6 Best Sex Swings For Suspended Fun!

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best sex swings available.
I’ve compared features, design, build quality and cost to give you my top recommendations.

Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

trinity ultimate sex stand

This hefty sex swing stand takes up a fair amount of space so be sure that you have plenty of room to spare before investing in this supportive delight – about the same footprint as a queen-size bed. It is freestanding, so you do not have to drill holes into your ceilings or risk damage to your doors which is ideal if you rent your home.

It is also handy for if you need to move house, you can simply pack it and go, ready to assemble in your new home. Speaking of assembly, the stand puts up and takes down very easily, with practise making things faster and faster although shorter users might struggle a bit.

Do be prepared to spend up to half an hour or so the first time you assemble your sex swing – it can be a little complicated at first. In fact, if you like, you can leave the stand up all the time – it is easily disguised with a hammock or other swinging chair, with your naughty swing swapped in as needed.

The stand can hold up to four hundred pounds in weight – but do be careful that your swing (not included with the stand) can hold an equal amount of weight or at least enough to support your weight plus a little extra – invest in the best sex swing that you can afford to be safe.

After all, if your partner gets frisky and leans on you, you do not want to both come crashing down to earth! The stand is compatible with most swings which attach and detach very easily.


  • Sturdy, freestanding design
  • Supports two healthy people
  • Excellent build quality


  • Expensive
  • Takes up a lot of space

Door Hanging Sex Swing from Utimi

utimi sex swing

This door-hanging swing is very easy to set up – which is just as well as no instructions are included! It is definitely meant to be used by two people though, one person might struggle to get in and out of the harness by themselves and that can be both alarming and embarrassing!

You will need to pick the door you use with some care, as hollow doors of the type usually used for interiors can be too flimsy and might break. Solid doors, such as front doors, are ideal as they tend to be sturdy and firm. If you are going to use your front door, you will have to pick playtime with some care, and do be sure to lock whatever door you use to stop it flying open when things get rigorous and also so no one opens the door while you are – uh – hanging around!

Changing positions on a door swing are not as simple as with a ceiling-mounted or freestanding stand swing, but it is possible, although you might need to use some padding between the restrained partner and the door. What is certain is that using the swing will help you to achieve positions that you would not have thought possible, including enjoying deeper penetration!

The weight limit on the swing is one hundred and eighty pounds, which is held in place over the door by rubbery plastic stoppers that are effective and sturdy. Do take a moment to adjust the straps to fit as ill-fitting straps can rub or pinch.


  • The straps are adjustable
  • Sturdy design holds you safely
  • Budget friendly


  • Door positioning can be restrictive

Trinity 360° Spinning Sex Swing

trinity 360 degree sex swing

This is one of the more expensive swings being reviewed, and it comes with a host of fun gadgets and attachments. The extra-wide (and therefore extra comfortable) nylon straps support the back, the calves and feet and the butt or thighs, with a torque bar for added support and to help you achieve that perfect position for a flying orgasm!

The buckles are self-tightening, which means that they will not slip and give way half way through the action, no matter how vigorous you get. The swing is easy to install and comes with full instructions and mounting hardware. It can hold up to two hundred and twenty pounds, even with the optional spring in place. The spring is something of a favourite with users, providing extra bounce!

The rig can be assembled with or without the spring, depending on your preferences.


  • Self-tightening buckles for greater peace of mind
  • Easy to attach and detach, just leaving the eye-bolt in place
  • The spring adds a special sparkle to any date night


  • The straps can rub after a while
  • The swivel has broken on a couple of people

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

fetish sex swing

This door swing is less a restraint and more of a harness, with the submissive easily able to free their hands and the rest of their body if they want to. This makes it less of a BDSM tool and more of an experimental, sexy swing – which is actually ideal for those playing with the idea of BDSM activities. Careful positioning can make the sub feel deliciously exposed and helpless, at the total mercy of the dominant. This over-door swing can hold a hefty three hundred pounds, so there is no risk of it breaking!

It packs up neatly, not taking up a lot of space, so you can even take it on holiday with you! Being an over door swing, it is ideal for renters who are not allowed to drill holes in their homes. You do need quite strong arms to use the swing properly, and you may need to add some padding.

Do let the swing hang in place, perhaps putting some weight in it before the first proper use, as it will settle a bit at first. Once it is nicely settled, then you can adjust the straps to fit properly. The cost is middle-of-the-range, making it a good choice for those who know they like swings and will get their money’s worth.


  • Offers excellent height equality
  • Convenient and practical sex swing
  • Great value for money


  • Straps can dig in after a time

Fetish Fantasy Series 360° Spinning Sex Swing

Fetish Fantasy Series 360° Spinning Sex Swing

This is the most expensive stand-alone swing that we review, and the quality shows with a three hundred and fifty pound maximum weight, constructed from industrial strength materials, with a sturdy and completely resistance-free action in the eyebolt. This means that once your partner is in the swing, you have complete control over their body, turning them whichever way you want and pulling them as close as you would like.

This three hundred and sixty degree action makes it effortless for you both to achieve and maintain poses that would otherwise require serious muscle control! The nylon straps are comfortably padded and the stirrups fit well, giving you something firm to push against without restricting the motion of the swing.


  • Supports both of you, as long as weight limits are not exceeded
  • Easy to attach and detach, just unhook from the eye-bolt
  • Full rotation freedom of movement


  • Not the cheapest swing on offer

Adult Love Swing for Couples from Sexbaby

Adult Love Swing for Couples from Sexbaby

This swing is one of the cheaper options reviewed, but it stands up well to scrutiny. There is no head support, and the straps are not padded, but as a basic but strong swing that will support your weight while you have fun, this one is hard to beat.

It is ideal for first time ‘swingers’ especially if it is something new for you both – you do not want to spend a lot of money on something that you might not like! If it does prove popular, you can add more straps to the harness, making it more fun or more restrictive, according to your preferences.


  • Sturdy design
  • Budget friendly
  • Can be used with an eye-bolt, stand or even hanging on a door


  • Mounting hardware not provided

What is a Sex Swing?

Do you want the boring explanation or the exciting one? Have both: the boring first! A sex swing is a device comprising straps, buckles, cuffs (both for hands and legs) and other harness accessories as well as some sort of fixing by which the whole lot can be suspended in the air. The exciting explanation gives us the why: a sex swing is a swing on which you can have sex, lots of fun, adventurous, athletic sex – all without needing to be particularly flexible or muscular!

There are several different types of sex swing and they range in price from very budget friendly to super expensive and state of the art: the best sex swing for you is the one that meets your personal needs! In the main, you can get sex swings that hang over doors , and those that can be hooked onto an eye-bolt that has been firmly screwed into a loading bearing joist or beam. Either of these two types of sex swing can be used with a freestanding sex swing stand to enhance the experience.

How Does A Sex Swing Work?

Basically an adult sex swing does the work of gravity, holding you – or your partner – up in the air, at a perfect position for better sex. You do not need to have huge muscles in order to have sex standing up – the best sex swing will do all that work for you. The system of straps, seat and cuffs are usually designed to support the body, while leaving the areas of interest, shall we say, fully available for attention.

Often the partner that is being supported by the sex swing does not have to do any of the work. This means that they can fully relax and just let their partner have their way with them. Being able to relax so completely works with the superior positioning to enable better penetration and perfect access to the areas that need attention – and this can result in truly mind-blowing orgasms from both genders!

Benefits Of A Sex Swing

There are many benefits to a sex swing. The first one is for those who are disabled or movement impaired. Many people do not think about the disabled having – or even wanting – a sex life, which is in itself a form of discrimination if we are honest, but many disabled people do have perfectly normal sex drives. They are often frustrated in their desire to find satisfaction, because of their physical limitations – and this is where a sex swing can come in handy. With a little help to get into the adult sex swing, the disabled person can then guide their partner as to what they want and achieve satisfaction without pain or discomfort. Each couple will need to look at each offering to work out which will be the best sex swing for their unique needs, with the safety and health of both partners being paramount.

If there is a big height disparity between partner, this can be solved with a sex swing too. Setting the straps and the height to be just right for whichever partner is going to use the swing can bring them, literally eye-to-eye, for deeply intimate and enjoyable sex.

And then, of course, there are the fun uses – getting into all sorts of naughty sex swing positions in your love swing can help you both to push your relationship to new heights of orgasmic bliss. This can be for vanilla sex, improving the thrust and depth of regular vaginal sex and oral, but it can also be a way to ease in anal play, and even toy with the idea of bondage.

With bondage, of course, one partner is restrained by the other, and an adult sex swing is the perfect tool to test out your feelings towards this sort of restraint. Many a love swing cannot be used by itself, needing both partners to help the user climb in or out. The best sex swing for your preferences will be a personal choice: more straps or more freedom of movement? The best sex swing offerings will offer enough of both worlds for you to reveal a clear dislike or strong interest in pursuing the lifestyle.

What Features Do You Want?

Obviously the best sex swing for you depends on your idea of how to use a sex swing. Do you need more support for great athleticism in your sexual encounters? Or do you long for more restriction and constraints? Do you want a lot of straps, or just enough that you feel secure in the air? Are there physical issues on the side of either partner that you need to take into account? Answering all of these questions will help you to decide what sort of adult sex swing you are looking for and help you to choose the best sex swing for your needs.

How To Use A Sex Swing

Having invested in the best sex swing for your needs and your budget, set up your sex swing carefully, paying attention to the space around the swing. You and your partner may take up more room than you realise and hitting your head or limbs on furniture while lost in the moment can take all the fun out of a love swing! Sometimes the best sex swing might be a minimal, more restricted one that at least allows some playtime within a small space, rather than buying a more generous one and ending up with bumps and bruises or – worse – not being able to set it up at all!

Once you have purchased the best sex swing for your needs, do practise a little with the swing before you even think about using it for sex. Practise getting in and out – both of you – and make sure it is fixed firmly in place. Sex generates a lot of energy and some of that energy will be exerted onto the swing so it needs to take a fair amount of – um – thrust! – as well as holding the weight of the swinging partner.

Once you are both happy with how the swing works, talk through the type of sex you will have at first. This is just to get you both comfortable and aware of what is going on – once the swing is familiar to you both you can get much more adventurous, spinning around and changing positions like acrobats!

The partner that is not in the harness does not have to just stand – although they can, if they like – they can sit on a stool, having lowered the straps to just the right height – in this way you will both feel weightless yet highly stimulated. It can make the difference between good sex and really great sex!

Sex Swing Positions

The best sex swing positions are whichever sex swing positions you like! Do experiment a bit, and do not be afraid to adjust the straps and add padding if it is needed. The more comfortable that you both are, the better a time you will have in your love swing!

Some suggested positions are:

  • Standing vaginal sex – sort of like missionary but with one partner (usually the man) standing and controlling the movements of the restrained woman.
  • Solo oral – the swinging partner simply lies back and lets his or her partner pleasure their innermost areas, being given superb access due to the arrangement of the sex swing – they are usually designed to hold the legs open and away from the body.
  • Anal play – anal sex can be tricky to achieve for first-timers, but using a sex swing to hold the receptive partner’s bottom at the right angle, with their legs in just the right position can make anal sex even more of a pleasure. Using plenty of lube, as always, the swing will bring that tempting butt right into the ideal position so you can slide in and get to work!

The best sex swing for any couple is one on which they feel safe and can have fun, pushing their bodies and their orgasms to new limits. What do you think? Does the idea of a sex swing appeal to you?

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