Organic Dildos: Non-Toxic and Natural Sex Toys

Organic Dildos Non-Toxic and Natural Sex Toys Feature

There have been some horror stories over the years about improperly constructed sex toys. From pieces breaking off, to materials containing harmful chemicals, genuine dangers lurk in what should be fun and safe objects. It is no wonder we’re so worried about what we put into our bodies.

Luckily, organic dildos and sustainable sex toys are becoming more widely available – which are safer for you and better for the planet!

Now playtime can be stress-free, and we can all feel a little bit better about buying sexual wellness products, thanks to the vast array of natural sex toys hitting the market. Read on to learn more!

What Is a Non-Toxic Dildo?

A non-toxic dildo is an insertable sex toy that is made to be all-natural. Made from organic, non-harmful materials, a natural dildo has been constructed to give you the pleasure you crave, without the risk of medical consequences.

Not only are they healthier for the body, but they are also better for the environment and an excellent option for eco-friendly kinksters.

Best Material for Dildos

Manufacturers of natural sex toys have long since accepted that it isn’t worth the risk of using cheap parts. After all, these products are going into your parts, and only the best should ever take part in bedroom play.

Glass is a very popular choice as it’s sleek, smooth, and easy to clean. It’s also very pretty and can make your playtime extra fun, like with these glass butt plugs.

So, they’ve opted for better materials that reduce the chances of infection or other possible health complications that may arise when dealing with cheap plastic.

So what materials have they gone for?:

  • Biolene: Made from renewable materials, Biolene is a primarily raw alternative to plastic. While not as natural as some vegan dildo models, they are made from recycled material that allows for an environmentally friendly, safe sex toy. It is all the pleasure with none of the guilt. These are the most expensive of the natural options but well worth the cost.
  • Wood: One of the most common ways to make a natural dildo is to carve it out of wood. They polish and seal it carefully to protect the user from splinters and keep it safe from rot due to moisture. Plus, most are created with recycled lumber, so you don’t have to worry about the company felling trees for your orgasm.
  • Crystal: Stone and crystal are another way to create a latex-free dildo. These make an excellent option for users wanting a sturdy material that is less likely to cause agitation or an allergic reaction. They are sometimes even naturally bacteria resistant, though they should be thoroughly cleaned like any sex toy. Unfortunately, these are less likely to use recycled material.
  • Vegetables: Vegetable dildos are becoming all the rage in the vegan community. Cucumbers, eggplants, and carrots are chosen to form cruelty-free sex toys cast in silicone to make them long-lasting. Some are even made from fruits, such as bananas, for their curved shape. Unfortunately, these are harder to find, though you can sometimes find them locally, especially at farmer’s markets.

Why Should I Choose a Natural Dildo?

You should choose a natural dildo because they are better for the Earth, and you can expect better longevity than those made with cheap plastic or latex. Best of all, they are designed with your health in mind.

Every time you choose an organic sex toy, you make a conscious decision to be more responsible in your purchasing habits. But there are other pros to bringing a bit of hippy-chic to your kink:

  • Most are made by small businesses. In the days of mass-produced, factory-made materials, finding sex-positive products made from earthly materials is uncommon. However, several small companies specialize in natural toys these days, and you can support them by buying green.
  • You are voting with your dollars. What will drive the market to offer more eco-friendly and non-toxic options in the pleasure industry? Demand. By choosing to go the natural route, you send a clear message to manufacturers that you want better than flimsy plastic or cheap latex.
  • Organic dildos are discreet. Whether it is an ear of corn or a sleek, polished crystal, organic sex toys often don’t look like dildos. So if you want something discreet, these are an excellent option for you. Some can even be left out in the open, and your guests would be none the wiser.

Best Natural Sex Toys

You likely already have a favorite, so branching out into the natural sex toy world might seem daunting. With that in mind, I’ve found a few of the best choices to help you get started.

Womanizer Premium Eco

Womanizer Premium Eco

The original Womanizer was a popular clitoral sucker that made it onto almost every “Best Of” list out there.

So how could they have made it better? By using 100% renewable and recycled materials to make it environmentally friendly and safer for use!

It uses the same Pleasure Air Technology with 12 settings for a mind-blowing experience, has a super quiet motor for discreet use, and even comes with two different switchable heads to fit your unique shape. All while being better for the environment and your sexual organs.

Lovehoney X Love Not War Amore Sustainable Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Want to be more eco-friendly while enjoying the sensations of a luxury vibe? The Amore vibe is created from recycled, skin-friendly aluminum and it is USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and offers 4 vibration speeds as well as 7 exciting patterns.

This luxurious bullet vibrator is totally eco-friendly, constructed with body-safe, sustainable materials, with even the packaging being eco-friendly, as well as a sustainable bamboo storage pouch – which is a very nice touch!

AH! YES Organic Lubricant

AH! YES Organic Lubricant

It isn’t just toys that are going green; accessories are following suit. This fantastic lubricant from AH! YES uses organic aloe vera and offers a lightweight, soothing lubricant that is water-soluble.

It can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration, as well as masturbation.

You will love the sweet-smelling scent that is all-natural. Best of all, it is pH balanced, so it protects the natural flora within the vagina that will protect against UTIs.

NobEssence Incite

NobEssence Incite

NobEssence is an incredible line of dildos and other products made of finely polished, recycled wood. The Incite is one of their more exciting products; it is a flogger with a dildo tip, giving you a dual-purpose sex toy that is great for those kinksters that want to be green, mean sexy machines.

The finish used on the wood is entirely biodegradable, and the leather is high-quality to resist fraying for a long-lasting piece that you can invest in.

Bondara Cupid’s Arrow Glass Dildo

Bondara Cupid’s Arrow Glass Dildo

Usually, calling a glass dildo organic or natural can be controversial since the glass, for most products, is made entirely new. In this case, Bondara has repurposed all the materials.

So, if you have always wanted a glass dildo but were put off by price or sustainability, this model has you covered on both fronts.

The shape is designed for maximum pleasure, with deep grooves that will send shivers up your spine with every thrust.

LAID D1 Stone Dildo

LAID D1 Stone Dildo

Nothing feels quite like stone. This polished dildo uses the natural hardness of rock for a blissful, temperature-sensitive sex toy that will be sure to leave you begging for more. Pop it into the freezer or run it under hot water to get it to just the right degree, then let your natural body heat do the rest.

Just be careful when used for anal play, as there is no flared base.

Final Thoughts

Organic sex toys are a great way to introduce natural eroticism into your life, either with a partner or solo. There are plenty of options, and each has its unique features for you to enjoy. You will never look at plastic again.