Female POV VR: A New Virtual Pleasure Experience

Female POV VR A New Virtual Pleasure Experience

Male POV VR content has been around for a while now. Typically, the scenes consist of men having sex with women from the man’s point of view. While this content is excellent for males, it generally doesn’t appeal much to female viewers. 

Many VR companies think that creating female content is pointless since “women don’t watch porn.” However, they are sorely mistaken. A 2019 data analysis conducted by Google Analytics revealed that 32% of Porn Hub’s viewers were female. So, it goes to show that many women enjoy adult content! 

So, it’s about time that the VR world realizes this too! And, luckily, some creators have. Select VR developers have started creating virtual reality content that caters to women, called Female POV VR. 

Keep reading as I discuss female POV VR and how it differs from male POV VR content. Lastly, I’ll go through the benefits of female-led VR porn, including how it can boost your sexual satisfaction and intimacy today. 

What Is Female POV VR?

Female POV virtual reality is a computer-generated sexual encounter seen from a female’s perspective. During gameplay, you’ll wear a VR headset. Once you put it on, you’ll be transported to a three-dimensional world. 

The VR environments vary drastically depending on the content you choose. While some female POV VR scenes are set in a bedroom, others occur in exotic locations or even fantasy settings that don’t exist in real life. 

Female POV VR A New Virtual Pleasure Experience 2

Typically, you will see everything from a first-person perspective, meaning you’ll view the world through your avatar’s eyes. Seeing things from this POV is highly arousing and very personal. It feels as though you are truly experiencing everything that is happening to your avatar! 

Differences Between Female and Male VR Content

While you may expect female POV VR to be filled with romantic scenes straight out of The Notebook, it’s actually pretty similar to male POV VR in terms of content. 

Most of the videos are highly focused on, well, sex. In most female POV VR videos I’ve watched, you get to have intercourse with an attractive male partner. Some videos are oriented towards lesbians or threesomes. Often sex toys, like vibrators or dildos, are used on your avatar during the scene. 

However, there are a few minor differences. 

Female POV VR videos tend to be longer than male VR videos, lasting 15 to 18 minutes. Typically, the additional time is used for foreplay and building sexual desire before intercourse takes place.  

This is a desirable feature since it takes women longer to get “revved up” to the level of arousal they need to achieve orgasm. So, longer VR videos with more foreplay are a good call! 

Another difference between female and male POV VR is female content tends to be more story-focused. The videos provide the viewer with a greater narrative about the scene that’s unfolding before them. 

According to a 2007 study, this is a move in the right direction since women tend to become more aroused when they know the context of a sexual scene. So, sexy narratives are a great way to get female viewers fired up! 

Why You Should Get the Female POV VR

So, what makes Female POV VR so great? I mean, why should you go out and buy a headset when you can just watch 2D porn instead? 

Female POV VR A New Virtual Pleasure Experience 4

Well, there are several benefits of Female POV VR. For starters, it provides more intimacy than other types of pornographic content. Additionally, it may be helpful for those who have suffered from sexual traumas. Lastly, it’s a way for you to explore your sexual fantasies that you can’t experience in real life. 

Fulfills Your Intimacy Needs

As humans, we all require intimacy to feel whole. However, sometimes it’s difficult for these needs to be met in real life. 

That’s where Female POV VR comes in. In VR scenes, you get to interact with your virtual partners, which makes your relationship with them feel real and meaningful. They are constantly interacting with your avatar, so it feels as though you are building a connection with them. 

But don’t take my word for it. In a 2020 study, researchers compared the effects of 2D and VR porn on feelings of intimacy. These discovered that their participants felt more desired and flirted with when they watched VR content. 

Additionally, the participants felt connected with their VR partners and enjoyed interacting with them. The researchers concluded that VR content might be a powerful tool to mimic the feelings of intimacy provoked by real-life sexual experiences. 

So, if you are feeling a little lonely because your partner is away or you aren’t dating anyone at the moment, and you’re craving intimacy, female POV VR may be the perfect solution. 

Helps Heal Past Sexual Trauma

If you’ve experienced sexual trauma in the past, female POV VR may be a way to help you heal by undergoing Exposure Therapy, a psychological practice that “exposes” you to the sexual situations that you fear to help you overcome them. 

Female POV VR A New Virtual Pleasure Experience 3a

VR allows you to explore sexual interaction in a safe space. If something triggers you, all you have to do is take off your headset, and you’ll be removed from the situation. This allows you to overcome your fears slowly so that you can experience intimate relationships again in the real world one day. 

Lets You Explore Your Wildest Sexual Fantasies Yet

VR allows you to immerse yourself in a world that doesn’t actually exist. 

In this world, you can explore fantasies that you can’t act on in real life. For example, if you like the idea of having sex with another partner, but your husband is opposed to the idea, you can use female POV VR content to explore this fantasy without harming your relationship. 

Additionally, you can perform sex acts that you may not be able to perform in the real world. For example, if you have bad knees, doing it doggy style may be kind of painful. However, your avatar doesn’t have your physical ailments, so in the VR world, you can do any position you desire!  

Lastly, you can explore fantasies that’ll never be able to happen in the real world. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have sex with an alien, centaur, or some other fantastical creature. 

While this is impossible in real life since they don’t exist, it isn’t in the world of VR! So, female POV VR permits you to live out your wildest fantasies in a realistic environment. Now, all of your insane sex dreams can (almost) come true!  

Final Thoughts

Female POV VR is an up-and-coming genre in the world of adult content. While most female-perspective VR videos are pretty much the same as males, they tend to emphasize foreplay and story narratives, which appeals to female viewers. 

There are many benefits of female POV VR, such as allowing you to experience feelings of intimacy and connection even when you don’t have a real-life partner. 

Additionally, VR content can help you overcome sexual trauma by exposing you to your fears in a safe environment. 

And, Lastly, female-perspective VR allows you to explore fantasies that you cannot experience in real life.