How to Be a Sex Toy Tester: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

how to become a sex toy tester

Imagine being at home, nestled into the comfort of your pajamas, enjoying sex toys for work. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? 

Or maybe you keep your day job, but to blow off steam from all the stressful days at work, your downtime is spent testing out new sex toys. 

Regardless of what your goal is- starting work as a sex toy tester is a lot easier than you might think- and the benefits are sure to rock your world.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about becoming a sex toy tester, including what being a sex toy tester is, how to start your new career as an adult toy tester, and how to review sex toys to give you the best chance at landing more gigs.

When done right- you could receive several free sex toys a month or even be paid to review them! Read on to learn how to be a sex toy tester.

What is a Sex Toy Tester?

Being a sex toy tester is exactly as it sounds- someone who tests adult toys in exchange for a review, social media post, or blog post. In some instances, you might receive a free toy to review, but it is also possible to land free sex toys to trial and get paid anything from a casual one-time rate to a full-time rate to review them. 

All sex toys must pass through hefty tests in order to be put on the market. Things like shape, flexibility, vibration levels, battery life, water durability, and aesthetic appearance are just a few of the functions that must be tested to ensure customer satisfaction. 

As a sex toy tester, you’ll have a say on all of these things.

how to be a sex toy tester

Many of the larger sex toy companies like LoveHoney are willing to send free products in exchange for honest reviews about their product. 

And the good news is- there are plenty of companies out there looking for sex toy reviewers for all kinds of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, restraints, dolls, BDSM, and bondage gear. The list is endless, meaning companies require a lot of reviewers. 

That’s where you come in.

Why Would You Want to Be a Sex Toy Tester?

First and foremost- you get to have a lot of orgasms. What job could be better than that? 

But, testing sex toys is also so much more than just having a plethora of pleasure each week. 

Being an adult toy tester will allow you to learn the functions of a variety of different toys and different brands before implementing them into your sex life.

You’ll get to be a part of an ever-changing industry that helps people realize that sexual pleasure is nothing to be afraid of, all while enjoying it from the comfort of your bedroom. 

Can Anyone Be a Sex Toy Tester?

One of the greatest things about finding sex toy testing jobs is that it is an industry anyone can get into provided you are over 18. 

The industry expands across most countries in the world and does not discriminate on gender, sexuality, or your choice of pleasure. Companies need your opinion to succeed in selling their product, meaning that they are usually open to anyone who wants to get into testing.

The best thing you can do to land work as a sex toy tester is to know exactly what you want out of it. 

  • Are you looking to take on a side hustle and earn a small income for your reviews? 
  • Are you happy getting free sex toys in exchange for your opinion? 
  • Do you want to make this a career and earn a full-time income and free sex toys for your reviews? 

Knowing where you want to take your role as a tester will help you find the right kind of work.

How to Become a Sex Toy Tester

By now you might be thinking, yes I really want to do this… but how do you become a sex toy tester?

The first thing to do when starting as a sex toy tester is to write down a list of all the companies you want to work with. Do your research on all the organizations you can find that make adult toys, including all the blogs, magazines, and websites that might be in affiliation with these sites. 

Many of these organizations require you to sign up on their website in order to become a sex toy tester. This information should be clearly marked on the website, but if not, you can always email them and ask.

Below are a few sites that are a great place to start out if you’re new to sex toy testing.

What You Need to Be a Successful Sex Toy Tester

Be Open and Willing to Try New Things

Sex toy testing is not an easy market to dive into if you don’t have a lot of experience using toys.

But, if you are considering writing reviews on products as a new job, you are likely going to be curious about trialing different toys.

Keeping an open mind is the best way to get into testing sex toys. Let companies know the types of toys you are interested in trying, and you might just be rewarded with a free toy for it! 

Learn How to Write a Killer Review

If you are a beginner, try writing 3-5 sample reviews of toys you already have at home. 

You can write the reviews and upload them to Google Docs so that they are easy to share when you are pitching and showcasing your work to companies. 

It is important to keep in mind that while most companies will list their requirements for reviews on their websites, companies always want their product testers to be objective in their writing.

There’s a big difference between not liking a toy because of its colors or because it doesn’t align with your preferences, versus not liking a toy because there is something dysfunctional about it. 

Do some research on some other reviews out there that have been posted on the websites you want to review toys for and see what worked for them. This gives you a great starting point when it comes to writing your own.

This probably goes without saying, but when you get the chance to review a product for a company, make sure you submit a great quality review before the deadline so they can see that you take your role seriously. 

Test the Sex Toy the Right Way

sex toy selection

When you land a gig testing sex toys, the first thing to do is learn how the toy operates. Understand how to clean it, its functions, and the maintenance that is required to keep it going. 

Then, there’s the fun part of trialing the toy. 

Test it multiple times, and after each time, write a quick couple of notes on your experience.

Ask yourself: 

  • Does the toy complement the human body? 
  • Does the toy have the right functions to suit the vast majority of people who will use it and does it accommodate most body styles? 
  • If you have experience using similar products or products from different brands, how does this one compare to those? 
  • How was your overall experience? Your orgasm? What would you rate out of ten?

Once you know what you like and/or dislike about the product, it’s time to write your review. 

How to Apply to Popular Sex Toy Brands


Lovehoney is one of the top sites where you will find sex toy testing jobs. The company chooses several reviewers on a weekly basis to send out free sex toys in return for an excellent customer-based review.

To get in on the action you simply need to complete three steps.

  1. Create a Lovehoney profile and be sure to have all the correct contact details on your profile including your address and email.
  2. Submit a review (or a few). This works best if you already own products from Lovehoney as they will only consider you for testing if they can see you know how to write a proper review. The more reviews you can publish, the better chances you have of being picked!
  3. Create a wishlist on the site and title it ‘sex toy testing.’ To ensure your wishlist is able to be found, make sure it is publicly visible and updated regularly with products you’d like to review. 

That’s it! If Lovehoney chooses you to review a product, they will contact you via email and ship your product right away. 

Still unsure about Lovehoney? You can check out their Toy Testers info page

Wow Tech Group (Womanizer and WeVibe)

Wow Tech is another big company often on the lookout for new testers. While they mostly only offer free products in exchange for reviews, they will occasionally pay if the review is requested last minute or there are other extenuating circumstances.

Here’s how to join the list of reviewers:

  1. Sign up to become a tester by filling in your information and accepting the terms and conditions.
  2. Fill in the entry survey with your testing preferences.
  3. Wow Tech will contact you via email to invite you to join in on surveys and product tests based on your entry survey and your profile. 

One of the great things about joining this mailing list is that it also gives you the ability to collect points on surveys without a product test, which you can later redeem for products or discounts.


Treediride is an online adult sex toy shop with an extensive range of sex toys. They are constantly looking for new reviewers, and it is really simple to sign up.

Simply head to their tester program page where you will see a list of products that need testing. Fill out the contact form with your pitch, and if successful, the team will be in contact with you.

Like many companies, you will be more likely to see success if you have written a review of their products before, if you can prove you are an honest reviewer, or if you write a great pitch showcasing how you can provide value to them. 

Top Tips for Landing a Gig as a Sex Toy Tester

  • Join mailing lists and newsletters for all the companies you want to work with.
  • Send an inquiry email introducing yourself as a sex toy product tester, and provide them with examples of reviews you have written. Remember that you are providing a service to the business, so the company needs to see value in hiring you over someone else. 
  • Search for a variety of keywords online. Try “sex toy reviewer jobs,” and “free sex toys,” and “companies hiring sex toy testers.”
  • Answer business call-outs. There are dozens of companies that regularly release a call for sex toy reviewers. Answer them as quickly as possible and produce excellent reviews if you get accepted. They will be more likely to reach out again if they are impressed with your work.
  • Keep a lookout for your favorite job seeker websites (, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Reach out to other reviewers and sex toy influencers and ask them about their journey
  • Start a blog or website dedicated to sex, relationships, and product reviews, and begin pitching your services to companies. 
  • Grow your social media audience directed towards the industry and create relationships with the adult toy brands you want to work with.

A Final Note on How to Be a Sex Toy Tester

Being a sex toy tester is in no way easy, but it is very rewarding! Landing free toys and spicing up your bedroom life will ensure it is full of orgasms and pleasure.

Like most things in sex, reviewing sex toys and being successful is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Don’t be hasty when looking for gigs. Sign up to different sites, contact businesses directly, and do the work when it comes to reviewing. 

Just to recap – the best methods to find work as a sex toy tester are:

  • Sign up to all mailing lists and questionnaires so companies know you are interested in reviewing their products
  • Reach out directly to the companies you want to work with
  • Be open to a variety of products to test
  • Know how to write good reviews and test products properly
  • Market yourself as a sex toy product tester on your website and social accounts 

Opening yourself up to a new job can be life-changing in the best way, and with so many ways to get free sex toys or get paid to test sex toys, with some hard work, you will not have any issues. 

As a final note, just remember that not everyone is a successful applicant, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t land a gig. The good news is that there are always amazing deals at companies such as Lovehoney!

Best of luck, and thanks for reading!