Anal Dilator Guide: How to Use Rectal Dilators

Anal Dilator Guide Rectal Dilation 101

Are you interested in trying anal play, but you’re nervous about penetration? Are you worried that your butt can’t fit your partner’s penis or a sex toy? Put those fears to rest because today, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about rectal dilation.

Rectal dilation is the practice of stretching the anus with the help of progressively larger toys called dilators. Rectal dilation can help you grow more comfortable with anal penetration slowly and at your own pace.

In this article, I’ll explain the basics of rectal dilation, as well as practical steps on how to practice anal dilation safely. I’ll also recommend some dilators if you’re interested in prepping your butt for anal.

You’ll be ready for all kinds of anal play in no time, thanks to the wonders of rectal dilation. Read on to learn more!

What Is Rectal Dilation?

Rectal dilation is the process of using anal dilators to stretch the anus, either for medical treatment or sexual pleasure. Some medical procedures can cause the rectum or anus to tighten, and dilation helps these muscles relax and return to a normal, healthy size.

Let’s clear up a little bit of vocabulary before we move on. The anus is the opening of the butt. The rectum is the five-inch muscular tube just inside the anus. The rectum is connected to the anus on one end and the colon (AKA the large intestine) on the other.

So while the rectum and anus are technically different, I’ll talk about them interchangeably when it comes to anal dilation. Rectal dilation stretches both the anus and rectum at the same time.

What Are Anal Dilators?

Anal or rectal dilators are small sex toys inserted into the anus. They’re usually made of hard plastic or silicone, and they come in sets of varying sizes. By the time you’re comfortable with the largest dilator in your kit, you should be ready to try penetrative sex with a partner.

I’ve written before about using vaginal dilators to help loosen up a tight vagina. Anal dilators are similar, but they’re for your butt. Anal dilators are usually much shorter than vaginal dilators, and they always have a flared base. (You don’t want any embarrassing trips to the ER because your toy got stuck in your butt!)

Vaginal and anal dilators aren’t interchangeable, but the concept is the same.

Some sets of anal dilators increase in length, but the more important factor is the width. Dilation helps your anus and rectum widen, not lengthen. When you’re looking at rectal dilators for purchase, pay special attention to the diameter of the smallest and largest toys in the kits.

Is Rectal Dilation Right for Me?

Still on the fence about rectal dilation? No worries. I have one simple question that can help you decide if you should try it:

Do you and your partner ever want to try any kind of penetrative anal play?

From pegging to fisting to anal beads and DP – there are so many kinds of penetrative anal sex. If you or your partner want to experiment with anal play, you should consider getting a kit of anal dilators.

Rectal dilation is perfect for people who are nervous about trying anal sex. A dilator allows you to gently ease into anal penetration, starting with a toy about the size of a pinky finger. You can increase your dilator size at your own pace without the pressure of worrying about your partner’s pleasure.

You might practice with your rectal dilators for a few days or a few months. The pace is up to you and your comfort level! And when you’re ready, you’ll get to enjoy some incredible anal sex with your partner.

How to Safely Use an Anal Dilator for Pleasure

Anal Dilator Guide Rectal Dilation 1

Ready to train your butt for penetration? I have five simple steps for how to use an anal dilator kit. If you’re using a dilator as a medical device because you’ve been prescribed one after surgery, follow your medical professional’s instructions. This guide is for people trying dilation to prepare for anal sex.

1. Get Prepared

Before trying any kind of anal penetration, you should try to have a bowel movement. Poop is pretty much inevitable when it comes to anal. Still, you can lessen your chances of encountering it during sex by using the bathroom beforehand.

If you’re seriously concerned about getting poop on your dilator–or anything else you plan on putting in your butt–check out the list of my favorite anal douches. Douching cleans your rectum, so you can experiment with anal play without fear of any unhygienic encounters.

2. Relax

The first time you use a rectal dilator might be the first time you’ve ever put anything in your butt. If you’re getting first-time jitters, the best thing you can do is to get comfortable and relax.

Take a hot bath, put on some mood music, or light your favorite scented candle. You want to associate the feeling of anal penetration with pleasure, not stress!

3. Lube up

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce any kind of natural lubricant. Whether you’re using a toy, hand, penis, or dilator, you should always use lube before attempting any kind of anal penetration.

Since you’re using a dilator, you should choose a water-based lube. Oil- and silicone-based lubes may damage your dilators. I have a handy list of the best lubes to use for anal, and half of them are water-based, so you have plenty to choose from.

Apply lube to the dilator and around your anus. Water-based lube tends to dry up quickly, so don’t hesitate to reapply during your anal dilation session as soon as the friction gets uncomfortable.

4. Insert the Dilator

Using the smallest dilator in your kit first, gently ease the tip against your anus. Gently apply pressure so that the dilator enters your anal canal slowly. Take as much time as you need for the rectal dilator to enter the base.

The first time you insert anything into your anus, you’ll probably feel like you need to use the bathroom. That’s a normal response. (After all, those muscles typically don’t experience pressure for any other reason.) Just relax and let your muscles get used to this new sensation as you insert the dilator deeper.

When the dilator is fully inserted all the way in the anal canal, it’s up to you how you want to move forward. You can take it out, try to insert the next size up, or masturbate while it’s in. If you’re alone, try a little self-loving to help you associate anal penetration with pleasure. If your partner is around, have them lend a hand (or mouth).

Don’t leave your rectal dilator deeper in for more than an hour at most. Take it out if you feel pain at any point.

Move up to the next size when you can insert your dilator with very little resistance. When you can comfortably insert the largest dilator in your kit, you should be ready to try penetrative sex.

5. Aftercare and Clean-up

You should remove your dilator slowly, just like you inserted it. Clean your dilator with warm water and gentle soap, or follow the directions on your dilator’s packaging. You’ll probably want to take a shower or bath, too, to clean off any lube or residue.

Taking care of your sex toys is important, and it’s extra crucial for anal toys. Your butt has all kinds of bacteria that can be harmful if they get in a vagina or other body part. Clean your dilator thoroughly after every use.

Anal Dilators for Purchase

Anal dilation sets can be hard to find. Fortunately, you can also use a set of butt plugs designed for beginners. Just be sure to look at the dimensions on the smallest and largest plugs before making your purchase.

I’ve rounded up my favorite sets of rectal dilators and butt plugs for rectal dilation. If you are interested in trying anal, I’m sure one of these kits will be right for you.

Size Matters Magnum Ease-in Anal Dilator Kit

Size Matters Magnum Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit

The Size Matters Magnum Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit is the only true dilator kit on this list. This five-piece set will help you get used to anal penetration of all sizes. The rectal dilators are hard plastic for easy clean-up, with tapered heads and flared bases for simple, safe insertion.

Some beginners might be a little intimidated by the size of the plugs. Even the smallest dilator measures up at over three inches long and three inches in circumference. Most newbies will have no problem with that, but you could find yourself wishing for an even smaller starter size.

One feature I like about this anal dilation kit is that all the dilators have a thin hole running through them. This hole can help relieve any pressure that might build-up, so you can wear your dilator comfortably for longer.

  • Smallest plug: 3-inch circumference, 3.5-inch length
  • Largest plug: 6.25-inch circumference, 5.1-inch length

They-Ology Wearable Anal Training Set (5 Piece)

They-Ology Wearable Anal Training Set 5 Piece

The They-Ology Wearable Anal Training Set may not be branded as an anal dilator kit, but it is the best beginner-friendly butt plug set on the market. The smallest plug is extremely slender, with less than two inches of girth. Anyone can learn to enjoy anal penetration with these beginner butt plugs.

These plugs are made from smooth silicone and come in lovely shades of blue. The shafts are straight, which is great if you’re intimidated by toys with bumps and textures. The bases are flared extra wide, so there’s no chance of you losing your dilator once they are fully inserted.

If you’ve dabbled in anal play before, maybe with a finger or a small toy, you might find these plugs too small for your taste. This anal dilator set is for complete beginners.

  • Smallest plug: 1.7-inch circumference, 2.5-inch length
  • Largest plug: 3.75-inch circumference, 3.5-inch length

Doc Johnson Wendy Williams Triple Anal Training Butt Plug Kit

Doc Johnson Wendy Williams Triple Anal Training Butt Plug Kit

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to get your butt ready for penetration, look no further than the Doc Johnson Wendy Williams Triple Anal Training Butt Plug Kit. This three-piece kit contains three butt plugs in increasing sizes to take you from an anal newbie to a pro.

These plugs have tapered tips and slight widening in the middle before ending in a flared, suction cup base. They’re all made from flexible, soft plastic, which is great if you’re a little intimidated by toys that come in black, rigid materials. The suction cup allows you to stick the plugs somewhere like the shower wall for hands-free solo fun.

The flexible material can be a little difficult to insert, so you might want to ask your partner for help. And because this kit only contains three plugs, the jump from one size to the next may feel a little drastic. However, if you’re on a budget, this kit will get the job done.

  • Smallest plug: 2.5-inch circumference, 4-inch length
  • Largest plug: 5-inch circumference, 7-inch length

Final Thoughts

Rectal dilation is great for anyone who wants to try anal sex but isn’t ready for a penis (or penis-sized toy) to enter their anal canal. Dilators get your body used to the feeling of anal penetration, and they come in several sizes so you can go at your own pace.

You can have plenty of sexy fun with your rectal dilators inserted, and you’ll probably find yourself enjoying the sensation of fullness and stretching that comes with anal. And once you’ve mastered your largest dilator, you’ll be ready for whatever fun penetrative play you like!