How to Use a Flogger: Impact Play Beginner’s Guide

How to Use a Flogger- Impact Play Beginner's Guide 2

Perhaps getting spanked and smacked is a huge turn-on for you? Or stroking your skin with something that is as light as a feather makes you feel seductive and pleasurable?

What you are engaging in is something called impact play, and it is a great way to spice things up in your bedroom!

In this article, I will share exactly what impact play is, how to use a flogger, as well as a host of tips you should consider while engaging in any activity with floggers and BDSM whips. Read on to learn more!

What is Impact Play?

Impact play is a sexual practice where a person is struck by another with their hands or toys to drive pleasure and gratification. It’s a consensual kink that falls within the boundaries agreed upon by the participants. Impact play can range in a wide range of activities including – spanking, whipping, flogging, etc.

Impact play may be purely sensual for some people, with no other significance. It might take on a ritualized sense of domination and submission for others. It may be thought of as a subset of BDSM, and some may even consider it to be pain play.

If you are a complete beginner, let’s briefly understand what BDSM is. BDSM refers to erotic practices that can be split up into 4 sections. Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism.

Because the behaviors entail suffering and slavery, it is critical that participants consent to the actions. BDSM acts include but do not limit to tying, spanking, role-playing, etc.

To minimize injuries and other problems, impact play must be enjoyed in a safe manner. Both partners will have to respect each other’s limits and communicate effectively.

What is a Flogger?

How to Use a Flogger- Impact Play Beginner's Guide 3

A flogger is a multi-tailed implement typically made of soft leather that is used to strike someone. It resembles a whip with numerous falls and is often bigger and heavier than a single-tail whip. The shaft of the flogger might be covered in knots for the user to have a better grip.

The tails at the front can be crafted from a variety of materials like horsehair, rope, etc, and are generally distinguished by the feelings they produce. A flogger’s tail count varies, although it usually ranges from two to nine.

Swinging the flogger in an arc causes all of the tails to strike the target region at the same time. The sensations of floggers and whips can vary depending on the type of device and its construction.

Often, these sensations are usually described as either ‘thuddy’ or ‘stingy’. The wider the flogger and bigger the area of the blow, the ‘thuddier’ the impact. It will produce more sting if the tails are stiff and thin.

Floggers and spanking paddles come in a variety of sizes and materials. Weight is also an important factor, and you can choose from either a light flogger or heavier floggers.

It’s important to choose a tool that meets the user’s preference and level of experience. It may take a few tries to figure out what sort of device you like based on your experiences.

For example, it could be more difficult to manage a heavier flogger if it is overly lengthy. Or the materials of the flogger might not be to your preference if the ends of the flogger can be soft and ticklish, or on the flipside, too stiff and painful.

How To Use a Flogger or Spanking Paddle

Using a flogger can be as simple as gentle taps before progressing to more intense sensations. For newbies, it is usually recommended to use an appropriate flogger to engage in low-impact play that produces light tickling and light stings.

Using a lighter flogger is generally best for beginners as heavy floggers can cause bruising.

With flogging being a free-play there isn’t exactly a guide to use a flogger, but there are certainly some dos and don’ts.

Practice flogging on inanimate objects to make sure you have a decent aim while engaging in the activity. You could play around with the flogger to get a good grip and also to understand stroking.

As beginners, you can use a pillow or towels to cover and protect zones not meant for stroking. If not handled carefully, the tails might fly to sensitive areas and may result in extreme discomfort.

Where Do You Strike For Impact Play?

How to Use a Flogger- Impact Play Beginner's Guide 4

The back, buttocks, arms, and legs are safe targets for spanking. Some people enjoy having their thighs or breasts stroked too. Never use a flogger to strike at someone’s head, face, neck & genitals as it can cause severe injuries.

Before using a flogger on someone, it’s critical to have a conversation with them and establish ground rules for when and how the flogger can be used. It’s also a great approach to make sure you and your partner are on the same page about how it will feel.

Ask them whether they’re ready for the said degree of intensity and if there are any specific regions (pain-sensitive areas) where you should avoid striking them.

Good flogging technique involves directing strikes at non-sensitive regions.

Safewords and Cues

It is wise to choose safe phrases and indicators to express discomfort before indulging in flogging. This is especially for the submissive individual that prefers getting spanked or flogged.

Receiving impacts past your pain threshold or comfort zone can result in bruises and damage. You might wish to use a variety of safe words and cues to show your comfort level.

For example, red may mean stop immediately, whereas blue could mean toning or slow down. You may use any words you choose as per your liking, it can be a name, combination of words, or phrases.


Aftercare involves checking with your partner after the act/play to make sure you both are feeling good and secure about it. Both dominant and submissive may have got hurt, bruises while engaging in the act and it’s extremely important to address physical concerns.

This means using a cold compress or icing on bruises, eating some food & drinking enough water to rehydrate, cuddling, massaging, etc. It can be anything and everything that makes you and your partner feel satisfied, safe, and good about the moment.

It doesn’t limit to tending to just physical needs but also emotional and psychological. Be astute and conscious of your partner’s needs, happiness, and security. Keep in touch, be active, and most importantly, be calm and courteous. Always remember that good play includes aftercare.

Kink and sexuality are very intimate experiences that allow you to become mentally and emotionally closer to your partner.

Finally, remember to have fun. Impact play is intended to be enjoyable for both you and your partner, as well as an opportunity to try new things and spice up your bedroom life.

Remember that the sub is truly always in charge, whether you feel it or not. You establish the limits and boundaries, and you can always quit if things get too uncomfortable. Everything you do in BDSM should be about having a good time. There should not be any element of compulsion or unexpected surprises.

Savor every moment of your involvement for which consent and respect are crucial terms.

Play safe, Play well!