Auralism: Voice Kink and Sound Fetish Beginner’s Guide

Auralism voice kink

Do you find the sound of your partner’s moans during sex to be a huge turn-on? Or maybe you’ve found a variety of different sounds highly arousing, but you have no idea why? 

If either of these scenarios sounds like you, then you may be experiencing auralism. 

In this article, I’ll go through what auralism is and how you can determine whether or not you have a sound kink. Then, I’ll go through 7 ways you can explore auralism by yourself and 4 ways you can explore your sound fetish with a partner. 

These techniques will help you open up your ears so that you can experience the sexual nature of sound. 

What is Auralism?

Auralism, otherwise known as a sound kink, is when people get aroused by sound. While many people are turned on by sexual sounds, like grunts and moans, some are stimulated by everyday noises, such as music, talking, or even the sounds of nature. 

It takes some effort to explore auralism and to determine what your sound fetishes are. So let’s take a closer look to help you out. 

How Will I Know if I Have a Sound Kink?

Auralism sound fetish

While voice kinks may sound unusual, they are actually pretty common. However, many people may not even realize they have a sound fetish because they are distracted by visual or tactical sensations. 

Plenty of people enjoy auralism to a certain extent, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself getting excited as your partner becomes loud in the bedroom. 

However, voice kinks can be more closely linked to voyeurism since many people enjoy the act of watching – or listening to – other people have sex. 

That being said, people that experience auralism can be turned on by any number of things, even things that are not sexual in nature. 

If you are turned on by a variety of noises, such as other people’s voices, non-sexual sounds, or even music, then you may have a sound kink. 

Ways for Beginners To Explore Auralism

As a beginner, it can be challenging to know how to start exploring your sound kink. While you may be aware of some noises that turn you on, there are likely several more that you haven’t experienced yet. 

Remember, it’s very common for people with sound kinks to become aroused by non-sexual sounds. So, try not to judge yourself. 

Instead, fully immerse yourself in the noises and let yourself feel turned on. 

This will help you explore your sexuality in a judgment-free way so that you can achieve greater sexual pleasure in the future. 

Next, I’ll go through 7 unique ways you can start to unravel your sound kinks today. Go through each of the suggestions until you discover which noises turn you on the most. 

Use Lube To Enhance Natural Wet Sounds

To enhance the wet sound of the vagina, try using lube the next time you make love. Adding wetness will make your vagina’s natural noises even louder, which is a huge turn-on. 

I recommend using silicone-based lube since it has a soft, velvety texture that feels heavenly on your private parts. Plus, it is hypoallergenic and lasts longer than water-based lube, so it’ll keep your vagina nice and wet the whole night through.

Give Audio Porn a Try

Another way to explore your sound fetish is by listening to sexy audio content. Nowadays, there are hundreds of audio porn platforms that cater to individuals with voice kinks. 

One of the top audio porn sites is Aural Honey, which offers a wide variety of female audio content. Some of my favorite categories are dominant honey, submissive honey, and office kink. Their audio porn is completely free. No subscription is required. 

Another great site is Quinn. Quinn is more versatile than Aural Honey since it features male and female voice content. 

They have several unique categories, including co-workers, dirty talk, fingering, overheard sex, and loads more. There is a small fee to join Quinn, but it’s worth it for all of the sexy content. 

Sofia Sins is another great audio porn site that has a wide range of audio sex stories that you can listen to from either a male or female perspective of each story.

Listen to Sexy Audio Books

Another way you can explore audio erotica is by listening to sexy audiobooks. You can find all kinds of content online, ranging from romantic stories about forlorn couples to racy porn books that’ll have you hot and horny by chapter one. 

One of my favorite erotic audiobook resources is Audible. While they don’t specialize in erotic content, they have a pretty large selection of audiobooks that really get me going. 

Even some of Audible’s non-erotic content is super hot, such as Greenlights, an audiobook narrated by Matthew McConaughey (yummy). So, no matter what gets you going, Audible has something for you. 

Explore ASMR Content

ASMR stands for autonomous meridian sensory response. When you go through ASMR, you experience feelings of subtle pleasure and contentedness combined with physical sensations, such as tingling in the scalp and neck. 

Many people experience ASMR from specific sounds, such as squishing bubbles, the clanking of glass, tapping on a box, and more. These noises make you feel as though you are touching something through a solely auditory experience. 

While many find ASMR incredibly relaxing and use it to help them sleep, some are also aroused by this audio content and enjoy listening to it during sex or masturbation. 

Auralism Voice Kink and Sound Fetish Beginners Guide 2

One especially arousing form of ASMR is whispering videos. Those with whisper fetishes find people talking in low, hushed tones to be sensual and highly euphoric. 

If you are interested in listening to whispering ASMR or other ASMR content, head on over to YouTube. They have a wide variety of videos for you to explore. 

When you find a video that is pleasing for your senses, close your eyes and try touching yourself as you immerse yourself in the sounds. Get ready for explosive results. 

Indulge in the Sounds of Nature

Have you ever had sex on the beach or in another natural environment and found it highly arousing? If so, you’ve experienced the sensuality of nature. 

Whether you enjoy the sounds of the wind rushing past your face, the crashing of the waves against the shore, or the faraway chirps of birds in the trees, you have to admit that there is something inherently sensual about natural environments. 

If you live in a city and don’t have access to a natural environment, you can simulate the experience by listening to nature sounds. Personally, I enjoy beach and rainforest soundtracks the most. 

However, feel free to experiment with different sounds until you find the natural noises that are the most arousing for you. 

Listen to Sexy Music

I don’t know about you, but there is something about Drake’s voice that really gets me going.

While you may not be as into Drake as I am, I’m sure there are some artists’ voices that you find to be sexually attractive. Listening to songs by artists with sexy voices is a great way to explore your sound kinks. 

However, the artist’s voice doesn’t have to be characteristically sexy for a song to turn you on. Sometimes, you may be turned on by the lyrics of a song or by the melody. 

Additionally, some songs may remind you of past romantic experiences, which may make you aroused because you’re brought back to that sexual encounter. 

Try to create a playlist of songs that turn you on. Then, you can listen to this playlist during your next self-love session to explore the inherent sexuality of music. 

Explore Auralism in Non-Sexual Contexts

Finally, explore auralism in non-sexual environments to enhance your awareness of sounds in general. 

For example, try tuning in to the sound the dishes make when you wash them in the sink. Or, pay attention to the traffic sounds you can hear outside your front door. 

Expanding your awareness of everyday sounds will make you more aware of the noises you hear in sexual contexts. Plus, you may discover traditionally non-sexual sounds that you find to be arousing. 

For example, through being more observant about noises, I discovered that I’m aroused by the sound of running water from the shower or the faucet. 

Ways To Explore Auralism with a Partner 

Another way for you to explore auralism is to get your partner involved. You may find yourself even more turned on when you hear sounds coming from the person you love. 

Before your next sexual encounter with your partner, tell them what auralism is and why you enjoy it. Then, discuss your sound fetishes to determine if your interests align. 

You want the sounds to be sexy for both of you, or else it may kill the mood during your next love-making sesh. 

If your partners are uncomfortable or don’t enjoy your preferred type of sound kink, no big deal. You can still explore your dirty audio fantasies without your partner using the methods listed in the previous section. 

However, if your partner is interested in auralism and would like to explore it with you, ask them to try the following methods. 

After you try each one, talk to your partner about the experience to determine what you liked and didn’t like. This way, you can continue to explore your sound kink in a way that makes you both feel comfortable. 

Pay Attention to Which Sounds You Enjoy During Sex

The next time you have sex with your partner, pay close attention to the sounds you enjoy. 

Try closing your eyes or wearing a blindfold to get rid of visual stimuli so that you can completely immerse yourself in the sounds. 

Listen to your partner’s breathing and any sounds they make, such as grunts, moans, or slurps. 

Additionally, listen to the sounds your bodies make as you do the deed. You may find that some positions are louder than others, so feel free to experiment. 

Try Your Hand at Dirty Talk

If you feel comfortable, you can also try experimenting with dirty talk. 

You may notice that specific words or phrases turn you on. Some people also find particular types of dirty talk more arousing than others. 

For example, you may notice that you are turned on by degrading words. Or, perhaps you enjoy descriptive phrases. 

Maybe you enjoy words and phrases that are related to dominance and control.  

Try experimenting with different types of dirty talk until you find the category that really lights a fire in your loins. 

Ask Them To Read You Erotic Fiction

If you’d rather listen to a book narrated by someone you know and love, ask your partners to read you erotic fiction instead. 

Auralism Voice Kink and Sound Fetish Beginners Guide Feature Image 3

Or, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, they can record themselves reading. Hearing erotic content in your partner’s voices is sure to be a huge turn-on.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Loud (and Encourage Your Partner to Do the Same)

Sometimes, it can be intimidating to be loud in bed. 

You may be afraid that you’ll say something embarrassing or that you’ll make a weird grunting noise that sounds more like a wildebeest than an arousing sex sound. 

However, don’t be afraid. Sex noises are super hot and can actually boost your partner’s confidence in the bedroom. When you are loud, they feel like they are doing a good job. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, try making moaning noises or short grunts. If you get really into it, don’t be afraid to scream out in delight. 

Key Takeaways

Auralism is a type of fetish in which people get aroused by sound. While many people have sound kinks, sometimes they aren’t aware of them because they are distracted by their other senses during sexual encounters. 

To explore the sexuality of sound, try blindfolding yourself to get rid of visual distractions. Then, listen to sexy audio content, such as erotic audiobooks or audio porn. 

Additionally, you can listen to other potentially arousing sounds, such as ASMR, nature noises, and music. Or, try exploring your sound kink with your partner.