Face Sitting Tips: How To Facesit for Perfect Pleasure

how to facesit

Do you often find yourself fantasizing about face sitting but feel uncertain about asking to try it in the bedroom? It’s a pleasurable experience for you and your partner, so don’t feel nervous! You’ll feel much more confident after checking out these facesitting tips.

This technique allows for a ton of experimenting and pleasure since you’re completely exposing your vagina to your partner. Plus, you’re in the perfect position to dominate your partner and take command. Don’t hesitate to let them know what feels good—they’re sure to love pleasing you from this position too!

In this article, I made sure to cover everything you need to know about face sitting, including how it was already a thing back in medieval times! You’ll learn about the benefits, what you can expect, and how to facesit for perfect pleasure. When done right, face sitting feels fantastic, so don’t feel self-conscious about asking for it!

The History of Facesitting

Some women may feel nervous about receiving oral sex—but there’s nothing to be ashamed of! Consensual face sitting is fun, empowering, and sure to give you the pleasure you’ve been looking for.

If you’re interested in learning how to facesit, you’ll also like to know that women have done this sexual act for hundreds of years.

In medieval times, the ladies of the house often had pages who were there solely to pleasure them while their husbands were away. This type of oral sex was also popular in ancient India, Japan, and Persia. There are also signs of queening chairs existing at this time.

If the medieval lady of the house wasn’t satisfied, the ‘man servant’ would be whipped and punished. Because of this, face sitting required a dominant woman and an obedient man—partially leading to the act’s name of “Queening.”

The Benefits of Facesitting

Face Sitting Tips How To Facesit for Perfect Pleasure

Additionally, there are several benefits that come with facesitting. When a woman has an orgasm, she also experiences:

  • A boost in mood
  • Relief from stress
  • A regulated menstrual cycle
  • Possible boosts in fertility
  • Relief from pain
  • Boosted immune system
  • A healthier heart

More frequent orgasms provide you with more health benefits, making facesitting a fun and potentially healthy act. So, all the more reason to try it with your partner tonight!

Why People Enjoy Facesitting

The easiest, and most pleasurable way, for many women to orgasm requires stimulation to the clitoris. In fact, 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Facesitting positions allow for direct contact with the clitoris, making it more pleasurable. Plus, your partner can also reach your vagina easily. These factors make it feel more amazing to you.

Additionally, this type of oral sex comes with domination aspects. You “trap” your partner beneath you and have them focus on your pleasure and needs—something a submissive partner is sure to love.

Many people also say they love the enthusiasm of a woman who loves facesitting. She knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it.

How To Facesit for Perfect Pleasure

1. Have an Open Conversation

Before you get into oral sex, make sure to discuss it with your partner. You’ll want to make sure they’re also into it before you try any facesitting techniques with them.

If you’ve never had oral sex with each other, you may want to try it lying on your back first. Then, you can move on to being on top.

In short, don’t hesitate to have an open conversation about oral sex with your partner—they’re sure to appreciate the honesty and will love hearing about your fantasies!

2. Keep Your Weight on Your Knees

When learning how to ride someone’s face, you want to ensure your weight stays on your knees. While people call this type of oral sex face sitting, you don’t actually want to put your weight on your partner.

The best way to move into a face sitting position is to start by straddling your partner’s chest with your knees on either side of them. Slowly creep forward until your thighs are on either side of their head.

From there, you want to spread your legs more and gently lower yourself until their mouth can reach your vagina. Make sure that they feel comfortable before proceeding.

The best part of this position is that you control the amount of pressure, and therefore stimulation, that you receive. Always ensure your partner feels alright with more pressure before you add it.

Overall, this technique leaves you in complete control and something that’ll drive your partner crazy!

3. Always Support Yourself

During a perfect facesitting session, you should always support yourself. You don’t want to put your body weight on your partner in this position.

I recommend that you do this near a wall or the headboard of your bed. You can push your hands against it for support and to better balance yourself.

This method also allows you to focus on receiving pleasure. And you can always easily lift yourself away from your partner’s face, should they need you to.

4. Take Control and Dominate

Face Sitting Tips How To Facesit for Perfect Pleasure

Taking control in bed can take some getting used to, especially if you’re new to it. But face sitting is a great way to work on building your sexual confidence.

Plus, if you’re interested in anal play, this is the perfect position to try out butt plugs and a variety of other toys. There’s a lot of room to experiment, so don’t hesitate to try something new!

Sometimes, a sexy new piece of lingerie can also give you the boost of confidence you’re looking for. I recommend trying out a pair of crotchless panties, so your partner can still easily pleasure you during your facesitting fun sessions.

Once you’re feeling confident and in control, this position offers the perfect levels of pleasure! So, never hesitate to tell your partner how you’re feeling and what you want them to do to you.

Facesitting and Domination

If you’re into BDSM, facesitting is an excellent way to practice being dominant. When you’re on top, your partner is restrained beneath you with minimal control over their movement—which is sure to be exciting for them. Plus, the submissive partner needs to work for you in this position.

Additionally, this position doesn’t allow your partner to feel pleasure. Instead, they need to focus on your pleasure alone. This aspect creates a unique power dynamic in the bedroom.

5. Consider a Queening Chair

lovehoney queening chair

If you find you love this facesitting position, you’ll want to try a queening chair. These chairs have an opening in the middle that makes it easier for you to receive oral sex.

Many women feel comfortable using them since it offers them more support. Your partner can still reach your vagina easily from under the queening chair, making them another great option for anyone who’s feeling nervous.

If you do try one, your partner is sure to make you feel like a queen—hence the name! Overall, you’re sure to feel empowered using this type of sex furniture.

6. Swap Positions

Did you know that there’s more than one way to ride someone’s face? You can start with the first method, so you can quickly prop yourself up against the wall. But you may also want to try facing down your partner’s body next.

Start by putting your legs on either side of your partner’s chest again, but this time make sure you’re facing the other way.

Slowly move backward until your partner can reach your vagina, just like before. In this method, however, you can put your hands on their chest or stomach to steady yourself.

From this new position on your partner, you can also feel free to experiment with the classic 69 or have them try out some wand sex toys on you.

You may naturally move around a bit during oral sex, so try to find a position that feels the best to you. Some women also prefer to squat over their partner instead of kneeling. Be sure to keep in mind that squatting will make your legs tired much faster, though.

Final Thoughts

Facesitting is a very pleasurable form of oral sex for women. Plus, your partner gets to experience you taking the reins full force—something they’re going to love.

This position also allows plenty of room for toys, so don’t hesitate to try out that new toy you’ve had your eyes on.

Remember that you want to move slowly while getting into position. Once you have your balance and ensure all your weight stays on your knees, you can really let go and tell your partner what you want!