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When a Guy Texts You Every Day, What Does That Mean?

When a guy text every day

Out of context, the thought of a guy you like texting you everyday sounds just right. Persistence via communication is usually a sure-fire sign that he’s into you, especially if the conversations have gradually elevated into more personal territory. 

However, not everything is always what it seems to be at first glance. It’s unfortunately very common for a guy to be anything but upfront with his true intentions, and texting isn’t always the best form of communication.

So, when a guy texts you everyday what does that mean? 

Let’s sift through all the possible scenarios—and what you should make of them:

He Likes You

Obviously, if a guy is texting you, it means he likes you to some varying degree. It could be a crush, and he’s trying to see if there’s something more there beyond his sexual attraction to you. Or, he may be beyond the crush phase and genuinely likes you.

It’s all about the context. If he’s really into you, then texting won’t be the only thing he’s doing. He’ll initiate plans with you, and follow through with them. So, if you’re in the “we text every day” phase but it’s not accompanied by dates and phone calls, then he’s likely got some ulterior motives.

He Sees You as a Friend

There’s nothing more disappointing and excruciatingly irritating than being placed in the friend-zone by a guy you like, only to receive constant text messages from him. 

You’re probably wondering (furiously) why does he text me every day if he only wants friendship?

Men are simple yet complicated creatures. Half the time, they aren’t even sure of what they want until it’s too late. Sadly, we can only blame mother nature for making our brains biologically different. Men just aren’t wired to process complicated emotions efficiently.

Having said that, if a guy has friend-zoned you, but still texts you all the time, it’s probably because he has no idea about what he wants. The only thing he does know is that he still wants you in his life. The desire and attraction may be there, but he may just not be ready to take things to the next level.

Really, it’s not you—it’s him. The best thing you can do in this situation is to be upfront about what you want and what you don’t want, i.e., a million “hey friend” texts every day. 

It’s an “Easy Out” 

Texting can be an easy escape route for guys who have commitment issues. Why call or make plans with you when he can just overload you with texts to keep you distracted?

If he’s using texts to create distance between the two of you, you’ll be able to tell. This usually happens after one or two dates, and rather than making plans for another date, he floods you with mind-numbing conversation instead—minus plans for your next outing. 

Sure, he may brag to his buddies about your “relationship,” but that’s because he still finds you entertaining and gets pleasure from the fact that you’re still indulging him. Once he decides it’s time, he’ll turn off the text tap and likely ghost you.

If you notice this happening, it’s time to say goodbye. You’re not some guy’s entertainment.   

You’re His Ego Boost

Some guys are just players, through and through. They’ve got an entire quiver of women that they text, call, and even date on occasion. They don’t want anything serious, they just like knowing that they have a group of women they can call upon, and if one doesn’t answer, another one will.

This type of guy may text you every day, or every few days. Either way, you’re not the only one. Especially if you have yet to see this guy beyond your meet-cute, don’t go around thinking but he texts me every day, so he must like me! Because he may say he misses you and he may call you beautiful, but he doesn’t really mean it. 

He’s just waiting to hear you say things that’ll stroke his ego, then he’ll run off to his buddies and brag about all the girls that text him.

He Wants Something Else

Not all guys have honest and pure intentions. Aside from an ego boost, a guy may text you every day because he wants something other than getting to know your hopes and dreams.  

That’s right, we’re talking about the naughty stuff—sexting, nudes, and the possibility that those things may parlay you into a late-night booty call. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with getting some, as long as it’s consensual. But if you’re looking for a relationship and he’s just looking for some late night lovin’, you’re bound to get hurt.

These kinds of conversations typically start off innocently but let’s face it—guys basically have sex on the brain at all times. Even the shiest of guys will eventually test your flirtatious boundaries. But it’s important to remember that any guy that doesn’t respect your boundaries isn’t worth your time, especially if they’re constantly begging for nudes or sending you unsolicited photos of their little buddy. 

Also, we gotta say it—it’s just better to be safe than sorry. Don’t send someone you don’t really know or trust compromising photos of yourself. If we weren’t safe from U2’s “Songs of Innocence” invading the cloud back in 2014, who knows where your nudes will end up.

He’s Lonely or Bored

Socializing is critical to our mental health and wellbeing. He may be texting you every day simply because he’s lonely. Or, he may just be bored. Boredom tends to lead to decisions we wouldn’t otherwise make if we were occupied.

Of course, loneliness and boredom don’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you. If you think about it, most of us don’t go out of our way to strike up conversations with people that we don’t like. However, just because he’s texting you doesn’t mean he’s into you on a deeper level.

Pay close attention to both the frequency and quality of the conversations you’re having. Conversations about the weather or the holidays are a good indicator of whether someone is just bored or lonely, especially if the end result isn’t a plan to meet up or the texts suddenly just stop out of nowhere.

Final Thoughts

Texting can be cryptic and isn’t always a good measure of whether a guy is into you or not. Some guys are really shy or are just bad texters while others are smooth talkers with not so great intentions. 

Remember the rule of thumb: If a guy truly likes you, he’ll make it known, beyond texting. Some guys may need a bit of a nudge, but ultimately you’re going to have to read into the context clues and decide whether to continue the conversation or end it.