LoyalFans Review: The Best New Fan Subscription Site?

LoyalFans Review- The Best New Fan Subscription Site

Adult subscription sites have been rising in popularity since they make it easy for adult entertainment creators to monetize their content.

The most popular of these sites is OnlyFans, which has thousands of subscribers and creators, including celebrities like Bella Thorne and Cardi B.

However, the site recently banned “sexually explicit content,” leaving many content creators unsatisfied and looking for less restrictive alternatives.

One up-and-coming alternative to OnlyFans is LoyalFans. Like OnlyFans, LoyalFans is a site where you can encourage your social media fan base to pay a subscription to interact with you and view exclusive video and photo content. 

Since LoyalFans isn’t as well known as some of its competitors, you probably have some questions!

When you compare OnlyFans to LoyalFans, which is better? Can you make a decent profit from the site? Keep reading this LoyalFans review to find out these answers (and more)!


  • Free for subscribers and creators to sign-up
  • Can create a monthly premium subscription option for your fans
  • Offers live cam and video calling
  • Showcases top and new creators on the discover page
  • Pays twice per month via direct deposit or wire transfer
  • Can link LoyalFans account with Twitter for greater exposure


  • Lets content creators keep 80% of your earnings
  • Offers 5% commission on referrals for life
  • Easy for up and coming models to gain exposure
  • Account managers have restricted access to your account


  • Payment options are limited, especially for non-U.S creators
  • Has less traffic than more popular sites

Benefits of LoyalFans

With OnlyFans hogging all the limelight, is it really possible to have an equally successful site with LoyalFans?

The truth is, LoyalFans isn’t as high profile. But with this new move to remove explicit content from OnlyFans, chances are creators and their followers will start looking for a new place to call home.

The good news is that if they choose LoyalFans, there’s plenty of benefits to make the move worth it.

Plenty of Ways To Earn Money

LoyalFans gives you plenty of ways to make money on their site.

You can earn money by posting pictures, pre-recorded videos, and text posts on your account. Additionally, you can participate in pay-per-view private messaging. You also have the option to send private video and audio clips for a specific fee.

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Another option is to create a premium account. This will contain exclusive content that your fans can only see if they pay your monthly subscription fee, which can be anywhere from $1 to $50.

However, the site’s biggest moneymakers are their live streaming and video call features.

Cam Sessions

During cam sessions, you have the option to grant everyone access to your video stream. When your fans tune in, they have the opportunity to tip you during the session. You can set a tipping goal and encourage them to contribute.

If one of your fans wants some one-on-one time, you can go private for a pay-per-minute video interaction, which is incredibly profitable! This one-of-one video feature is not offered on OnlyFans, giving LoyalFans a leg up over its most significant competitor!

LoyalFans offers an 80% payout for all of these services, meaning you get to keep the majority of the money you make!

This is above the industry standard, meaning you’re making more on LoyalFans than you would on many similar sites.

Allows Others To Manage Your Account Safely

To be successful on adult subscription sites, you need to be active and post regularly, which can be a lot of work.

Often, successful creators hire managers to help them handle their accounts. However, giving someone else direct access to your account comes with several risks since they can access your personal and banking information.

However, LoyalFans solves this problem by creating “delegated accounts.” These accounts give your managers access to your page without letting them see your personal info.

It also prevents them from live camming on your feed. This way, you can feel safe hiring a manager since you know you won’t be putting your information at risk!

Receive Lifetime Commission on Referrals

One of my favorite things about LoyalFans is their insanely awesome referral program.

If you refer subscribers or creators to LoyalFans, you will continuously make a commission off of them as long as they remain active on the site.

When you refer subscribers, you will receive 5% of the funds they spend on other creators. When you refer creators, you’ll receive 5% of the profits that they make on the site.

While 5% may not sound like much, it can significantly boost your income, especially if you sign-up people who are big spenders or earners!

Overall, this referral program is an effortless way to supplement your income since all you have to do is get people to sign-up. No content creation is required!

Has Better “Internal Traffic” Than OnlyFans

One of the most significant flaws of OnlyFans is that there is no way for users to browse through the different models.

Your fans have to know your link or username, or you won’t be discovered. Because of this, it’s challenging for creators to acquire new subscribers unless they already have a large social media following.

However, that isn’t the case with LoyalFans.

This site has a top models page that shows off their most popular creators. They also have a new models page, which gives new creators the opportunity to be discovered.

This internal traffic permits you to build a fanbase directly through LoyalFans. So, you don’t have to already be popular on social media to be successful!

Downsides of LoyalFans

As with every new venture, there are some downsides to making the switch to LoyalFans, the most significant being their smaller presence in the game.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing holding them back.

Limited Payment Options

LoyalFans Review- The Best New Fan Subscription Site 3

LoyalFans pays US-based content creators via ACH/direct deposit, which is pretty convenient.

However, if you live outside of the U.S., you have to receive a wire transfer, which is a hassle.

Additionally, if you don’t live in the EU, LoyalFans will charge you between $20 to $45 per transfer, which can take a pretty significant chunk out of your earnings.

Another potential drawback is that the company only sends out payments twice per month. And, they will only pay you if you have at least $50 in your account.

So, if you haven’t made this much you’ll have to wait to receive your earnings. Once you finally receive your money and it’s deposited in your account, there is a 7-day hold time until you can withdraw it.

So, if you are looking for a company that’ll give you your money right when you need it, LoyalFans may not be the right platform for you.

Less “External Traffic” Than More Popular Sites

LoyalFans is still an up-and-coming adult subscription site. So, it doesn’t have as much traffic as more popular sites, such as OnlyFans.

However, you are more likely to be discovered on LoyalFans than on OnlyFans due to their increased internal traffic. So, while fewer people use the site, it may actually provide you with more exposure!

Additionally, LoyalFans is growing in popularity by the day. So, it’s possible that someday soon, they’ll have as much external traffic as their top competitors!

However, as of right now, they aren’t quite there yet.

The Verdict

Overall, LoyalFans is an excellent adult subscription site with several benefits over OnlyFans.

In my opinion, LoyalFans is ideal for new adult content creators since it lets you gain exposure directly on the site! You don’t have to already be popular on social media to make money.

It is also excellent for advanced creators since it gives you many ways to make money and offers a really high payout.

However, the best thing about LoyalFans is its fantastic referral program. This is one of the most successful referral schemes I’ve ever seen since you can boost your income just by referring people to the site.

While LoyalFans payment options are limited and their external traffic isn’t as high as some of its more popular competitors, it is still a fantastic site that should not be overlooked.

So, if you’re an adult content creator, I highly recommend that you join LoyalFans. It’ll provide you with an easy way to make money and to advance your adult content career to the next level.