicular massage, as well as the best sex positions for ball stimulation, and more. 

Benefits of Testicular Massage Therapy

Testicle Massage Guide for Improved Health and Libido

Other than feeling ah-ma-zing, there are several benefits of giving the testicles a good rubbing, including: 

  • Helps you identify if something is wrong. If you and your partner play around with your boys regularly, you’ll notice if any strange lumps or bumps appear. It’s essential to pay attention to these changes since they may signify testicular cancer or other health problems. 
  • Can increase blood circulation. Many men suffer from varicocele, which is an enlargement of the veins in the testes. This condition inhibits blood flow and lowers sperm production. Massage can help improve blood flow in the testicles, thereby relieving some of these symptoms. 
  • May increase sperm production. According to Healthline, playing around with your balls may stimulate sperm production, resulting in a higher sperm count. Additionally, testicular massage may increase the amount of sperm you ejaculate. 
  • Helps you to have stronger erections. If you suffer from erection issues, testicular massage can be a natural way of restoring your long-term boner strength. The increased blood flow can improve the production of testosterone and this means better, stronger, and more frequent erections.

How To Massage the Testicles

Whether you are massaging yourself or your partner, follow the steps below to give a mind-blowing scrotum rub! Don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner and let them know what feels good and what doesn’t. Everyone is different, so different sensations may or may not be pleasurable for you: 

  1. Soak a towel in warm water. You want the towel to be warm enough to feel soothing without burning you. You don’t want to harm your crown jewels! 
  2. Wrap your testes in the towel. This should feel nice and relaxing. Keep the warm towel on your balls for approximately five minutes
  3. Cover your testes in massage oil or lube. Gently apply the oil or lube to the entire scrotum. Adding lube reduces friction, making the sensation more pleasurable. 
  4. Grab each ball and gently stretch it. Grab the left testis with your right hand and extend it downwards, away from the body. As you are pulling, gently massage the exterior of the testis with your thumb and index finger. Do this for approximately 5 minutes. Repeat on the other testis. 
  5. Massage in between the testis. Gently massage the skin between the two balls with your thumb, index, and middle finger. Perform this step for 2 minutes or so. 
  6. Tap the testicles. Try lightly tapping the testicles with your index finger. Apply enough pressure to where you can feel it without causing pain. Try tapping with several fingers or try different patterns to switch up the sensation. Do this for two minutes or so. 

How To Orally Massage the Testicles

If you want to give your partner’s balls some more lovin’, try putting them in your mouth for an oral massage! Below I’ve listed three different methods you can try to take your testicular massage game to the next level. 

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The Lick and Kiss Method 

If it’s your first time playing with your partner’s balls, licking and kissing are great options!

To do this method correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by gently kissing your partner’s scrotum. Don’t kiss too softly to avoid tickling them. 
  2. Push the scrotum upwards so you can get better access to it.
  3. Use your tongue to lick the entire scrotum, starting at the base. Begin by moving your tongue in an up-and-down motion, then switch to a side-to-side motion for varied sensation. 
  4. After you’ve licked the entire area, use the tip of your tongue to target specific locations, such as the skin between your partner’s testis. 

When you’ve thoroughly licked the balls, you can move your tongue from the base of his testis to the end of his shaft, at which point you can transition to giving a blowjob. 

The Suck and Swirl Method

When you’re ready to put his balls in your mouth, go slow. Here’s the process to do this correctly:

  1. Focus on surrounding his testicles with your lips and tongue. Try sucking on them until they feel nice and wet inside of your mouth. 
  2. Swirl your tongue around each testicle to provide a delightful sensation.
  3. Gently sweep your tongue over and under each testis.
  4. After you’ve licked the entire area, use the tip of your tongue to target specific parts of your partner’s testicles for added pleasure. 

The Suck and Pull Method

With this method, you’ll begin by putting his balls in your mouth and gently sucking on them. When you’re ready, gently pull his testicles with your mouth. As you move away, let his balls slowly fall out of your mouth.

Then repeat this process. The sucking sensation is sure to drive your partner wild!

Things To Avoid During Testicle Massage

You want to give your partner a scrotal massage that’ll keep him coming back for more, not one that’ll scar him for the rest of his life. If you don’t want your lover to run away in fear the next time you offer to give him a ball rub, avoid doing the things listed below! 

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Don’t Wear Jewelry or Long Nails

As we know, the testicles are incredibly sensitive. So, you’ll want to take off any rings, especially clunky ones that may cause harm during the massage. 

Additionally, if you have exceptionally long or ragged nails, you may want to give yourself a trim before getting down to business. Ideally, your nails should be short and smooth to avoid accidentally cutting the balls during playtime (ouch)! 

If you are wearing long fake nails, remove them or wait until you take them off before giving the massage. 

Don’t Twist His Balls

Even if your partner has insane pain tolerance and enjoys rough play, you simply shouldn’t be rough with his crown jewels. These little babies are pretty delicate and can easily be harmed. 

One especially harmful thing is testicular torsion, which is when you twist your partner’s nuts. The twisting may affect your partner’s spermatic cord, cutting off blood flow to his testicles. This may result in severe damage, such as intense pain and swelling, requiring emergency surgery to remedy. 

So, to avoid that awkward doctor’s visit, be gentle, communicate with your partner, and NEVER twist his sack! 

Don’t Be Overly Gentle

That being said, you don’t want to be overly gentle either. If you touch your partners’ balls too lightly, it can produce a tickling sensation that is really uncomfortable. Personally, my partner can’t stand being tickled, so the moment he feels that sensation, it’s game over. 

To avoid this, be confident with your touches and make sure you apply a little bit of pressure to prevent that soft, featherlike sensation. Communicate with your partner and watch his body language to determine if you are using too little pressure. 

Don’t Use Your Teeth

If you choose to give your partner an oral testicle massage, make sure you don’t accidentally jab him with your teeth! This is super painful and will likely make him afraid to let you near his cojones ever again. 

To avoid using your teeth, focus on your lips and tongue making contact with his balls instead. After a few minutes, you should feel more comfortable and forget that your teeth are even there. 

Best Sex Positions for Testicle Massage

If you want to rub your partners’ balls during sex, give these positions a try! Each of these sex positions gives you full access to your partner’s testicles so that you can show them love during your next romp in the hay. 

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Reverse Cowgirl 

To perform this position, begin by straddling your partner in a backward-facing position. You should be looking towards his feet, with your back facing towards him.

Next, allow him to enter you vaginally or anally. While you are making love, reach down and massage his balls. This will increase his pleasure, making his orgasms even more intense! 

Doggy-Style (With a Twist) 

During doggy style, you sit on your hands and knees, and your partner enters you anally or vaginally from behind. 

However, in this particular version of this position, you’ll reach between your legs to touch your partner’s nuts during intercourse. Put most of your weight on one of your arms, then use the other to massage his balls.

Trust me. Once you try this new variation, you’ll never want to go back! 

69 Oral Sex Position

Everyone knows that the 69 position is great for giving and receiving oral sex. However, it’s also the perfect position for a testicular massage! You can give your partner a blowjob while manually massaging their balls.

Or, try licking and sucking his testicles while simultaneously giving him a handjob. This position will seriously blow his mind! 

Ways To Improve a Testicular Massage

While scrotum massages are great all by themselves, there are a few ways you can make them even better! Below, we’ve listed a couple of tools you can use to take your massage skills up a notch. 

Use a Vibrator 

Once your partner is comfortable with testicular stimulation and you are both aware of his preferences, try throwing a vibrator in the mix! 

Bullet vibrators are a great option since they are small and easy to control. Try holding the bullet vibe against your partner’s testicles on the lowest setting. Then, slowly increase the intensity until you’ve reached a setting that is pleasurable yet not overly stimulating. 

If you want even more control, try using finger vibrators! These are tiny vibes that slip over your fingers, allowing you to direct the vibrations exactly where you want them to go. These will enable you to precisely stimulate your partner’s balls while massaging him at the same time! 

Give Cock and Ball Rings a Try

Cock and ball rings surround the penis and testicles. The rings work to slow down the blood flow leaving the penis and scrotum, resulting in longer-lasting erections and engorged balls. Plus, they delay ejaculation, leading to more intense orgasms.

Try using cock and ball rings during a testicular massage to enhance the intensity. One of my favorites is the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring. This cock ring tightly wraps around the penis and balls, adding to the sensation.

Additionally, it has five vibration intensities, which are very pleasurable when combined with manual stimulation! 

Final Thoughts 

Ball massage is a great way to pleasure yourself or your partner. It also has several benefits, including increased sperm production and enhanced blood flow. Additionally, it makes you more aware of your balls, so you’ll notice if any irregularities pop up. 

When giving a ball massage, be gentle and not twist the balls, as this can cause pain. Gently pull on the balls and tap them. To make things even more exciting, try orally massaging the balls with your mouth. Want to make things even more intense? Throw a vibrator or ball and cock ring into the mix!