7 Best Fleshlights For Realistic And Intense Pleasure

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best fleshlights available. I’ve compared textures, size, design and cost to give you my top recommendations.

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight

ice lady crystal fleshlight

The crystalline beauty of this fleshlight is just begging to be used! The transparent casing and textures let you and your partner watch your orgasm build up to the point of no return.

Warm the Fleshlight in hot or warm water before adding a dab or two of water-based lube, then get ready for a play session that might be over before you realise it thanks to the intense textures inside the fleshy tunnel.

Some men might not like the idea of watching what is happening, but for others it is the best fleshlight because it can enhance the experience – and partners also enjoy watching their man penetrate the toy and come to climax.


  • Big enough for even the largest man to use comfortably
  • Adjustable suction control cap
  • Removable stretchy sleeve for easy cleaning


  • Suction not strong enough for some
  • Not a cheaper model
  • Can be noisy in use

Rachel Riley Utopia Textured Fleshlight Lady

Rachel Riley Utopia Textured Fleshlight Lady

Rachel Riley is one of the world’s most beloved porn stars, and this – one of the best fleshlights available – is a must-have for fans!

This is because the holes are designed from a mould of her most intimate parts so that you can fantasise about having your wicked way with her as long and often as you might like.

Teaming some solo play time with one of her video clips playing can make the whole experience even more intense! This toy – which is a luxury product and not as expensive as one might expect for such a high-end product and brand – has the perfect amount of clench, being not so tight that it hurts and not so loose that sensation is lost.

If the Lady fleshlight does it for you, you can also mix things up and try the Rachel Riley butt fleshlight to see what a little anal action with your favourite star might be like. This is the best fleshlight for Rachel Riley fans!


  • There is an adjustable cap that an increase and decrease the suction
  • The toy is open-ended, very easy to clean
  • The toy can be used hard and fast, quickie-style, or slower, for an intense build-up


  • It is quite bulky, bigger than expected
  • It is tricky to hide

Pink Lady Mini Lotus Masturbator

Pink Lady Mini Lotus Masturbator

The mini in this masturbator’s name is significant and – ahem – ‘larger’ gentlemen should beware as it is designed to be a very snug fitting toy.

It is also a stamina training toy, offering a lot of stimulation – this may sound counterintuitive, but it is not. Using a toy that offers a lot of sensation and clench will, of course, at first result in very fast orgasms – but in time, you will become accustomed to that level of stimulation.

Therefore, when you are with a partner, their ‘parts’ will not offer so much over-stimulus, and you will be able to last so much longer, giving them greater pleasure than ever before.

This makes the best fleshlight for those who like it snug and who happen to be in need of a bit more staying power.


  • Snug fit, ideal for average or small men
  • Easy to clean by flushing through with water
  • Ideal for stamina training
  • Use with high-end water-based lube for best results


  • Not suitable for bigger men
  • Not the most budget friendly option

Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit (STU) Fleshlight

Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit (STU) Fleshlight

This stamina training unit (STU) is big and bulky, which makes it tricky to hide, but it does mean that it can contain more well-endowed men.

The internal tunnels are textured for the full length of the toy, so men of any size will enjoy using this toy. This toy – like any best fleshlight – can be used as a STU or it can simply be used as a sex toy for either solo or couples’ play – it is also a best fleshlight choice as a starter toy for the more inexperienced user.

This toy starts out quite stiff and tight, but does offer more give (without losing any of that important clench) over time.


  • Ridges on the casing make it easy to grasp during use
  • Super stretchy inner sleeve means cleaning is even easier
  • Helps you to keep your cool when you have had a lengthy ‘dry spell’


  • Fluids – both lube and bodily fluids – can leak out through the suction control cap
  • It takes a long time to dry after use
  • Flashy gold casing and logo down the length of the casing mean it is not the most discreet toy!

Penthouse Double-sided Male Masturbator

penthouse male masturbator

As the name implies, this toy offers a choice of two enticing holes, one at each end. This does mean it is an open-ended toy, but the toys size is accommodating for most men.

The two orifices give a range of different sensations, with the anal side showing an authentic butt, which is realistically tight, while the vulvar side offers access to an authentic representation of female genitalia.

This is a more basic stroker, but like the best fleshlight, it offers sufficient choice and length that most users are more than satisfied with their economically priced toy!


  • The casing narrows, allowing for easy gripping even by smaller (female) hands
  • One of the most reasonably priced toys reviewed
  • Great texturing for delicious satisfaction


  • Not ideal for larger men

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

quickshot vantage fleshlight

Taken as a solo use sex toy, this is probably the most disappointing fleshlight reviewed. It is less than five inches long, which means that the whole shaft cannot benefit from the textured inner sleeve – this can be off-putting for some men.

However, when the toy is used in conjunction with oral, this is when it comes into its own, switching to being the best fleshlight choice for couples!

It offers wonderful stimulation while the erogenous zone is given – ahem – more personal treatment, shall we say!

It is in the middle of the range price-wise, and needs to be what the user or couple are looking for in order for it to offer value for money. Obviously, being open-ended means that any ejaculate is not neatly contained, so things can get messy unless allowances are made for this!


  • Best fleshlight for couple’s play
  • Transparent so you can watch what is happening
  • Snug fit for enhanced pleasure


  • The texturing is not great and there is no option for suction
  • Can be noisy in use

Tracy’s Dog Realistic Male Masturbator

Tracy's Dog Realistic Male Masturbator

This male masturbator is the cheapest one reviewed, and while there are some differences in quality between it and the best fleshlights – for which you will pay much more – it still does the job in hand, so to speak.

On first removing this fleshlight from the packaging it can have a chemical or rubbery smell. It is also a bit noisy in use – although this is easily mitigated by making the air hole at the end of the stroker a little bit bigger. The whole toy could easily pass for a decorative flashlight, making it easy to hide in plain sight if you want to. This is an affordable fleshlight for those who demand enjoyable and stealthy pleasure from time to time.


  • Easy to clean, simply run water through
  • Lightweight, making it the best fleshlight for couples play
  • Variable texturing runs the length of the toy – deeper thrusts mean deeper sensations
  • Comes with shower bag


  • The storage lid has some threading issues that means it sometimes will not fit

Fleshlight Buying Guide

The fleshlight was invented in 1998 by a hard-faced, six-foot-three policeman with a high sex drive and a fantastic sense of humour! Plus a forty-year-old wife who was pregnant with twins, making the pregnancy a high risk one.

When doctors told them, in 1995, that intercourse was off the table for the duration of the pregnancy, Steve Shubin asked his wife what they were to do – and the idea of the fleshlight was born.

Steve named the device the fleshlight, because most men carried flashlights in their cars or tool-kits and he knew that his product would need to be equally handy, portable and yet discreet enough to disguise as something else in polite company.

It took him a long time to perfect the toy – it was only ready for patent and marketing in 1998, but make the perfect toy he did. The material used to make the fleshlights (using food-grade mineral oils and medical silicone rubber for complete body friendliness) was so perfectly ideal that the recipe for making it has not changed since those first models rolled off the production line.

What Is A Fleshlight

A fleshlight is a sex toy for men, the equivalent of a woman’s vibrator in that it is relatively small, and therefore portable, and can be used at home or while travelling, any time that one’s regular partner is not available.

It is called a fleshlight because it looks like a bulky flashlight, and often comes with caps on either end that accentuate the deceptive appearance of the toy.

Fleshlights comprise two parts: a hard plastic outer casing and a soft stretchy jellylike inner sleeve that can be removed for cleaning. The casing contains the sleeve and gives it the tightness needed for an authentic sexual sensation. The sleeve has an opening that is designed to look like a mouth, vulva or anus, and some models come with interchangeable sleeves, all featuring different texturing in the internal tunnelling.

These textures are designed to enhance the experience and take the form of ridges, nubs and spiralling designs, all of which are engineered to stimulate every inch of the member.

The wider end is the action section, and this is where the opening is sited. The sleeve tends to be longer than the casing, so it can balloon out of the casing a little, giving padding and comfort to the user and allowing him to thrust vigorously if that is what he likes.

All the best fleshlights come, as mentioned above, with two caps, one to cover the orifice and keep the toy free of dust and dirt as well as disguising its purpose. The second cap, which fits onto the smaller end, comes off for easy cleaning. But while the fleshlight is being used, the cap can be twisted tighter or looser: tighter means that less air is allowed to flow through the toy, increasing the suction on the penis, while looser means that more vigorous thrusts are contained and dispersed through the toy.

Why Are Fleshlights So Popular?

The best fleshlights come in discreet plain packaging – although the toy’s actual box may be very colourful and reveal exactly what is inside, so do be careful should you open it in company that might judge you!

The ability to order toys online – and therefore anonymously – have boosted the popularity of sex toys in recent years, both for men and women.

Men have traditionally been frowned upon for wanting to use sex toys, but this too, is falling away, thank goodness, and men are expressing their needs and finding the toys that cater for them: hence the growing popularity of these toys which have, after all, been available for over twenty years!

As more and more people are watching porn, so they have favourite porn stars. Of course, it is a common trait to fantasise about enjoying relations with those favourites: and now you can!

Many of the more popular porn stars have had moulds of their mouths, butts and lady parts, with extreme care being taken to accurately capture the details so the user experience is authentic. These lifelike toys are amongst some of the best fleshlights on the markets and their popularity continues to grow every month.

What Features Do You Want?

Choosing the best fleshlight for you should not be done on the spur of the moment, unless you plan to buy and try all the available options: and there are more options than you might realise!

The internal tunnel textures vary greatly from toy to toy. Some have smoother nubbles, while others have a series of rings of varying tightness, and some have series of chambers that open up: many feature multiple variations on these features, putting them together in a way that strokes and excites the full length of the male member, no matter how big or small it might be.

Some fleshlights come with a vibrating option that uses straight-forward rumbles or buzzes, or patterns of vibrations to stimulate the user.

If you want your fleshlight for the self-love equivalent of quickies, then you will want a lot of stimulation from the internal tunnels, you may enjoy firm vibrations and you will want to be able to tighten the end cap for extra suction: it can apparently feel as though the come has ‘been sucked right out of you’!

Stamina training so that you can last longer with your partner will also require that you receive a lot of stimulation: more than you would experience during a human interaction as this will mean that it takes longer for you to be stimulated enough to orgasm.

But if you are looking for something that you can take your time with, enjoying a lengthy play session, then you might want to opt for muted vibes (or none at all) softer internal textures and a looser end cap to stimulate a more realistic feeling.

How To Use A Fleshlight

Fleshlights will include instructions on how to use, clean and maintain your new toy, but most of them are basically the same and can easily be operated even without instructions. Before the first use, rinse the toy as they often arrive with a thick coating of powder to ensure that they are in great condition for you.

If you want an authentic feel, you can soak your sleeve in hot water; but the best fleshlights are equally good at room temperature. Next, apply a little water-based lube to the toy, working it inside with your fingers, and also apply some to yourself.

There are three ways to use a fleshlight: the first way is to have a partner use it on you, while you lie back and let them please you. The second way is to hold it yourself and move the toy to excite yourself. And finally, you can wedge the toy between some cushions – or even use a wall mounted shower mount which will hold the fleshlight at just the right height and angle for you – and thrust into it for a realistic simulation of intercourse.

How To Clean A Fleshlight

After you have reached an orgasm you will want to stand the toy on the small cap. This allows all the fluids inside to drain into the cap. From there it is a simple matter to dispose of the collection, and rinse out the cap.

The sleeve can be taken out of the casing and flushed through with warm or hot water. Do not use soaps or lubes other than water-based ones as these can degrade the material of the silicone, causing your toy to break down.

Drying the internal sleeve can be tricky, but passing a square or two of kitchen towel through can go a long way to sopping up most of the moisture.

Once the toy is completely dry, it is recommended that you sprinkle on some renewal powder to remove any traces of stickiness and return the toy to as new condition.

If you want to keep your toy in great condition, you can flush it through with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it without harming the material of the toy.

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